Many them that don’t help, are just letting the

Many animals tonight are out on the streets without a home. But no one knows how the got out there. Did they run away? Were their parents already strays? Or was it the people, who threw them out, like taking out the trash.

Having animals on the streets is a huge risk to their health. They could get dehydrated from not enough water or starve from no food. They could even freeze to death. But they could also pick up illnesses. Most people don’t helpBut on the other hand, Huffington Post says some people do care. When people see others help, they feel the need to do the same. One organization quoted: “If everybody helped there wouldn’t be any animals on the streets.

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” John says “We picked up 65 animals in one day!”Yet, people in the world don’t listen and still hurt these animals,even if they didn’t do anything to the owners! Personally I think it’s messed up to throw out these cats and dogs for being responsible, and a loyal pet. When people throw out lots of pets, it makes it worse. That means more suffering,more pain, more animals dying, more animals pleading for help. Soon there is not enough people that care in the world to help all the homeless animals.It doesn’t mean people can use the amount of homeless animals on the streets as an excuse as to why they aren’t helping. Others say there are too many animals to help, so they just don’t. But if they think about it, your still making a difference in the world and it’s people like them that don’t help, are just letting the problem slide by. Also it’s people like them that keep the population spreading by not caring and not helping.

 Yet THEY are the people complaining about it. Then THEY should be the people to REALLY care about it. Though many people are very deeply impacted by this. So impacted that a lot of teens have been using everything they can to get donations for these animals.

I used to live at a house and we’d be playing outside almost everyday, and everyday there would be a new stray cat in our backyard meowing for mercy. I felt really bad but my mom got mad at me for petting the cat. But I should have helped it. It died the next week because it jumped into an abandoned houses basement from outside,and at the worst time, didn’t land on its feet. But if I would have helped the cat, it would probably be in a warm home with their owners holding her tight glad they have such an amazing cat. It’s people like me that let this problem slide. Animals should NOT be left on the streets to cope with their own problems. Be left on the streets to die.

They deserve the best. They say, a dogs a mans best friend.