manager?Answer: If I would have been the project manager

manager?Answer: If I would have been the project manager then I would have taken the following measures:1. I would have elected another team constituting the people of middle and bottom management from all the departments. The team would be asked to re- assess all the statements and estimates. But if still the difference prevails then being a project manager I would have approached top level of management about the issue.2. Being a project manager, I would have also recommendedto use the matrix system in which the team could be accountable to both the functional and the project manager. This would have resulted in efficient utilization of the resources which could decrease the costs.

Or otherwise a priority breakdown structure can also be used which could be using for making the trade-offs between the parameters for achieving the objectives.3. A more efficient work breakdown system can also prove to be effective which can define a relation between the project deliverables and its sub deliverables. It can also help in assessing the performance of the project.4. Ensured an effective communication among all the whole management to eliminate the errors by properly interacting with each other.

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5. Evaluating the people and the processes would also account for another measure that would have been taken being a project manager. 2. Was top management acting correctly in developing an estimate?Answer:  So far as the opinion for top management acted correctly is concerned, I think they produced an inaccurate time and cost estimation. They prepared the estimation reports based just on their previous experience, but this might be affected by various other factors.

As its obvious that the price or amount of various tools and materials used for producing the final product may vary from time to time. They just communicated that what is to be done to the middle and lower management without thinking how that is to be done. The top management didn’t pay attention to the cost estimate as its evident from the case that some people from Research and Development department were tensed about producing a color laser printing with an innovative technology below the price range of 200$ whose production could have costed many more. The members of top management didn’t ask the middle and bottom management even though they were the one responsible for the effective execution of the project which resulted in communication gap and lag. The estimate was just the forecast based on qualitative measures like knowledge and experience rather than being realistic relying on the quantitative factors. 3. What estimating techniques should be used for a mission critical project such as this?Answer: There are mainly two estimation techniques that can be used for this kind of project that is, top down estimates and bottom down estimates.

I believe for such a critical project an emphasis should be laid on both. Because it consists of estimating things at macro level including the consensus of all the groups or the departments. This also consists of getting mathematical relationships which is necessary for the effective conduct of such projects. This technique will help in obtaining time-bound budgets and establishing a baseline according to which the present and forecasted costs can be compared.

 But in this case, this technique didn’t prove to be very well and efficient, so they could also use bottom down estimation approach with work packages to keep a track of the cost elements in the work breakdown structure achieve final deliverables. For these projects, template, range and phaseestimation methods can prove to be a great tool.