Kennedy called the police and they took his dad

Kennedy  Winslow  is  17 years  old,  and  he  plays  football  for  Kent  high  school.  He  is  a  very  good  quarterback  and  he  doesn’t  have  the  starting  job yet, he is a second string but he is fast and has a great arm. One day Kenney was in his room and all of a sudden he hears “bang! bang! Bang!” he runs down stairs and then he sees his dad laying in a pool of blood… He knew it was over. Kenney called the police and they took his dad away, so know his grandma had to go live with him. But the next day Kenney was about to go to football practice and talk to coach mullen and quit. But the coach told him just because his father died doesn’t mean he needs to lose hope about his football career. The next day Kenney show’d up to practice and he started working for that starting spot. ¨coach!¨ Kenney yelled. Kenney was going to ask if he can test for the starting job, but coach was nowhere to be found. No one knew where he was, we all thought he was late but then we found out that coach got fired. We all were shocked but no one knew why, he was an amazing coach he helped us through a lot. Now that coach mullen got fired we had to get a new coach and the next day we got a new coach.”Boys we have a new coach to introduce today. He has been the head coach for the Los Angeles Rams for a long time but he recently got fired last season, but he is willing to coach you all and give this football team a better chance at making it into the national playoffs.” coach Rick said, “Mr Jeff Fisher everyone!” Everyone got so excited that we have a former NFL coach come on and help us to a championship. But he also gets to rearrange the roster which also means that i have this practice to show him i have what it takes to be a starting quarterback. It was my turn during practice to show him what i can do, i hiked the ball and it came up and hit me in the face. I thought that ruined my chance to get the starting position, but coach Fisher said i can have another chance. So i hiked the ball again and i got a perfect snap, he was timing how long it takes for us to get the ball out of our hands, most of the other guys took 3 seconds  and i took only 2.5 seconds, and then i heard amazing when i got the pass to the receiver. Then the next drill was the under pressure drill, you basically have to make the right decision when your getting pressured with the defensive lineman. The first one i messed up on, but the next one i bounced back and scrambled for 98 yards untouched. “Holy catfish!” Coach said, “Now he has talent unlike those scrubs over their.”When the next day at school the coach called me in, “Kenney sit down, please.” he said, “What’s up coach?” i said, “Well Kenney what you showed me out their was amazing and that was some great maturity out their, what i’m trying to say is…” i had interrupted him.”Look i know what you are trying to say, you don’t want me as your starting QB. i have heard that from a lot of coaches that i wasn’t good enough.” i said.”Kenney i want you as my starting QB, you are an amazing QB and i cant pass down this chance. Heck your even better than Jared Goff!””Wow thanks i wasn’t expecting this!””You earned it kid!”I was never expecting that coach would pick me for starting QB! This is amazing! The next day at practice it was our first game in the payoffs and we were facing the Timberline Blazers, and we completely destroyed them 47-0. Our next game was against Shelton in the conference championship, we beat them 35-28 i had 0 interceptions and 3 rushing touchdowns and 2 passing touchdowns. But the challenge we all been wanting is the state finals. We had one chance, they called it “One game to glory”, we had to face the Bellevue Wolverines. In the previous years bellevue is known to cheat in the playoffs and just this year they got cleared to play again in the playoffs. They are 11-2 this year and we are 9-4, we barely made the wild card. It was time for kickoff and we get ball second half so i got to watch the defense mess up and let them score on the first freaking play. Oh boy was coach mad about that, he was screaming some sense into them. But it was my turn now and i threw a interception on the first play and they took it back for a touchdown. “What in the heck were you thinking!!!!” Coach said. After i gave up that touchdown i felt like i was gonna lose my starting position, but i didn’t give up and i got us into field goal range. But our kicker Mikey missed it wide left. It was only the beginning of the second quarter and it was 21-0. But since they were up by 21 they decided to do a onside kick, and what you look at that they got the ball back. Right before halftime they scored another touchdown and a field goal, they ran the clock out and went into