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Maha EldeebENG -1105Persuasive Essay Professor KarakasDecember 7, 2017                                                           How Much Is Too Much What is the biggest opportunity the world hashad for 10 years? Most people will agree the use of the internet is one of thebiggest opportunities we all have. On the other hand, there are negativeeffects for internet usage in these modern generations, specifically with teensand children have come to a point where, many internet users havecommunication, academic, and physiological problems. A high number of childrenwaste long hours on the internet rather than waste time in communicating withfriends and family member. Children should stop using all their time onelectronic devices for the following three reasons:  it leaves children with low social skills, itcauses weak relationships between children and their parents, and there is inrisk of internet addiction.

Internet long hours usage leaves childrenwith low social skills, regardless of the information they gain fromresearching for long hours. In other words, it is never an acceptable thingfrom a social point of view for a child to waste so many hours on the internet.Children stop communicating with their classmates and friends in real life. Dueto that, they spend most of their time on the internet and do not communicate.As a result of this, children have low social skills and they cannot expresstheir feelings to others.

Therefore, they start to feel lonely. A child thatspends most of the time with an electronic device, and not have the time toexpress or talk to a human being get lonely as time passes. They do not knowthe feeling or how they can get in reach with another person and express ortalk to them. For this final reason, children get socially withdrawn with theirelectronic devices. Electronic devices acquire to have more control over ourchildren’s actions than everything else. Children can be very anxious. Whentechnology is taken out from them, their behavior changes.

This is when parentshave to start realizing how a big problem it is becoming. As stated by aparent  Sue Scheff, “Children need toknow that Internet addiction and reliance on online forums will only stuntsocial growth and make life much more difficult in the future” (Scheff).The internet causes weak relationshipsbetween children and their parents. As a consequence of children spending alltheir time on the internet, they don’t get to spend family time togetherbecause they’re always busy with their devices. This results in childrencommunicating less with their parents.

Children get distant with their privatelife, and they do not want to discuss what they are doing on electronic deviceswith family members. They get private and distant with their life due to theweak communication, which brings up a bigger problem of children using theinternet in a bad way. According to an article on parents, “The long-standingassumption that parents assert a direct and powerful influence on theirchildren through the process of socialization has permeated research and theoryon human development as well as most cultural belief systems”(“Parenting”). As a matter of fact, if children turn out well, it isto the parents’ credit; if they turn out badly, it is the parents’ fault. Whilechildren get distant from their parents, accordingly this makes parents arguingand fighting all the time. Children are wasting most of their time over theinternet.

Parents less connection with their children means that familiesaren’t able to structure a strong communication as strong as they could be norare they able to maintain them as well. As a result, children will feel lessintimacy, happiness, trust, bond, and, most importantly, love from theirparents.            Children wasting all their time onthe internet are in a “big risk” of internet addiction. As has been noted, internetaddiction is as dangerous as any other kind of addiction. For example, they arealways a risk of depression if they do not have access to their devices becausethey get used to their devices as if it is a friend or another human, and thatis all they think they can do to fulfill their time. At some point, they getinto a certain time where they think they cannot live without their electronicdevices.

According to an article “Social Media Explosion,” “the allure ofsocializing online has created a nation of mobile-device obsessives, many ofwhom can go barely 10 minutes without checking their smartphones for Twitter orFacebook messages. But the long-term consequences of this behavior aredifficult to determine” (Clemmitt). Moreover, the internet can cause childrento be isolated from real life experiences, which at the end destroy their life.

Children get very distracted by using the internet, and they do not study, theydo not listen in the classrooms because they are wondering about Facebook ortext messages. This results in children failing in real life thinking socialmedia will make them successful. In addition, the internet causes aggressive behaviorin children because they are full emotionally connected with their own life onelectronic devices. They want to stay in the bubble on their phone with all theartificial people. Due to internet addiction children starts to get aggressivebecause of the things they watch on the internet changes their attitude.

Thisis what they spend most of their time on, so they copy what they see, and justlearn the same aggressive attitude or behavior of what they watch.             There are parents who feel that electronic devicesexpand their children’s minds and imagination. On the other hand, this isclearly not enough reason for parents to leave their children to waste alltheir time on the internet.

Parents should never sacrifice their child’s health,social skills, and their relationships with people just for expanding their childrenminds and imagination, especially when there are so many ways to expand a child’smind without the use of the internet.            In conclusion, the Internethas a huge negative impact on children’s life by leaving children with lowsocial skills, by causing weak relationships between children and theirparents, and by having a big risk of children to be internet- addicted.Families leaving children to waste all their time on the internet is a majorproblem for any family that does not know how badly effective ‘too much’internet can be at some point in your child’s life. Parents have to startsupervising and controlling “how much is too much” for their children.

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