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Jamie Oliver is a British Chef who gained his broadcasted fame through the airing of his shows The Naked Chef and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He has written many indistinguishable cookbooks.  Oliver’s Parents owned a restaurant in Clavering, Essex. Jamie lead his first job in London as the head pastry chef and later became the sous-chef at River Café. Because of his immense talent and skill in the kitchen, this sparked his fame on television. The Naked Chef simplifies the art of food preparation. Oliver also created some of his own cast-iron cookware. One of his series Jamie’s School Dinners helped cafeteria workers combine and adjust their skills to establish more healthy eating habits for all students as well as better quality with it’s meals. Oliver’s show caught the government’s attention and led them to increase the budget for school meals in the United Kingdom.    
The article fully explains the different passions endured by Jamie Oliver, but not in full detail. It does not explain about his early life. The author begins the article with the year that Oliver was born and then jumps straight into his outstanding career. The information is reliable due to the fact that the research was founded on an encyclopedia.This article emphasizes the famous Chef that Jamie Oliver has become. This resource creates a wider understanding of the aspects within “making it big” within the culinary world. This source can better implement the 

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structure needed to reach my standards as a Chef. The perspective of my topic is still in the same position.
Marcus Samuelsson lost his mother when he was only two years old. He was adopted by a white family in Sweden. His grandmother taught him how to cook. When he turned 24 years old he started his first job as a chef in Manhattan. He was known as one of the youngest Chefs to receive a James Beard award. He even made dinner for President Obama. This book entails how Marcus Samuelsson searches for his endeavors through food techniques. He had a happy childhood even though he was a black kid growing up in a Swedish family. He was on the soccer team at school but got removed from it. This changed his mind of becoming a professional soccer player to becoming a chef.
The article about the book YES, CHEF A MEMOIR by Marcus Samuelsson explains a lot more about his early childhood rather than mostly about his adult life when he was a major success in the food industry. It mostly resembles the life he had with his grandmother, Helga. They both enjoyed cooking together every Saturday.Marcus Samuelsson was mainly intrigued by cooking due to his grandmother. She taught him many different techniques and recipes in which he perfects to this day in his restaurants. Marcus was adopted at the age of two and became a well renowned celebrity chef at such a young age.
Gordon Ramsay is a Scottish Chef most definitely known for his amazing restaurants and anger and blasphemy towards others on his television shows. When Gordon was young, he moved to England and played fútbol (soccer) until an injury destroyed his dreams of becoming a sport star. This injury was a privilege since it led him to the proper path which was to become a 
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Chef. Later on, Gordon open up his first ever restaurant in the late 1990’s which was rated one of the top restaurants in the world after three years of being open to the public. After these ventures, Gordon opened many other restaurants globally. Some of these restaurants were in Dubai while others were in New York City. Besides owning so many amazing restaurants, Gordon starred on multiple dissimilar television shows. Some were shows that he guessed on, whilst additional shows were created by him.
This article talks about Gordon Ramsay’s early life and when he made it big. It does not mention anything about any recent occurrences. The most recent premiere about Gordon is in 2012 with his show Hell’s Kitchen. The author is Barbara A. Schreiber and she is qualified in this subject since she is an editorial assistant at Encyclopedia Britannica. Gordon Ramsay has a multi-million dollar operation. He started his show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares which would help the owners of terrible restaurants and fix them to become the best in the game. He has had many other food related shows on television in the past few years.
Cooking is something that has always and will always be needed in the human lifestyle. Cooking consists of both art and science. The arts would be presentation of the food and the science would be the measurements required to construct certain meals/desserts. Cooking has to do with many different cultural aspects. Most food preparation was relied on mainly by women, sometimes by men. Chefs back in the day would cook in a completely divergent matter when compared to women who tend to cook often for their families. Wealth was normally associated with both politics and/or religion. Professional Chefs had a major role with kings. The way that professional Chefs would could for peasants and the rich would vary with ease.  Personalized 
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Chefs would prepare and cook food very differently from other cooks to make excitement in the culinary world and to give a great experience to those in need. Most recipes that are processed from Ancient Rome would have been considered as dessert for us since most of the foods were very sweet. The cuisine of the Mayans relied mostly on chocolate, also known as the cacao bean. 
This article refers to other aspects of the culinary world including politics, climate, different cultures, evolution of world cuisines, etc. This is a reliable source because it was 
founded on an encyclopedia. The author is Nathan Myhrvold who is qualified in this subject since he is an accomplished practitioner of modernist cuisine.This article fits into my research because it can properly give explanation about culinary arts in many different cultures. It proves that to become a chef, every culture would have their own cuisine and need a chef of course. This is a helpful resource since it can refer to different cuisines within different beliefs.
Going to work everyday in a mansion would be an amazing experience. To become a personal chef is a very important role in the food industry. It requires immense skill and passion. Usually when you work in a restaurant, there is a manager above you who makes you create certain dishes and they have to be a certain way. As a personal chef, whatever you are asked to make is made the way that you want most of the time. Almost everything that is made is from scratch. Normally these Chefs make desserts, breads, cereal, etc. Everything that a personal Chef creates is made from scratch, including the drinks that go along with the meals. Walkowicz is a CIA graduate and specializes in baking. She has been in the catering business for over 15 years and hoped all of her life that she would one day become a personal chef which she 
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managed to accomplish her goal. She is a personal Chef in Massachusetts and has traveled around the world to Germany, France, Spain, and many other places as well.
The article is reliable because Gale Cengage learning is an encyclopedia. Being a personal chef entails being able to desirably choose your pay rate. Liz Walkowicz is an executive chef who worked with catering for 15 years. She later on became involved with her life goals which was to cook for a rich family.The article gives others the opportunity to realize how a personal chef would be better than being a chef in a restaurant. This article fits into my research since it explains the aspects of being a personal chef. This is a helpful resource because it helps me to understand how a personal chef would be a better fit for many people. 
Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay started from the bottom and worked their way up to the top. Jamie is from Britain, while Gordon is from Glasgow, Scotland. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what religion you are, you have to realize that no matter what, there is and always will be a chance for major success in life. Gordon and Oliver realized these goals have been accomplished when they created there own cookware, cookbooks, starred on their own television shows as well as guested on other shows, and how they both own many different well known restaurants that are located all around the world. Many different aspects of cooking also take place besides the basics mentioned. Some include different religious aspects of food and becoming a personal chef. 

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