Mass prices increase. The reason would be political and

Mass shooting is a seriousand very common problem in the United States. Whenever there is a mass shootingin America, people ask about tighter gun control. But gun violence researcherssay that there is no law that could prevent the risk of mass shooting. Althoughthere are some policies that could reduce homicide and mass shootings and mostof the have been supported from the public. One of the policies is a limitationfor those who are guilty of a violent crime. This kind of limitations appliesto those who sentence of felonies or crime. The next policy is extendingbackground check to a more broad rage of gun sellers.

Although these policieswere failed and did not win enough votes to become a law. There has been investigationhow mass shooting could affect the price of gun manufacturers. It is know thatwhenever there is a mass shooting the firearms sale goes up. There can be onlya short-term increase, but there is still an increase in the gun sale. Afterthe mass shootings stock prices increase. The reason would be political andemotional that how mass shooting affects the demand for guns. There are somereasons Americans purchase gun after any mass shooting; first they want toprotect themselves. Second they fear if there would be a stricter gun law andthey won’t be able to purchase gun anymore.

These impressions causes moreimportance to buying a gun and the demand for gun goes up. Massshooting has been an important subject to research about in lots of fields suchas economics, health policy and criminology. Mass shooting mostly happens whensomeone is mentally unstable and they suddenly snap. Mental health has animportant role in mass shooting which also has a potential in suicide rate and that’sbecause of the easy availability of firearms and also the impact of somedisorders such as depression, stress disorder and drug addiction.

Researchershave found out that the common method of suicide in USA would be firearms. Althougheven the United States tries to have tighter gun regulations and gun salesthere are still some ways to get gun from some places call black market. Ifsomeone wants to purchase a gun, there would be no difficulty to purchase one.They can buy the gun legally or through USA black market. Most of the reasonthat some people willing to purchase a gun from black market is because theydon’t require background checks. There are so many online websites that sellsany kinds of gun and they will ship them to you for some amount of money. Theycall this kind of websites, the Internet black market or dark web.

Dark web iswhere users can easily trade illegal goods such a gun. Some people are unawareof the dark web and that is because this is a hidden part of the Internet andthe users need to have a different kind of search engine. This kind of gun’sblack market does not reveal theidentity of the buyer. The shipping part might be tricky.

They send them invery small pieces. They ship in protected packages and they look like otherproducts. So it would not be so difficult for anyone to purchase a gun with outbackground checks. Most people think having a gun will protectthem but it would also increase the rate of mass shooting and suicide. So thereare some recommendations for United States to prevent occurring this kind ofevents. More guns would not make people to feel safer.

When there is a higherrate of gun ownership in the country, there will be more mass shooting andsuicides with firearms and that because there is an easy access to gun. Thereare high numbers of deaths by gun the United States. So there should be morerestricting gun sales.

United States allow gun licensing law, which mostdeveloped country has more restrictive law and it is not that easy to purchasea gun. So researchers found out that that by reducing access to firearms, massshooting and suicide would be reduced. There should be a universal background checkfor purchasing a gun.

People would need to prove that they don’t belong to anyforbidden group. They need to have very strict background check to make surethey haven’t done any crime or felony and also check to make sure they are notmentally ill.  These are very important pointthat US need to apply to their gun background check. The next recommendationwould be forbidding bump stock, which allows automatic guns that allow firingmore. In the last mass shooting in Vegas, the shooter had access to automaticgun, which allows to shoot hundred of people. They also need to have age limit.

For instance they should have an age limit of 25. In many states the age limitit is like alcohol, which is 21. Also they can limit the gun purchase.

Forexample each person would be able to purchase only one gun during a year. Thiswould reduce gun ownership and this would help to have less mass shooting andsuicides by firearm.