Krishi-Mitra healthcare etc. However, the moderate technical growth of

Krishi-Mitra :An ICT enabled Interface for FarmersKolhe Sushma R1,Labade Dipali M2, Vaidya Geeta B3, Kokane Gauri K4.Computer Engineering, SND College ofEngineering, Yeola, SPPU, Maharashtra, India1Student,[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

comGuidedBy:Prof.Dhakane V.N., Professor of ComputerEngineering, SND College of Engineering Yeola, SPPU, Maharashtra, India.Abstract-Applicationof IT is associated with markets in thedeveloped countries where capital intensive method of agricultural productionis followed.

However, in a country like India where rural base is wide, itsrelevance cannot be overlooked. In addition to facilitating farmers inimproving the efficiency and productivity of agriculture andallied activities, the potential of IT lies inbringing about an overall qualitative improvement in life by providing timelyand quality information inputs for decision making; IT can alsobe effectively used to strengthen the supply chain for agro based companies forleading to better price realization by growth in the field of ICT helps in basic aspects of mankind like-agriculture, education, healthcare etc.

However, the moderate technical growthof ICT applications is confined to the community of a limited number of people,who live in digital pockets. KeyWords: – ICT, HCI, Internet,Information Retrieval, farming, Agriculture information system, iconicinterface.                                                                                                                                      I.           INTRODUCTION                  The availability andaccessibility of information are the important points in taking the optimaldecision at right time.

Nowadays, elevation of ICT make possible to recove almostany information from the global warehous So, they are unable to access requiredinformation on the Farming life cycle, seed selection, pesticides, market priceetc. from the internet. As a result, they are not capable to take optimaldecisions at different stages of farming life cycle, which make huge impact onthe farmers revenue.

developed interface for the Indian farmer community toaccess the agricultural information from the global internet repository andstore them into local repository. The proposed interface is criticallyevaluated with the farmer from different states of India. The evaluationresults proved the effectiveness of the proposed interface. user can onlyinteract with the system through icons and results back with their intendedagricultural information in Indian language text and spoken forms both. Toaccess the motive agricultural information from internet and local repository,users have to form proper query.

The query is generated by selecting thecorresponding icon(s) displayed in the interface. we proposed to develop aniconic interface which is integrated with speech based interaction in Indianlanguages. The proposed interface is critically evaluated with the farmer fromdifferent states of India. we have also included a feature of weather forecasting which will helpall the farmers to work according to weather prediction and get a fruitfullresults. With respect to this farmer got an amazing option of predicting thefuture lines of production based on previous data and history populated in thesystem. So system will gain knowledge about the process and ins outs oncefarmer feeds in their previous experience. Now a days our main source of healththat we getting our farmer they are not getting information related to marketrate, weather and government schema.                                                                                                                      II.

           LITERATURE SURVEY In early days farmer usage  the information in internet is primarilymaintained in English.So, a large number of people are deprived from thebenefit of internet due to technical and English language illiteracy. Thisscenario is very bad in developing country like India wherenearly 76 % areEnglish illiterate Moreover, a large percentage of the English literate peopleare also unable to find their exact need form the large database of internetdue to lack of roficient knowledge in English. Indian farmers belong to suchtype of people who are not much sound in both technical as well as in English. ·        In 1their work has presented the essential agriculture information is very usefulto a farmer for taking effective decision thus we proposed to develop an iconicinterface which is integrated with speech based interaction in Indianlanguages.

The proposed interface is critically evaluated with the farmer fromdifferent states of India. The evaluation results proved the effectiveness ofthe proposed interface. ·        In 2their work has presented farmers need information at all stages of the farminglife cycle to make optimal decisions. The required information includes notonly prior knowledge but also real time (dynamic) information such as marketprices and current production levels. Some valuable information needed by thefarmers is produced by government organizations and is available in differentlocations in different formats.  ·        In 3  their work has presented resent ourexperiences with GappaGoshti – our rural social networking platform. There areseveral services that have become popular in the digital citizen circles, suchas Twitter and Face book.

These platforms started off with just a socialaspect, but they have also been used effectively for business.                                                                                                                        III.           PROPOSED SYSTEMInthis proposed we have to implement a system to have an effective vegetableproduction, weather production and production prediction so farmer  can farming safely and produce best product.

we are implementing speech converter via this farmer can get information from cloud.This proposed system alsoprovide iconic interface which is used to provide easy communication betweenfarmers which is educated or uneducated. This system also provide a text tospeech engine which is used to translate the textual information into speech.Some user farmers having no capability to read this information or because oftime requirement they does not read this information. By using text to speechengine they can listen this information easily.

Text to speech engine provide ainformation in all three basic languages i.e. Marathi, Hindi and English. Thisalso provides the notifications of governments newly released services forfarmers and also provides a banks loan details information. A.

   Architecture of proposed system:     This architecture contains a Iconic module whichcontains fruits and vegetables icons. It also contain Registration, Bank,Government, Weather Prediction, Production Prediction modules. The Registrationmodule provides a user registration facility which includes new registrationand login facility. Bank module provides a information of government loanrelated facilities of user. Government module provides a notifications of newservices released by government for farmers. Weather prediction provides theinformation related to climates which is suitable for farming or not.

Production prediction provides a information related to market rates of fruitsand vegetables in nearer cities. This proposed system provides a text to speechengine to translate textual information into audio formats like Marathi, Hindiand English  which is selected by user.For converting information of English to Indian language, English to Indianlanguage convertor is used. This proposed system uses Internet and Database forusers required  information.

   Fig,1 Architecture of proposed system B.   Algorithmic strategy:ØHashing Algorithm:- The hashing algorithm usage a hash function fordifferent functionalities like Bloom filters, Finding duplicate records,Protecting Data, Finding similar records, Geometric hashing and so on. The hashfunction is a function that can be used to map data of arbitrary size to dataof fixed size. Hash function accelerate table or database lookup by detectingduplicated records in a large file.

The hash table map several different keysto the same index. The hash function contains a set of records, rather than asingle record. The hash function are used to build caches for large datasetsstored in slow medium. This is also used in file comparison. This hash algorithmis used for finding a duplicated records and avoid them.

This is also used insystem when user enters a User id or Password for registration. It avoidrepetition by giving alert of same registration.                                                                                                                                                IV.           CONCLUSIONSAninterface to accessing the agricultural information from the global repositoryof internet and the local repository has been proposed in this paper. Theproposed interface is able to overcome the digital and language confinement ofthe Indian farmers by employing the multiple modes of interaction techniques.The empirical evaluation through large di-versified users reveals that theKrishi-Mitra interface adequately caters the need of the user.

The proposedinterface is able to overcome the digital and language confinement of theIndian farmers by employing the multiple modes of interaction techniques. Theempirical evaluation through large diversified users reveals that theKrishi-Mitra interface adequately caters the need of the user.                                                                                                                                               V.           References1Ghosh, A. B. Garg, Sayan Sarcar, P.S.

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