Many part of our daily life. In recent times,

Many decades ago, it was very difficult to imagine
that we can send mail from other side of the world to another side only in a
few seconds and also we hadn’t got any sense about that social media will be
part of our daily life. In recent times, social networks such as Facebook,
Instagram and WhatsApp have grown much faster and captured millions of users. However,
there are negative and positive sides of social media, that I will discuss in
this essay.


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Looking at the positive sides of  social media, it is considered that these
kind media makes our lives more easier and give us a lot of opportunities. Firstly
, It allows to us immediate access to information. Due to social networks, we
can remain to date with the latest and read I news that we want to know. For
example, one of the most popular public networks is YouTube. This is a big
source of plenty information, where we find anything from educational videos to
make up tutorials. If you don’t know how to use something, don’t worry, you can
just write that you need and everything is done! This is the power of social
networks.Secondly,  It gives us the opportunity
to communicate with each other, don’t matter where are you. In ancient times
people used to send a letter, which takes a lot of time. Now, you can just send
an email, which is more convenient for us in our busy life.
Thirdly, at the present time the best way of free advertising is  social media. You can easily earn a money
sitting at home and presenting your product in front of a million people on Instagram. For instance, Kazakh viners
“Yuframe” earned 35 milllon tg during the last year.

 On the other hand, there are some cons of Instagram,  Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat and so
on. One of the disadvantages of social networks is  addiction.Today, we spend plenty of our time
just for having fun in the Internet, especially teenagers are active users of
social media. According to the statistics, approximately 97% of public network
users are likely to be teenagers, which means that they get addicted very
extensively and can get off from the society.( see Appendix A)

 The next negative side is that It’s very
time-consuming. If you look at Appendix B, the 
findings indicates that we spend more part of our daily life in checking
accounts on Facebook(19% ) or on Snapchat(2%), which sometimes can be not so
usefull for us.Also, If we wil continue in this rate, we will forget to speak
with people face to face. Moreover, there are many fake news in social network,
which can make people very confused. However, in December 2016, Facebook
started showing a “disputed” warning next to articles and tried to
prevent it.


 In conclusion, there are some pros and cons of
influence of social media on society. Nevertheless, from my point of me,
advantages outweights disadvantages of social network, because It gives us more
opportunities and makes our life more easier and it’s up to person to take
advantages or disadvantages from it.