Known for its unique taste with a dip of

Known for its uniquetaste with a dip of sweetness and sourness.

You just need egss, oil, andvinegar, you can now create your own Mayonnaise. Consuming 100 grams can result700 kilocalories. Having these characteristics makes Mayonnaise full ofcalories.It also has a chance to cause Salmonella because of the ingredient,egg.     Mayonnaise contain main elements like Carbon(C) Hydrogen(H)Nitrogen(N) Oxygen(O), while elements found in a very small amount are Sodium(Na)and Chlorine(Cl).It takes up about 7% to 8% of water while 6% in the percentageof the egg yolks. In addition, Mayonnaise can also be used in your hair.

Eggyolk, which contains Lecithin that encourages hair growth, Vinegar can molt thescalp. Having 40% oil us too much for astandard person to consume. Hence, it can cause a lot of health hazardsfor the human body. There was no record that Mayonnaise was once used as a seedgerminator. Clogging of artery is often the bad effect. Contains 70%-80% fat.

In addition, Egg-free versions are available for people who have egg allergies.Furthermore, Soya or Pea Protein was now being used for alternatives inLecithin in Egg yolk as an emulsifier to make the droplets of waterstabilized.  White, cream, or pale yellow can be the colors of Mayonnaise.Stuffy gel and light cream is its texture.

Mustard is the ordinarily usedingredient in France. In addition, to switchthe sauce of Mayonnaise into a dressing for Mayonnaise that acts as an emulsifier Mayonnaise’s nutrientcontents are composed of 50% eatable oil, 9%-11% salt, 7%-10% sugar in thewater aspect. In these conditions, Making it a food source is a good choice forbacterias. Many circumstances affectsyeasts’ expansion, very few bacteria and molds. Decay of Mayonnaise is causedby the genus Saccharomyes(yeasts). Having the yeasty scents are one of thecharacteristics of the Z.baillil. Having  the effects of mayonnaise(C10H16N2O8) concentration on the growth of Capsicum annuum.

Bifidobacteriumbifidum and B.infantis,it can extend the mayonnaise’slife up to 4 months without any spoilage occuring. Chemically, Emulsions belongto the organization of Colloids. Colloids are tiny pieces suspended in otherunmixable concrete. These pieces are larger than molecules.

Using filterpapers, small particles will not settle out and will just pass through. Solid,liquid, and gas can be the matter of a colloids. After the oil has been added,you need seasonings. Mixers, andfood processors are needed. Justuse the freshest eggs to lower the risk of Salmonella.

 In fact, Sunburn and removal of dead skin cells can be treated with Mayonnaise.Moisture for the lips and elbow is also its ability. Making the hair and theskin moisturized makes the Mayonnaise famous.

Capsicum annuum. It is having a lot of branches,measuring about 75 cm. Often having a lot of branches. Lanceolate is the shapeof its leaves. The small flowers measuring around 1.5 cm.

Colors can be whiteor purple. Fruits are having a lot of seed. Colors of red, orange, green,yellow and purple are starting to show when ripened. These plants are usedcooked, fresh or even dried depending on the needs of your dish.

Being high inVitamins A and C are one of their characteristics. It can be even used inornamental purposes. This ingredient can also be used as a self-defense itemsince it contains Capsaicin, which can cause eye irritation. On the other hand,it also has a lot of medical purposes like curing soreness of the muscle,irritation of the skin, Rheum a, and even against Inflammatory. Recent medicalresearches stated that it can be used as antimicrobial and against Fungi.On-going studies are now using it as anti-cancer treatment.

In addition, it isalso used for ornamental purposes since the unusual colors such as purple andred are being remarkable. Capsicum annum is now cultivated in many parts of theworld. It has always been significance to dishes because of its unique andmesmerizing flavor that will really feel you being heated up. It was also namedthe “The naughty Chili”.

Although, Capsicum annuum can survive in coldclimates, It is more productive in hot climates.