Lone contact the Navy SEAL. After a minute the

Lone Survivor (2013)

Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Mark

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Director: Peter Berg



Lone survivor the true story. In reverence for those four
men were killed. Lone Survivor is closely mirror to the true story of Operation
Red Wings a tragic mission that was gone wrong in Afghanistan. Lone survivor
named “One of the most realistic war of all time”.

 In Afghanistan
there was a force called Taliban and the leader of this forces is Ahmad Shah.
Shah is able to pay for his doing by killing the United States Marines, also
for killing his villagers. In response for this killings the Navy SEALs in
United States are assigned to this mission to capture Ahmad Shah. The four men
in SEAL is assigned to this task which is Taylor Kitsch (Michael P. Murphy),
Emile Hirsch (Danny Dietz), Ben Foster (Matthew “Axe” Axelson) and Mark
Wahlberg (Marcus Luttrell).

The Team is attached to the Hindu Kush region of
Afghanistan in the middle of the night where they have to travel or migrate
though the mountain. When they arrived in the mountain slopes of mountain named
Sawtalo Sar they hide and rest while Taylor is finding a signal to contact the
Navy SEAL. After a minute the team discovered by the elderly shepherd and two
teenage goat herders.

The teammate debate, Luttrell say that they should
release them, after much debate Luttrell convince the other to release the herders.
When they decided to abort the mission they were attacked by the Taliban
forces. They killed some of the Taliban but they find out that there is so many
Taliban forces. The four men get a injuries during the fight and attempt to
escape from the Taliban. They jump to the edge of a cliff after they jump they
get a serious injuries but despite of their injuries the team runs through the

Emile getting consciousness and started shout a question
to Luttrell without knowing that the team position to the Taliban. Axel and Murphy
jump again to the high cliff to escape from the Taliban fighters. While Luttrell
try to carry Dietz down and jump to the cliff but suddenly Dietz was shot to
his shoulder, that’s why Luttrell lose his grip and fall down to the cliff
without Dietz, the dying Dietz is remain to the top of the cliff with the Taliban
who surrounding him watching him slowly dying.

Murphy decided to climb to the top of mountain to get a
phone signal in order him to call the Navy SEAL using a satellite. Axel and
Luttrell trying to cover up Murphy. When Murphy finally found a signal he able
to alert the Navy SEAL, but after that he shoot several times from his back by
the Taliban fighters, that’s the reason he died.

After the Murphy’s call the team of Navy SEAL get a quick
reaction and they attempt to get the remaining members. The team riding the two
CH-47 Chinook helicopters during the attempt the Taliban fighters shoot down
one of the helicopters while the other helicopter is able to escape. Luttrell
and the badly injured witness the attack and they left behind.

Axelson got killed because of living his hiding spot to
kill those approaching the Taliban fighters and trying to find a cover. And
only Luttrell left because his three friends is got killed of the insurgents.
The Taliban fighters discover Luttrell and they fire them a rocket and that
cause him to land at the buttom of the rock where he is able to hide from the

The next day when Luttrell awaken he run to the near
village where he discovered by a Local Pashtun villagers. The villagers
Mohammad Gulab try to help Luttrell but he didn’t accept it because he don’t have
a thrust to this villagers but afterwards Mohammad convince Luttrell that he is
going to help Luttrell. Mohammad takes Luttrell to his home when they arrived
Luttrell pull out the map from his pants and show it to Mohammad and ask where
he is now. Mohammad pointed it out and Luttrell ordered him to call the Navy SEAL
and tell them where he is now that’s why Mohammad send a mountain man to alert
Luttrell location.


Luttrell ask the child to get a knife but the child get a
duck, Luttrell ask to Mohammad a knife and Mohammad did but he is going to cut
the neck of the duck then Luttrell stop him and get the knife. Luttrell cut his
pants off to treat is wound and remove the metal that jab to his legs. After
that Luttrell collapsed Mohammed ordered the child to get a clothes, after a
while they cleaned the wound of Luttrell and also they wear the clothes to

The Taliban fighters arrive at the village to capture and
kill Luttrell. Luttrell is trying to get rid of them but he can’t Shah is
trying to cut Luttrell head but Mohammad and the villagers stop them and
pointed a gun to them. Mohammad say that leave Luttrell alone and don’t hurt
him because he is my guest the Taliban forces leave the village, but in the
morning they return to the village and punished them for saving, keeping and
protecting Luttrell.

Luttrell and Mohammad able to kill some of the fighters
but the other villagers killed by the Taliban. The remaining Taliban fighters
are chased away by the American Forces who just arrived riding the helicopters,
the other forces finding Luttrell and a man villagers help them and point out
where Luttrell is. After that they help Luttrell to sand and carry him,
Luttrell stop when he saw Mohammed he asked Mohammad to come with him for
safety but Mohammed rejected it. Luttrell is very thankful for the villagers
specially for Mohammad for protecting him.

The American forces bring Luttrell and put him down to
helicopters and they went off. When they arrived at the Navy SEAL headquarters
they treated Luttrell, but the heart bet of Luttrell suddenly stop, the doctors
and nurses do everything to bring back his heart bet, after that Luttrell heart
bet is return.