Mapping own workflow and specific needs. Kanban board help

Mapping aValue Stream to a Kanban BoardKanban board is one of thepopular tools that help organizations toincrease the productivity of their teams. This is the most efficient and easyto use tool amongst all project management tools.

it is gaining popularity inall types of industry and help in improving productivity, efficiency and transparency at work. Traditional Kanban boardwere excellent inventions but nowadaysonline Kanban board are also of the good thing about the Kanbanboard is that it can be customized to your own workflow and specific needs.Kanban board help the software developers to manage the development process,increase the speed and quality of their work.To clarify the concept of Kanbanlets explain it through example of a software, deployment is taken to clarifythe concept of Kanban board and how it works. There are a number of stepsinvolved in the process of deploying the software.

The steps are 1. requestfrom customer 2. approval of the request 3. arranging the requirements 4. Signoff 5.

Analysis 6. designing the software 7. reviewing it 8. coding the software9. testing the software 10.

Deploying the software. Each step can take therequired amount of time which is known as the calendar time for the step. Forexample, the request is received in about 0.5 hours and the approval takes aday or 8 hours, arranging the requirements takes about 160 hours and signingoff takes about 8 hours.

Similarly designing the software takes about 120 hoursand reviewing the design takes about 2 hours, coding the software takes 180hours, testing the software 240 hours and deploying the software to the clienttakes about 8 hours. But the worker may take less time than the calendar timeon a step because he may be working on another project. For example, the codingtakes calendar time of 180 hours but the developer may be able to work oncoding only for 80 hours this is known as the lean this process thesecond step cannot be started till the first step is completed which caused adelay in completion of the process this is known as the delay time. The purpose of the valuestreaming is to reduce the delay time. if a mistake or error happens and workis required in the previous step this is known as the loopback time. The valuestreaming helps us to calculate the cycle efficiency which is the average timeworked divided by the total cycle time. A question arises whether doing betteron what you are doing gives a better return or eliminating the delays betweenwhat you are doing gives a better return.

The answer is that reducing thedelays in what you are doing gives better returns. The purpose of the leantechnique is to reduce the delays instead of being more productive.Kanban suggests that you shouldeliminate delays and manage work in process and by doing this Kanban improvethe quality and lowers the cost. But the question is how it does this.inconstructing a Kanban board we horizontally place the steps of the value streamand place sticky notes under each step which represent the current state ofwork on that step. This means that if we have long delays between two stepsthen we will have more sticky the difference between lean and Kanbanis that lean suggest to limit the time between steps whereas the Kanban suggesta limit number of items being worked on each step.

This means lean focuses ontime and Kanban focuses on the size of the queue. The size of the queue can be reduced by 1. adding moreresources 2. Managing resources 3.

improve the process.Although Kanban is an importantand famous tool for project management there are also some disadvantages associatedwith the Kanban board Ø Outdated or old Kanban board can affect thedevelopment processØ Lack of time is another issue with the Kanban boardwhich means no time frames is associated with each phase of the processØ Kanban board makes it difficult to predict when theprocess will be finished.Ø The board does not work well when many changes takeplace during the process.