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Why is this the right
time to become a freelance digital marketer?

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to latest PayPal report, 23% of Indian freelancers earn up to Rs 60 lakh per annum. Although the
picture is not so pretty for all, India is still a prevalent market for
freelancers working in the digital marketing sphere and is all set to grow. A
recent statistics shows that one in every four freelancers in the world is from
India. By one estimate, India could have up to 20 million ‘freelancers’. There
is also an industry estimation of the Indian ‘freelancers’ market scope developing
to massive $20-30 billion by 2025. The core reasons that are driving many to pick
up freelancing are financial benefits, flexible order of business and the privilege
to choose who to work for.


digital marketing has developed as one of the top-notch careers across the globe.
According to a report from Elance, the demand for digital marketer is maturing
and multiplying in the freelance community. So, if you are endowed with right
set of skills and experience, then you can hop on to the freelancing wagon.
Freelancing is an amazing and incredible opportunity for marketing executives
and is very advantageous in the long run.


The future of Digital Marketing

it comes to freelancing, there is an abundance of scope for digital marketers
with companies pulling their marketing away from traditional methods and
towards Digital. Thanks to increase and availability of the internet, the need
of digital marketing is increasing and companies are using it more than print,
television and other conventional mediums. Digital marketing skills are in huge
demand and the digital skills gap is set to widen as the job market is booming.

Here are some solid reasons for why
freelance digital marketing is a good career choice in the long run and why one
should seriously consider doing a digital marketing course.


Digital Marketing is here to stay:

As digital marketing offers better ROI with measurable
success and fits with the new age smart phone friendly consumers, it will rein
the marketing budgets for the time to come. With brands trying hard to create
an identity for themselves and maintain it for a long run, digital marketing
will be the key.    


Recession proof:

Recession has affected various professionals in
different fields, but it acts as an opportunity for freelancers. The huge advantage
of hiring freelance digital marketing is the affordability factor and companies
want to try out economic alternatives with limited marketing budgets.




Dynamic Nature:

Ever changing web and mobile technologies which serve
as an integral part of digital marketing make it highly dynamic. Freelancers
should keep pace with new digital trends and offer innovative and unique
solutions to bold companies like start-ups.



Be your own boss:

It permits greater independence over a permanent job. You
can work on your own terms from choosing the working hours to the clients you
want to work for. In the start you may not have a choice but, as you grow and
build your reputation, you can pick and choose your clients.



Easy to start:

With a laptop and internet you can start freelancing right
away. If you are equipped with the skills you plan to offer, getting the ball
rolling is only a matter of finding your first client. Networking is the key to
find your first client.




There are pros and cons to freelance digital marketing,
success comes to those who are dedicated, self-disciplined and deliver high
quality work. Online courses like Google Digital Marketing Course and Digital Marketing Certification can help
you land your first client in no time.