halftime. Once we all got into the locker room coach Fisher was so mad and he was yelling and screaming at us. “What in the bloody name are you all doing out their! This half was our worst half this season! You young men deserve to be here and win! Bellevue probably cheated to get here! Now get out there and wake up!” that pep talk from coach really motivated me to work harder than i ever have in a game. “Welcome back to ESPN as we are about to kick the second half off from the Kent and Bellevue state championship game!” the announcer said. Once the second half kicked off i knew i had to step up. “X-slant,Y-out,A-in,R-wheel!” coach yelled to me. So i hike the ball there is a 3 man blitz and my offensive line is not holding up so i find an open hole and i take off running and i take it to the house with a 57 yard scramble for a touchdown. “Now that’s what i’m talking about!” coach said, i got high fives everywhere and it was now 21-7. This game just got intense we just scored the Wolverines just punted the football and we have the ball back. I threw the ball all the way down field and Corey my primary WR caught it wide open and he scored. 21-14 was the score after the touchdown. The wolverines got the ball back and went three and out, that meant with two minutes left we could score and tie the game up and hopefully go for the two point conversion to win the game for Kent high school. We got the ball back with 1:55 left and io went on the field thinking that this is our last drive of the game. I hiked the ball and the defensive rush is rushing pretty hard so i find a hole and then scramble to my left and i chuck the ball down field and someone catches it at the ten yard line and i run over and spike the ball to stop the clock at 1:00, then i get the play and call it. I hike the ball and i run it  and i hurdle the defender for the touchdown, then i do my touchdown dance. But i found out we were going with the two point conversion and i got a little nervous. So i hike the ball and then i find Corey in the corner of the endzone and he makes a spectacular catch and gets his feet in bounds and we win the game. Its really nice to be called state champions and to have a ring that proves it is amazing. Now that my senior year is over i have 3 scholarships to play football in college. My first is to WSU and my second is to Clemson, but the one i’ll be choosing is Alabama. Now that i have chosen a college i have to pack all my stuff up in a course of one month, and i’ll be driving to the Campus, it should only take about a week to get their.Now that i played four full years at alabama and won four national championships i’m the top prospect out of all the people going into the NFL draft. I talked to some teams about how some of them wanted to draft me in the first round. The Seahawks have the first pick in the NFL draft and i really want to go to the Seahawks. And they said they want to draft me so i might have a chance at going to the Seahawks.The draft is about to start and i feel so ready i’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the Seahawks to pick me. “The first pick in the NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select…. Kenney winslow quarterback University of Alabama!” When i heard my name get called i knew that all that hard work finally paid off.Now that i’m in the NFL i went to see an old friend, my father. And i had a special conversation with him. “Dad i think you’ve heard… I’m a Seahawk and i know that you are a proud pappa and i made you proud.” i said, “Dad i came to thank you for all the time you gave me to help me get the starting job in high school and for everything you’ve done for me.”Now that i have played in the NFL for 29 years and won 10 super bowls it’s time for me to retire and leave the Seahawks. But just 1 year later i got inducted into the NFL hall of fame. I got offered be a FOX NFL commentator for all NFL games, i took the job so i can still make some money with the job i love.But 5 years later i decided to go see my dads grave again, and i had another conversation with him. “Dad i made a lot of people,fans,coaches, and players happy to be apart of the NFL, and i for sure made you happy and i’m proud to be your son and thank you again dad!””Kenney Winslow has just died in harborview medical center this morning after having a big heart attack while he was helping out at his old highschool with the football camp.” I never thought i would die of a heart attack but god told me it was time to go. But i know i have made a lot of people happy and i am proud of what i have accomplished and all the people i have made happy. I am the G.O.A.T of Football and i always will be. Kenney Winslow’s name will go down in history. This is Kenney Winslow signing off and i will see you in Heaven.