Knowing that enable me to be an effective teacher.

Knowing how classroom management is associated with theeffective teacher encouraged me to define management in my class. My philosophyabout classroom management is not far from both Wongs’ and Marzano’s. I believein the impact of the first day of school and I am consistent as a fair managerthroughout the academic year.

I explain consequences and let the students maketheir choice. I encourage my students to seek learning and enduringunderstanding. I articulate the proper sequence of the lesson and designactivities that keep my students interested all the time. I always teach forlong-term because I want my students to be influenced by me. I intend to do allof this in my class, to a certain extent, but I never knew that this is calledClassroom Management Plan. So, I think I need to sit and ask myself how far am I fromWongs’ and Marzano’s Classroom Management Plan and how can I achieve creatingmy own organized management plan.

I think I should start to Identify the commonpractices among us, recognize the ones that I lack and order them according topriorities. I will learn and practice hard to master all of the requirementsthat enable me to be an effective teacher. I will use the authors’ finding andIdeas to build up a solid classroom management plan, and I will not considerthat as stealing. I learned from my reading that I have to keep improvingmyself for the sake of my students, the 21st-century children.   I decide to be in the Impact stage because this is what Iwant out of my life. I am a responsible teacher and I have to get out Masteryif I am still there.

I will not give up and become a victim and I will dowhatever it takes to reach the Impact.- I will invest in myself so that I increase my value toothers.- I will learn and grow as a professional.

(reading and goingto conferences.)- I will avoid thoughts and people who limit me.- I will work cooperatively with colleagues, family, team,and everyone in the school for the benefit of the children.- I will make a choice to stop blaming other people andother things for my circumstances. And make a choice to create my own life andgo ahead and do it.

– I will not be a miserable teacher.- I will become an effective teacher.