like than women and it creates poverty for women.

like how men does. They just need to take advantage of their privileges in able to get more from what they earn.

There is an example like a dark-skinned Latino may feel oppressed because of what his skin color is and his race, so he takes out that anger towards women just because the difference of gender. In society, privileges are given more to men than women and it creates poverty for women. Instead of fighting one another because of gender differences, they should create a place where both gender could have an equal opportunity to avoid poverty. They should ignore the differences of each other’s race, skin color etc.

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For some, race and ethnicity can face a very important role in everyday life. An individual may have been called a name, treated differently by other people, been given a look that makes them uncomfortable than peers of an unlike race or ethnicity. They could be a victim of prejudice or assault. They have had few opportunities to pursue their goals on how they want to be in the future. Race and ethnicity are privileged because you hold a clear advantage over others, even if they can not see it, not being able to see it, or have been taught not to see it.

They might now see or understand to the poverty experienced by other races and ethnicities because they do not affect their life. Racial inequality can leave harmful effects and there should be a way to try to overcome our racial stereotypes. For instance, people should acknowledge that humans are all the same and that we do nurture racial stereotypes.

They should be more considerate and aware of a person’s inner feelings and thoughts and how might it affect them. They should participate and attend in churches, concerts, or movies that celebrate diversity. Obtaining this information by leaving their comfort zones and showing what they are really like to people of different races. They can learn how their culture works by cooperating with the people with different race. As people do these