KosherLand, Bakery At Kosherland, they take their breads very

KosherLand, every food lover’s heaven, is a kosher supermarket centrally located at the Harding Avenue and 94 streets in Miami Beach, just about two blocks away from Bal Harbour Shopping area.

It’s basically a one-stop destination to all your food troubles. You can find groceries, a carefully picked selection of wines, butchered cuts and even some takeout food from this well-planned super market. They also have a dedicated bakery, that provides you with all kinds of freshly baked breads because well, who doesn’t like a good bread. And cherry on top, they are open from Sunday to Friday.

 1.     Plethora of Take-out Options Kosher Food market Miami understands that not sometimes you just don’t feel like spending hour labouring in the kitchen. Hence, they have a plethora of take-out options for your beautiful and mouth-watering Shabbos dinner. They offer the traditional home style hot foods, salads and appetizers that you just cannot deny. So, make your weekends better and order in to enjoy your scrumptious meal in the vicinity of your home or maybe your hotel. 2.     Assorted Dairy ProductsMaster of their craft, Kosherland offers carefully picked Chalav Isroel cheeses, yogurt, milk, puddings and chocolates, a complete crowd pleaser this one.

Also, unlike the general Chalav Isroel dairy products, it’s relatively pock friendly and hence attracts a lot of costumers. 3.  Offers Bet Yosef American Beef Kosher Food Market Miami proudly boasts the fact that they are the only store, all over Florida to provide Bet Yosef American beef. The place is also famous for the large selection of American Prime beef, lamb and veal. If there’s any specific cut that is required, all you have to do is simply ask the butcher and he will make sure you get that.  The place is also very famous for their Salmon which exclusively comes in from Scotland and is cut right there.  4.     Bakery At Kosherland, they take their breads very seriously.

So much so, that they have a strict policy against selling even a day old bread. On top of that, they have any imaginable kind on their list. Be it Rye, whole wheat, bagels or the classic French Baguettes. So, basically, they’ll make sure all your bread cravings are satisfied. In all Kosher is a life saver.

It’s your one-stop fix to all your food troubles.