Mathematics big role in our society. There are countless

Mathematicsis a very important subject that plays a big role in our society. There arecountless problems that only mathematics can solve however; many people even,students were still having a hard time in it. Mathematics is a methodicalapplication of matter; it makes a man methodical or systematic. It has thepower of reasoning, creativity, abstract, critical thinking, problem- solving,ability and effective communication skills all just in one. Mathematicsisn’t a problem but, the people itself for not giving it a try. Mathematicsmakes human’s life orderly and prevent chaos by giving certainty. It isimportant to humans day-to-day living as it solves simple-to-difficultequations that every human being needed to learn, like every student needed tounderstand in their lesson during classes, and workers to do the application ofMathematics.Somestudents nowadays, don’t appreciate the real value or essence of Mathematics intheir lives and often didn’t bother to listen during mathematics class.

Everyone can solve mathematics problems but, some were lacking inself-confidence resulting to less learning or no learnings at all. It wasn’thard to learn and understand Mathematics there’s just some instances whereinstudents cannot solve equations since; students forgotten the rules in solvingsuch equations or they don’t give much interest or attention to understand acertain topic or lesson. These days, students focus on things orsubjects they know or categorized as important or essential therefore; if studentslearned how important Mathematics is or the topics in this subject (likeRadicals) then, they will soon be more interested and attentive during theirclasses and it wouldn’t be too hard for them to understand the topic beingdiscussed during their class. Some students also give Mathematics theimpression of being hard when they are encountering something new in thissubject which results to lacking of self-confidence that hinders the studentsto learn.Somestudents often misunderstood Mathematics for having topics like Radicals whichthey weren’t capable of knowing the importance of but, since there are onlythree major significances of the subject they’ll only have to categorized itas; it is included in the memorandum of Department of Education (DepEd) or, itis used for the human’s daily living or, for the possible use in future theyare aiming of.

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Mathematics offers rationality to our thoughts; it is a tool inour hands to make our life simpler and easier, that is what the researcherwants students to know and understand. Theresearcher aims to show students how important Mathematics (as a subject) andRadicals (as a topic in it) is; in their daily life as a student and futurelife they dreamed to be. Since people of this modern world use Mathematicswithout knowing and appreciating it so, the researcher come up with thatobjective. Some students were still confused in solving Radicals which isimportant to learn in Mathematics and it is the reason of the researcher tocome up with the goal of showing the student the importance of Radicals so,they’re going to put much attention with this topic if they one’s encounteredit again. The researcher also aims to determine the Level of performance ofGrade 9 students in Oriental Mindoro Academy in solving Radicals in order; toknow if they are able to understand the lesson they already discussed in theirMathematics class, if they can keep their learnings in Mathematics and, as forthem to serve as their review.Radicalsis important however; only few appreciates and knows much about this since,it’s confusing. There’s addition of Radicals, subtraction of Radicals, divisionof Radicals and multiplication of Radicals.

With radical equations, you cansimply evaluate whether it is subtraction or addition however; division andmultiplication might trick people even students since, they both look likemultiplication. This is the reason of the researcher to use questionnaires as aresearch design and was said to be multiple choice to test their levels and toknow if they can or can’t be trick by that.Accordingto, many students still wonders on why do they need to know howto calculate the square root of a number or, if it is really needed in reallife outside mathematics class and that questions inspires the researchers todo the study. also mentioned that square root or radicals wasn’treally needed in every occupation however; for those who aims for highereducation should study and learn about this lesson. The used of Radicals or squareroot is applicable in occupations like; engineering, carpentry, architects,construction workers, those who measure or mark land, artists, designers andmany more. Studentsof Grade 9 in Oriental Mindoro Academy might be on the stage of developing or beingmature in such a way that they’re trying to measure of what career should theytake in the future and to what career could they fit in and, this study can bea way for them to determine what’s best for them to take and to where shouldthey give more focus onto if they’re already decided on what to take. Thisstudy really fits to them since when they become Grade 10 students in the nextschool year they really need to decide of what career they need to pursue inorder to be ready for becoming Grade 11 where they’ll be separated depending onthe track they’re going to choose and, on Grade 12 to improve and do better onthe said track. If they choose the right track where they best fit in then,they can do well in college and find a great job in the future.Thestudy doesn’t just focus about the subject or topic but, also with the studentsand the possible outcome it may cause.

If the students take the questionnairesseriously and still got low score then, he/she could decide either not topursue higher education or to give more attention to the subject and the topicitself in order to be able to do well in college as well as in the near futureto get the best job they actually fit in. While, if the students got a highscore then, they could be more or completely decided of what career they couldfit in, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to study mathematics or radicalsanymore but, they should continue improving in this field if they are aiming orconsidering higher education as mentioned above.