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 JoannaCassidy is a veteran American actress who is highly well-respected inHollywood. She has appeared in many interesting films and has also beenfeatured on some popular television programs. Before Joanna Cassidy became anactress, she was married and divorced, spent years in college as an art majorand was once a model in San Francisco.

She has been through lots of ups anddowns. Herfirst films are Bullitt (1968 and Fools (1970) but unfortunately, she went backto modeling while she was also in television commercials after these films. Shelater went into the film industry by appearing in a film entitled “The LaughingPoliceman which was produced in 1974. Although she didn’t perform a major rolein this film that brought her breakthrough to be featured in another two morefilms that same year: Bank Shot and The Outfit where she received notablebilling. Other films she was featured in the 1970s are; Stay Hungry in 1976 andThe Stepford Wives in 1975. Ina film entitled “Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982)”, she acted like a stripperwhere she made the biggest impression. She also acted in Zhora and some otherprominent films.

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Despite Joanna Cassidy promising career, she is someone whonever trades her happiness for anything.  Inthe 80s, she appeared most television series such as Buffalo Bill in 1983 whereshe acted as Dabney Coleman’s girlfriend ?nd in guest-starring r?l?? and inv?ri?u? t?l?m?vi?? and mini??ri??, th?ugh she ?l?? ??ntinu?d g?tting ?u???rtingr?l?? in v?ri?u? f??tur??, notably ?? B?b H??kin?’ long-suffering barmaidgirlfri?nd in Who Framed R?g?r R?bbit (1988). H?r film career picked up ?g?inin the ’90s, but she ?till ?rim?ril? ?????r? on t?l?vi?i?n. Cassidy received ?n Emm? nomination f?r h?r r?l? asM?rg?r?t Chenowith, the ?r?v???tiv? ????hi?tri?t and m?th?r ?f troubled Brenda(Rachel Griffiths) ?nd Bill? (Jeremy Sisto), on Six F??t Und?r, ?? w?ll as tw?Canadian Emmy Aw?rd? f?r her w?rk on th? comedy Ju?t C?ll M? Fritz ?t?rringJ???n Pri??tl??.

Sh? has w?rk?d ?l?ng?id? ??v?r?l ?r??tigi?u? ??t?r? includingGene Hackman, Lill? T?mlin, Bob H??kin?, Ni?k N?lt?, Warren B??tt?, AnnetteB?ning and James Franco. In ?dditi?n t? ??ting, C???id? is ?l?? a master ofm?n? ?th?r tr?d?? in?luding photography, int?ri?r d??ign, ?nd g?rd?ning, andwas ?n?? th? ?wn?r of ?n ?nti?u? ?h?? ??ll?d C???id?’?. Mu?h of Cassidy’s?h?rit? w?rk i? with ?rg?niz?ti?n? th?t ?r? ??n?itiv? t? th? needs of children,?nim?l?, ?nd ?ld?r citizens. Sh? is also ??tiv? in ?v?nt? ???n??r?d b? th?Am?ri??n Film In?titut?.