Manuel unique playing style and excellent speed when rushing

Manuel Neuer Neuer is a professional soccer player and the captain of his two teams. He plays for the German National soccer team and Bayern Munich team (also known as the club team of Germany). His position is goalkeeper. Neuer started playing soccer at an early age and remains close to his family. He is one of the most skilled soccer players of today. He has battled injuries but still has a bright future ahead of him.

Besides being a great soccer player, he loves to ski and travel.   Start      Neuer started playing soccer at five years old. He was born on March 27,1986 and currently he is 32 years old. His hometown is Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Many people wonder how tall he is. His height is 6’3. As he grew up he only played goalie (never offense).He earned his reputation as a well known goal keeper by stopping shots from Real Madrid and Chelsea.

His first national game was on June 2, 2009 against the United Arab Emirates. The year after that his team scored third in the finals.                                                                                      Skills Neuer is known for his quick reflexes and amazing shot-stopping skills. “He has often been called the ‘sweeper-keeper’ referring to his unique playing style and excellent speed when rushing off his goal line”. The definition of sweeper keeper is when a goalkeeper goes out of his box to win the ball or dribbles the ball up the field (out of his box). Neuer is a German footballer who happens to be one of the most popular goalkeepers of today. He is popular with kids, adults, and people from his home country.

                                         Family         His family lives in Germany. His father and mother are Peter and Marita Neuer. His brother is Mercel. His wife’s (or as the Germans say: spouse) , name is Nina Weiss.

They have been married just under one year. He walked down the aisle on crutches due to his leg injury. Injury   Neuer has had many injuries throughout his soccer seasons. He broke his leg in one of his soccer matches about 2 years ago and has almost made a full recovery, however he is not currently playing.  Due to his injury he missed some winter training. He worked to get a stronger leg by working out in the gym on the treadmill and hiking.

Neuer fractured his foot three different times throughout 2015 and 2016. Currently, he is out of the game, but hopes to return in 2018.