Life Essay

Based on the text, mostly it talks about the benefit and how enjoyable of being alone. I am partially agree to the text as some Of the main point is a part Of human nature. From the text, “l am.

.. sorted out”, talks about the negative effects of being alone. You will always feel empty and lonely as no one is there for you to talk to and share your problem to. Being alone as for me would sometimes make me remebered those daunting memory of mine when i being forced to join the PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara) at Perlis.My egoistic character in making new friends with others candidate on the first day is totally distratrous action that i ever made. As others are busying themselves on aking friends, i rather hang out on my own bed. I can heard they laughed and happy to see their new friend.

For me instead, lonely and awkward that felt. Even, the lights was shut off by warden, i still can see their laughter which somehow make me jealous. later on, accidentally saw a few candidates stared at me synically.

On the next morning, as i woke up, saw a big guy with a fierce and anger face shouted at me brutally. What makes me felt depressed, no one woke me up on that morning. In fact, they were ready with their uniform on while i still on my own bed.

Those people that stared at me last night laughed at me loudly. felt so embarassed. since then, they make fun of me.

Only then, tried to approached them and they accept me as their friend. Thus, what can i say is being in campanions is vital. hey will always be by your side and helping each other whenever you having problems.

we can ease the feeling of lonelinesss and nostalgia by talking to others The author said that alone one is never lonely; spirit adventures, walking in a quiet garden, in a cool house, abiding single there. This illustrates that the man that having their time on their own is not necesssarily they will feel lonely. In fact, sometimes they actually treasure that mommet even ore. Man that do their job alone sometimes results effectively.Being single allows me to build my own world. It allows me to define who I am as person, what I like and don’t like, and what I will or will not do without the direct influence of a single outside party.

I am solely responsible for my actions or lack thereof. A famous singer, Justin Timberlake once said that, “The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want”. Thus, i think everybody want the best for themselves by made decision on their own. T hats the human nature is.

In a conclusion, hat can be summarize of my responds on the reward of living a solitarity life is that no one are able to live alone. yeah,it is fun and calm to live in your own house without the sound of your mother nagging, your naughty brothers and irritating neighbour. But, no one will ever help or symphaty to you if you alone. But, being alone let you to decide your own choices. your job also might be more efficiently and you can find yourselves peace without any disturbance from others.

thus, i partially agree to the authors which emphasizes of being alone but i think it is better someone by your side. thanks.