Market which will facilitate our marketing strategy success: 1)

Market analysis (SWOT analysis) Strength·        Provide counseling and drug information’s service 24hr.·        Using technology (Mobile application).·        loyalty rewards program and membership discount.·        Saudi staff which will ease the communications.

·        New service of its kind in Saudi Arabia Weakness·        Lack of certified diabetes educator.  ·        Only one branch the service is started in (main). ·        Cost for continues training program.Opportunity·        Availability and the ease of access of technology withmost of our populations. ·        Lack of competitors.·        DM is common chronic disease in Saudi Arabia.

Threats  ·        Culture barriers.·        Loss of key staff with increased work load.·        Change in the workflow and pharmacy management structure. MarketingStrategyThere are different marking strategies we are planning tostartup with:·        The main promotion for the new services directly to outDM pt. during normal visit to pharmacy.

·        Promotion by email subscribing. ·        Text SMS·        Social media  We have many factors, which will facilitate our marketing strategy success: 1)    Pharmacy teamhave skills and knowledge.·        Establish trust.·        Listen to patients need.·        Show empathy and encouragement.·        Provide privacy and confidentially.

·        Motivate patients.·        Tailor counseling to meet patient’s needs. 2)    Developmentour applications database.·        Patients history.

·        Medication use.·        Complications.·        Follow up.·        Contact numbers. 3)    Development ofour applications program.·        Direct contact.

·        Drug information.·        Advertising of new service.·        Reminder for refill prescription.·        Reminder for daily dose administrations, supportadherence. 4)    Continuousmonitor outcomes.5)    Establishinglong term relationships with patients.

6)    Loyalty rewards program and membershipdiscount. Mechanism to track the success of our marketingstrategies:Add question on the registration form “how they learnedabout the DC service” Financialplan In last 3 years our income rangefrom 500.000 to 600.000 SAR annually, expense represent around 55% of ourincome, approximately 330.000 SAR per year.With new service, we expected toincrease income by 10% in first year, 20 % for second year, and 30% in thirdyear.

Projecting Expenses