Major brands, putting into consideration their impacts on the

Majorhighlights of the articleThe article explains thepossible ways of building brand relationships without concentrating on thesocial media platforms for advertisements. The article depicts that moreengagement is required to develop a brand. This kind of engagement entailsdeveloping relationships with the customers, and this requires consideration ofdifferent strategies. The methods involve going back to the basic, developingreal conversations, offering customers with goods and services that are nottransitional, and building long-term loyalty with the customers. Friedman (2017states that more engagement is required to ensure that the brand is differentfrom other brands, especially those in the social media.According to the article,going back to basics shows the need forindividuals to find the real issues in the marketing sector and recognize thechallenges such as competition. The individuals should then come up with brandsthat can adapt to the environment.

Developing real conversations entailsmeeting the customer and trying to listen to their opinions as well as theirpreferences of brands they want to see in the markets. On the other hand, offeringsomething that is not transitional requires that brands that hardly change underthe different negative influence in the marketing sectors be developed (Friedman, 2017).Finally, the article explains that developing long-term loyalty with thecustomer is a step that involves ensuring that the customer does not changetheir mind. It also entails focusing on providing products that satisfy thecustomer’s needs.

The author describes theneed for developing brands, putting intoconsideration their impacts on the needs of the customers. The article closelylooks at the marketing sector, and it puts into consideration the relationshipbetween brand performance and marketing. Generally, the article bases itsarguments on why online marketing cannot be the best option if a wrong strategyis used.WhatI learnt from reading the articleThearticle shows that building a brand is not something that can get accomplishedthrough simple engagement; rather, it needs more input.For instance, the marketers will always need to learn more about theircustomer’s preferences and develop brands that satisfy their needs.

Also, thebrands designed should be able to give long-term services to the customers andensure that there is a long-term relationship between them. Customers are theprimary beneficiaries, and they determine the type of brand developed. However,they do not determine the competitions in the market sector. Marketers need to ensurethat they monitor the customers closely and always get in touch with them.

Theyshould also gather their views on different issues.Developing a brandrelationship calls for strategies that are well outlined and attract theattention of the customer towards a given brand. It is the work of themarketing section to know what their customers need and ensure all the brandsproduced are in line with the users’ expectations. As such, the marketingsection is duly responsible for any mistake that leads to a mismatch in brandsand the customer’s expectations.Furthermore, I learnedthat coming up with brands should be done in such a way that it satisfies theneeds of the customer for a long duration. The marketer should be cautious notto develop brands that are short-term so as not to end up losing theircustomers when their products fail to meet their requirements.

Besides that, asa brand developer, it is expected that I becomeloyal to the customer and always be ready to attend to their needs since thisis a requirement in the marketing environment.Relevanceof the article to classworkThe article explains thetips expected in marketing brands by any business agency. Because of this, thebook is relevant to the textbook used in the class, Marketing for Hospitality andTourism. The information is depicted in chapter 16 of the book, and itcomprises the topics of Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing.

Thearticle relates to these class work in that it explains what should be expectedin the marketing sector and how individuals need to develop effective methodsof marketing their brands.Recommendationsto service organizationsOrganizations need tochange the practice of concentrating on producing brands that satisfy theirfrequent customers. As opposed to this, they should develop a brand that is allinclusive to attract more customers in the market. Also, service organizationsshould avoid dwelling too much on competing amongst themselves and resort toproviding unique services that will satisfy theneeds of the customers differently. The market sector should be treated specificallyby this organizations. The organization should also come up with strategiesthat beneficial and have a long-term impact on the performance of anenterprise.All the enterprisesshould ensure that the methods of marketing used by the organizations are all around. For instance, the agencies should notonly concentrate on online marketing.

They should as well use other platformsother platforms such as organizing events and meetings where they can directlyinteract with their customers and gather views from them. The enterprise,therefore, should get to learn about thepossible ways they can improve their brands to meet customers’ needs andexpectations.