It’s or two cities, for example, like Huslia, AK

It’s a Flat World, After All isan article written by Thomas Friedman (Friedman 2005).

This article is abouthow globalization makes the world flat that high technology made the geography becomeunnecessary in the economic process. On the other hand, The World is Spiky is an essay written by Richard Florida (Florida 2005).It is about how the world is spiky because the globalizationimplicates a world with peaks, that control and push the economic and politicalprocess. Although these two articles have opposite points of view, honestly, I have no idea which theory is the realcorrect one.

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However, I much prefer the Richard Florida’s statement.            Let’s clear about what exactly Mr.Richard Florida (Florida 2005) wants to state. He believes that majority ofeconomic is concentrate in a few cities, and creative talent migrates andcoalesces in these cities.

When people come together from all over the world tothe spike cities, then the geographic location becomes more and more necessary.I preferred his theory base on three reasons.             Frist, the importance of cities isworld wide. People moving to cities perfectly explains that the economic,tectonic forces and external circumstances have influence in these particular locations.

Some good examples can be global cities such as New York City, Shanghai, andLondon. There is a good example on this, Shanghai used to not a big city, it wasjust a small harbor town. When the war between China and Japan started,Shanghai became important because it is an important transportation hub, andwas also a safe place, due to its position as a foreign colony. At that time,most of the rich people moved there and the poor also found the opportunitythere too. Many years developing made the Shanghai became a well-known globalcity nowadays.

              Second, better living standard andcondition. Based on the area most people live, we can tell the economicactivity and energy use is concentrated in these areas and the externalconditions are much better compare to the others, such as, light emissions,precipitation, and temperature. Thus, in this part, you can compare two areasor two cities, for example, like Huslia, AK and Charlotte, NC. It’s not hard totell people will pick Charlotte as the preferred than Huslia. The reason iseasy to understand, Charlotte has much better light emissions, precipitation,and temperature for living and this will trend more economic activity andenergy use in Charlotte.            Third, high-end talents and highproduction are concentrated in certain area. The innovations and patents mostoften appear in those spike cities. The reason for this is because theinnovation and patents need capital operation, need more financiers,scientists, and other talents involved.

Some good examples can be developedcountries, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and England. For example,people all know that Germany is famous about precision instruments and mechanicalengineering, because of Germany is the leader in these filed, it can attractmany people working in this filed, and also gain recourses and capital byexport these things. The whole process of it is the idea of why high-endtalents and high production are concentrated in certain area.            In conclude, just like RichardFlorida (Florida 2005) states, the economic capital is concentrate in thosepeak cities, talent migrates and coalesces are most likely living and workingin there.

Then you will found out the geographic location becomes more and morenecessary cause of global concentrated.