Jefferson anxiety disorder makes victims become lonely and separete

Jefferson(2001) noted the massive influence of social anxietydisorder on standard of living. For a individual with social anxiety disorder,daily social affairs bring about so much depression, anxiety and suicidaltendency that separation seems like a liberation.

Social anxiety disorderprevents victims from living their own lives. They will avoid the circumtanceswhich are considered “usual” by other people. They even face a difficult momentbeing aware of how other people can manage them without remarkable efforts.  SAD patiens show avariety of educational, professional and social incapacity. This is a confusionof misplaced chances because individuals must spend most of their time onfighting against their disease. For instance, learners having social anxietydisorder tend to drop out of school in the early stages due to theirnervousness of poorly performing in their study more than their colleagues whodo not suffer from this illness. Besides, suffers of social phobia aslo havedisturbed and unreliable employment history podcast such that they are likelyto transfer from one office to another. Because they are worried about beingunsuccessful or not completing work when they carry out a assignment which doesnot bring forth the good results as they expect.

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In some other situations, the fear offullfilling leading an obligation usually makes them be away from work untilthey feel identically gratified that they will not be accquainted with thesimilar duty. Accordingto Stein & Walker (n.d.), the absence of confidence and motivation affectedby social anxiety disorder makesvictims become lonely and separete as they are not able to make friends orinteract with people.

For example, children who have to put up with the illnesswill have few friends and count upon them for all social situations. But familieschange place, children move to a new school, and it may be needed for them to startnew relationships. This is actually hard for socially anxious children to adaptto a different living condition and they may be more fearful (Wells, 1998). Inother words, the frightened feeling of failing to be admited in the newlocation will strengthen social anxiety disorder. Thereis an alarm fact that most victims experiencing SAD try to commit suicide. Thecause behind foolish actions is because of the fear and desperate feelings whenliving in the periods of privacy too persistent (Nepon, Belik, Boltonand Sareen, 2010). After a shameful state among people, those who having socialphobia feel extremely hopeless about themselves such that they can find noreasonable solution to their problem except trying to kill themselves.

 With these serious consequencesabove, it cannot be negated that social anxiety disorder brings about a largenumber of difficulties, which force victims to put more effort into quiterecovered process.