Jacob’s 1961. However, due to a publication of the

Jacob’s syndrome affects males.

Normally, males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. In Jacob’s syndrome. The male has one X chromosome, and two Y chromosomes. Some symptoms include:Affected individuals being abnormally tall, around 6 feet or more.

Having issues related to impulsive and bad-tempered behaviorA normal intelligence but relatively less compared to other family members and sibling, about 10- 15 less in IQSevere acne during adolescenceHigh risk of developing dyslexia, minor autism, and attention deficienciesAs scientists researched this disorder, there had been many misapprehensions. Individuals with the disorder were supposedly aggressive and without compassion or empathy. The disorder was then dubbed Supermale Syndrome for the individual’s altered aggressive behavior. The second name, XYY Syndrome, originates from the genotype of the affected individual.The first male discovered with the XYY genotype was by Avery Sandberg and her research team in Roswell Park Memorial Institute, in 1961. However, due to a publication of the same research in 1965 by Patricia Jacobs, the disorder was named in tribute to her.There is no clear indication of when and individual has this disorder but signs can be interpreted as early as five to six years old.

Growth spurts at that age can be an indication for the extra Y chromosome as well as:Severe acne in adolescence and teenage yearsRebellious and aggressive behavioral issuesWith this combination of symptoms, the individual should be tested for the disorder or any other relating disorder with similar symptoms. The average age in which the disorder is recognized is at 17.1 years old.The life expectancy of someone with Jacob’s Syndrome is around 67.5 years compared to the life expectancy of 77.

9 years.There is no cure for Jacob’s syndrome. However, treatments can be helpful for individuals affected so they can go through life more smoothly:Extra help in educational purposes, such as speech impediments which is commonAcne prevention to help with self conscious issuesSupport groups are offered for people with XYY SyndromeTherapy and medication for behavioral issuesThese organizations can provide more information and support for people with Jacob’s Syndrome: – Genetic and Rare Diseases (GARD) Information Center- National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse- NIH/National Institute of Mental Health- The Association For X and Y Chromosome Variations- UNIQUE – Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group