Literature and Latin. After he understands Latin language, he

Literatureis words to express everything about life, it can be express about emotion,moral, feeling, etc.

People know literature for a long time, even beforecentury. By the time, literature keep developed from year to year. Of coursethere are so many literature workers in this world.

One of the great literatureworker is William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare lives in the age ofElizabeth (1550-1630). People said that he is the most perfect writer ever. Noone can beat him, he is the legend of English literature. This essay will talkabout William Shakespeare’s life, works, and how the historical background ofthe age affect the works of William Shakespeare.

WilliamShakespeare was born at Stratford-on-Avon on 26th April 1564. He is son of JohnShakespeare and Mary Arden. William’s father is a success businessman he had anindustry of glove. Shakespeare didn’t follow his father as a businessman, he wantto be a literature worker. At the time, common school just begun in England.Shakespeare started school and in school he learned about reading, writing andLatin. After he understands Latin language, he started to read Latin’sliterature.

In the age of 18, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. In 1584Shakespeare leaves his native town. No one knows the reason why he did it. Themost popular reason is appeared after his death, that he got pressed by SirThomas Lucky. After that, until 1592, when he became a famous actor shedisappeared.

During this period people said that he did a wander and finallycame back to London. His name was appears in payroll of The Lord Chamberlain’scompany of actor. This company is one of the most important in the town. Heisn’t a great actor but he is a competent actor.

William Shakespeare work inliterature about twenty five years and he have done a lot o literature. Wordselection in his works makes him as a great literature worker.  About in 1610 Shakespeare leave London and goto Stratford, he leave in new place, the place that he bought in 1597.

Thepopular works of Shakespeare is his poems and prose. Two long narrative poemsof Shakespeare are in the earlier part of his work named Venus and Adonis in1593 that made in six line stanzas.  Shakespeare’sname is written on tittle page of collection verse called The PassionatePilgrim in 1599. This is the only one that fixed as Shakespeare’s. ThomasThorpe in 1609 printed Shakespeare’s sonnet. The sonnet is consisting by 154numbers, which composed in English. The collection is divided by 2 groups. Thefirst group is consist by cryptic references, full of spirit, until friendshipwith a man that looks like high rank.

The second group is also consist bycryptic reference. In this group he input some ridicules like “a black beauty”whose hair is like “black wires”. Mary Fitton may be the person who Shakespearemeans in this group. There is no dispute in literary quality of the sonnet. Shakespeare’sworks showed by a lot of lyrics that applied in plays. Maybe Shakespeare isn’tgreatest dramatist in England, but he would be one of the great lyrical poets.Prose that made by Shakespeare are appear in all of his plays, sometime in along part. The comedy is overwhelming, but in the next play the comedy isdecreasing.

For the example of Shakespeare’s prose is Hamet. The style ismodern enough in phrase. The beauty of this prose is beyond the standard ofElizabeth age. Thehistorical background in age of Shakespeare (Age of Elizabeth), there are 2dominating feature that really influential.

There are settlement and expansion.Settlement in here means that in this age there was no conflict, both ofpolitics and religion. No serious problem about dynastic and there is no bigproblem too about religion. This all is for good of literature. This isinfluence the works of Shakespeare. Because there was no problem about religionlike in the “Dark Age” the theme Shakespeare’s works are not always aboutreligion. The works are sometime about comedy, romance and other.

There was noconflict and not much of rules, this is makes Shakespeare can produce a lot ofliterature without anyone prohibit him. The meaning of expansion here isexpanding the colony. This is the most historic period of England. Newknowledge that comes from east and new world that found in west. The greatvoyagers brought intellectual and material treasure that makes technologydevelop. This is influence the literature, for the example is printedtechnology. A collection of sonnet that made by Shakespeare is printed in 1609by Thomas Thorpe.

This makes the collection of sonnet that made by Shakespearecan red by a lot of people. This also makes the popularity of literaturedeveloped. So,William Shakespeare or we called Shakespeare is one of the greatest literatureworkers ever. He is popular in the age of Elizabeth until now no one can beathim. People said that he is a legend of English literature. His works arebeautiful and have a strong character. He was also an actor although not agreat actor.

Dryden said “he was the man, who of all modern and perhaps ancientpoets had the largest and most comprehensive soul”. This is prove that Drydenadmit that Shakespeare is a great literature worker. William Shakespeare diedon 23rd April 1616.