Maintenance of your hardware specs for the workstations, a

Maintenance Plan.·       Tobetter serve customers’ needs to have to develop a well maintenance plan thatcovers many of the most of the most support common cases that we handle. Wewill analyze the of our computer, server and workstations and provide you witha break down issues and normal problems that we find. For (Rs 37500) perquarter our staff will perform the following maintenance checks on one networkserver in organization. The same checks will be performed on additional serviceat the cost of  (Rs 7500) per server.Severmaintenance checks include: –            § Reviewsystem logs for errors and potential problems.

§ Reviewservice pack and hotfix installation history.§ Reviewhard disk usage and health reports.§ Reviewsystem backup process and disaster recovery services.Updateemergency repair disk.                                                                                                   Test backup media.

                                                                                                                     Confirmdata set that is backed up. § Reviewantivirus protection.    Checkprogram version and signature files    Review scan history log for virus alerts    Review exclusions and exemption list for potentialissues    Review scheduled system scans    Verify that scheduled updates are being performed Network Maintenance checks include:§ Document network devices(hubs/switches/routers)§ Review device configuration§ Review firewall configurationWe also recommend that regular maintenance checks be performed on yourworkstations. For (Rs 3750) per computer we will perform the following stepsand provide you with a detailed report.

 Workstation Maintenance checks include:·       Review disk usage·       Review hardware statistics·       Review hotfix and service packinstall history§ Review antivirus programconfigurationUpon completion of these items we will provide a comprehensive report detailingareas of concern and issues that have been identified thru this process. Youwill receive a breakdown of your hardware specs for the workstations, a list ofservice packs and hotfixes that need to be installed, and recommended servicesor products that will assist in performing these items.