Language number of language that a person know are

Languageis something that we use daily but what is actually meant by language? Based onEnglish Oxford Living Dictionaries, language is the method of humancommunication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in astructured and conventional way. Various languages are existed and usedthroughout the world since ancient times. Some of them are still spoken in theworld today.

They are Hebrew, Basque, Tamil, Lithuanian, Farsi, Icelandic,Macedonian, Finnish, Georgian and Irish Gaelic. Among those old languages onlysome of them are familiar to us but most of them are very strange to us and wedo not even know their existence. That is normal because averagely number of languagethat a person know are about one to three language only and of course one ofthe language that a person know is their mother tongue. Thereis a scientific study about language that called linguistics. Linguistics isstudy of the form of language, the meaning and language in context.

There aretoo many questions that need to be solve by this study especially in thestructure of language including how the language evolves and how do languagediffer? Since there are too many questions that related to the structure, thispart are divided into eight subfields. For each of the subfield, it isdifferent in the form of what aspect of language structure that they study. Thesubfields are Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics andPragmatics. Phonetics and Phonology is the study about the speech sounds butone is in physical aspects and the other one in cognitive aspects. ForMorphology, the study is on the formation of words while Syntax is on theformation of sentences. The study on the meaning of the language is what theSemantics subfield do.

Lastly the Pragmatics is the study on the use oflanguage. Eventhough the average language that a person knew just a little, but the questionis how many language that actually exist in the world? The accurate answer isimpossible to get but it is estimated between six thousands and eight thousandlanguages. The catalogue of the world language, Ethnologue, has listed all theworld’s 7105 known living languages. Since there are a lot of language aroundthe world, which language do you think is the most spoken languages? The numberone in the list of the most spoken language is Chinese. Based on Ethnologue,roughly a billion among almost 1.

2 billion native speakers is the one thatspeak Mandarin. The other most spoken languages in the worlds are Spanish,English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese and Punjabi. Withoutany language, it will be really hard for us to communicate because languageshelp us express what we feel and what we want. What if we know more than onelanguage? Does it an advantage for us? The answer is absolutely yes, but why? Cancommunicate in multi languages is also called an ability. It can give extraadvantage if he or she can speak fluently.

It will easier to adapt in any ofnew cultures for example when that person travel. Ability to communicate inmulti languages have becomes increasingly important in line with the growingworld development, especially in business. But what is the relevance ofbusiness with the ability to communicate in multi languages? How it can affect?The more and more we study, the more questions are rise. When taking about jobinterview, there are a lot of people with a great educational background.

Oneof the things that distinguish each of them is their ability to communicate inmulti languages. Almost all of the company in the world especiallythose moving into international markets does care about that ability. This isbecause they need employees that able to communicate with their clients notonly in their country but also around the world. This kind of employee willpromote, make a deal and get a contract from the international clients fortheir company. This clearly shown that learning multi language is not somethingthat waste our time. It is also will give us the opportunity to shape a brightfuture.Therefore,everyone including the young generation should be encouraged to learn diverselanguages.

Every parent in this world must realise the important ability ofmulti languages. This is for their child’s future. By learning more languageeither at school, tuition class or from their own parent, it is actually helpthem prepare to survive in the future. Learn multi language which also meanslearn foreign language. It should not only for the university students,actually it should start from elementary school.

This should have been theresponsibility of the government oblige the foreign language subject tostudents in every school in the country. Even though foreign language will be amandatory subject, but students should be given the option of choosing betweentwo types of foreign languages in the school, which one they want to learn.This means that the government should ensure that each school must have a fewqualified foreign language teachers and teaches of at least two foreignlanguages. Learning language may be a boring subject for some students, so theteacher must find a great way to attract students’ interest. Telling thestudents about the interesting facts about language may help attract theirattention.Someof interesting fact about language is by learning a second language, it canmake you smarter. There is a term that called polyglot. Polyglot means knowingor using several languages.

By becoming a polyglot, it can help to boostbrainpower. This fact has been approved by a number of scientists. Otherstudies agree that know more than one language can help to slow down the agingprocess of the mind. Based on the language with the largestalphabet in the world is Khmer which is the Cambodian language.

It has 74characters long. Besides, the shortest alphabet is belongs to Rotokas with 12characters long. However, the language that have the most words is Englishwhich boasting over 250 000 words.

The other fact about language is every twoweeks, another language or perhaps a dialect dies. It is estimated that thereare over 231 completely extinct languages and 2 400 of the world’s language areharm. Actually there are more interesting about language than those factsabove. Aswe see in Malaysia there are multiple races and various languages used.Majority races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese and Indians while minority arelike Iban, Kadazan, Malanau, Bisaya and more. Believe or not, Malaysia containsspeakers of 137 living language.

The national language in Malaysia is Malay.However, there is a problem that related to language that Malaysia face now.Based on the statistic that made by Multicultural NSW Government on 2006 to2011, English is the most spoken language at home followed by Cantonese,Mandarin, Malay, Min Nan, Tamil, Hakka, Vietnamese and Punjabi. Malay is on thefourth place. This show that even though the language is the national languageof the country, that does not means that it is the most spoken language athome. Some of non-Malay people are not really know how to speak Malay fluentlyand it not impossible that some of them does not know how to speak Malay atall. Some parents including Malay’s parents in Malaysia are think that Englishis much more important that Malay. They train their children to speak Englishsince they are little.

Some of them become “pelat” and cannot pronounce Malaywords correctly when they grow up. This kind of problem may be faces by othercountry. The national language has become less important to people eyes.

Thisproblem must be cure so that the national language which symbolizes theuniqueness of a country will be erased. Ina nutshell, languages sound like it just a simple thing but actually it is muchmore important that we imagine. Life will be really difficult if there is nolanguage in this world even one language. Of course we will still find anotherway to communicate but there will never be the same.

What we want to expressmay not be understand by other people well. Besides being a communication tool,it can also can be a symbol of a country. For example, if we talk aboutMalaysia, the official and national language of the country is Malay, forGermany it is Standard German and for the Tunisian state is Arabic. Some of thenational language may not the mother tongue of the population and some of thecountries in this world have more than one national language like Tunisian and SouthAfrica. Actually language is a fun thing to explore, it is not only about alanguage of a country.