Leaders with the community is Coffee talk. This is

Leaders can find many inspired ways to connect with their community.  As stated in the article, the AARP staff and volunteer has noticed a few sample of actions throughout the United States.

Some ways include Coffee at some local diners in the early hours of the day, Applications that share information that can help people interact with their community, and People Power. A few leaders have effectively represented those who serve through their words of wisdom.    An excellent example of connecting with the community is Coffee talk. This is an excellent location for with interaction. Since there are many regular customers and coffee shops attract a mix of different customers. Bob Murphy, State director of AARP Colorado, suggested the idea of a monthly breakfast with the mayor. This results in friendly and open conversations with many members of the community.

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This suggestion would help transcend generations because it is the best way for individuals to gain knowledge of their community culture and make new acquaintances.     Another way leaders can connect with their community is through applications such as Facebook or Twitter. These applications help share information, which can help interaction within the community. These apps allow users to access information related to politics or sports from the comfort of their homes.

  This suggestion would help transcend generations because social media has a significant impact on not only individuals but communities as well. This expansion of social media has given leaders a stronger and more effective way to address their communities.     Leaders can also inspire through their communities by listening and learning. This can be a result of Mayors of a community taking feedback that connects all resources directly or indirectly to their communities.  The key aspect of leadership is listening to others and gaining feedback to improve ourselves and the environment. Given this key aspect, this suggestion would transcend generations because succession comes to those who listen, think and gain awareness of situational problems which can help open new ideas for communities.

    Another way a leader could engage within their community is through responsive action. This can be a result of receiving encouragement and understanding the necessary resources of the community. The responsive action is another key aspect of leadership. Given this key aspect, this suggestion would transcend generations because as leaders it is important to respond to communities in a positive manner.     The annual report for the city of Suwanee reflects the financial report in a humorous way, which was enjoyable to read. This annual report is effective because it really engages readers into reading a report that would have otherwise been boring. This annual report reflects leadership because it helps the community learn about the City of Suwanee’s financial report in a fun and creative way.

  Another way this report reflects leadership is because it illustrates the importance of helping communities through volunteer services.