Let basic rights such as making decisions on behalf

Let them eat cake! However, for Charlie Craig and David Mullins, it was not that simple. In 2012, they walked into a local bakery named Masterpiece Cakeshop which is owned by Jack Phillips and requested a cake for their reception. However, what they received was something they never expected. They were turned away because this bakery does not create wedding cakes for same-sex marriages citing religious beliefs. Jack Phillips has objections to same-sex marriages and “argued that he could not be compelled to make a cake that would impair his free exercise of religion” (Weiman, 2017). Whether or not to allow same-sex marriages to have been a highly debated topic for many years.

 In June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in favor to allow same-sex marriages in all 50 states, and this has opened a variety of arguments supporting same-sex marriage. This includes the rights of minorities should be protected, it also creates equality between heterosexual and homosexual couples, and allows same-sex couples to have or keep their family. “People around the world face violence and inequality and sometimes torture, even execution because of who they love, how they look, or who they are” (Human rights, n.d.

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). Why does this happen? Same-sex couples struggle for equal rights on the streets and in the courtroom. Currently, there is not any Federal laws that protect the rights of people based on their sexual orientation, but why is this.

The LGBT community face acts of discrimination on a daily basis. Some individual states have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. According to the ACLU, “By the close of 2016, 20 states plus DC banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and an additional three states provided incomplete statewide nondiscrimination protections” (ACLU Writers, n.d.

). All individuals, minorities or not should be protected and treated with respect and dignity. For years, married couples have been entitled to benefits that are not available to non-married individuals. Married couples are able to take advantage of tax benefits, financial benefits, legal benefits, and health and employment benefits. Heterosexual couples have the ability of taking advantage of these benefits at any moment, just by walking down the aisle. However, homosexual couples until recently have not been able to earn those same privilege’s and now some of those privileges are still not provided to them.

The LGBT community is not asking for additional or special benefits, just the same ones as heterosexual couples are entitled to. Prior to legalizing same-sex marriages, homosexual couples were denied basic rights such as making decisions on behalf of their partner in a hospital. In most relationships, end of life decisions is discussed, and plans made. Without the bonds of marriage, next of kin, usually a parent or sibling can step in and is able to make decisions completely disregarding the patients partner. For many years, States did not allow same-sex couples to adopt children from foster care or simply do not allow same-sex couples to adopt children. Currently, there are laws in different states that say who is and who can be a parent. These laws are particularly frustrating for parents that have children in a heterosexual relationship that are homosexual. Kendall explains, “there are at least six states in which courts automatically presume that a lesbian or gay parent is unfit to have custody and at least as many in which courts may prohibit a lesbian or gay parent from exercising visitation in the presence of a same-sex partner” (Kendell, 2003).

This can be devastating to a parent. However, recently, it has been determined “that lesbians and gay men can be good parents, the vast majority of states no longer deny custody or visitation to a person based on sexual orientation” (ACLU Writers, n.d.

). Many same-sex couples are able to provide a safe loving home for their children, foster children, or adopted children. Denying the rights of becoming parents base on sexual orientation is a discriminatory practice. In conclusion, it is refreshing to see that many states are changing how they perceive same-sex couples. As for Charlie Craig, David Mullins, and Jack Phillips the United States Supreme Court will soon have a ruling to determine if they were discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. Although same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states there is still room for headway in protecting minority rights, equality for all, and allowing stable couples to have a family without the fear of those rights being taken away.