Math and its characteristics. Physical theories are based on

Mathis one of the very important subjects in any curriculum whether it is CBSE, IB,IGCSE or any other board.

It is said as base of all other types of sciences asit is used as a tool to solve problems regarding other type of sciences.Physics, Biology, Chemistry are based on simple chemical solutions. all the reactionsthat are taking place in/outside our body are chemical reactions, which containmathematical calculations. Mathis the study of quantity, structure & changes. We use different formulae andpatterns to get the problems solved. It is an important and mandatory tool allover the globe in the fields like natural sciences, engineering and medicines.

Withoutunderstanding mathematics from core of our hearts, we cannot understand other typesof sciences, whether it’s Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry or any other. When we sayit is the mother of all sciences, the statement proves itself in true manner. Asa  mother is the main source of life, wecannot do other sciences without studying mathematics. It is one of the basicskills learnt by a student since she/he enters in the school. This learning ofthe subjects becomes an asset for the child and a formula of success throughouther life.

Physicsexplains relationships among various physical components and their properties.It is a specific and true example of mathematics and its characteristics.Physical theories are based on mathematical formulae and applications whichhelps a student of physics to exercise and apply it in her studies.Mathematicstopics like ratio is useful while using various chemicals are mixed in a particularquantity to make some solution. It is present while balancing a chemical equation.

Whilestudying and researching upon topics of biology, mathematics helps to figureout quantities in a model, finding out similarities and dissimilarities. Astudent also calculate a number of essential, less essential and non essentialcomponents in an experiment.A mother gives birth to a child and the same is with mathematic.

If mathematic had not been there, no other subject could have been studied. Itis a basic skill that a child learns when he/she gets into the world of mathematics.  Mathematics is involved everywhere but stillit is considered as the hardest subject.

There is nothing like that just apinch of dedication, practice and time can take one to the peaks of perfectionin this subject. Thesubject gives the opportunity to think in his or her way and find out theproblems. It makes a person systematic and methodical. It makes our livesorderly and systematic. It is the cradle of all creations which make it hardfor the world to move an inch without it.

Whether you are a cook or a teacher, afarmer or a mechanic, a carpenter or a magician, a scientist or a musician, youneed math in your life. It is strange but true that not only humans, even theinsects and animals need it in their everyday life.It is strange but true that not only humans but even insects useit in their everyday life. Nature has infinite number of examples of mathematicalpatterns; spiders design creative webs, bees make hexagonal combs, snails make shells etc. Let us realize beautyof this subject as for no doubt: “Mathematics is the mother of all sciences “.I find some students afraid of the subject, my advice to them is to adopt it intheir daily life to experience and learn it for a successful life.