“It’s mature student, a professional and a parent, I

“It’s never too late to start something new” is what I have been hearing a lot lately. Having spent over twenty enjoyable and extremely rewarding years in the adult education and private training sectors, both abroad and in the UK, I have now made the bold decision to embark on a degree course in International Management.I am an experienced teacher and coach, skilled in delivering information, advice and guidance, interviewing, and multi-agency work.  As a teacher, adviser and administrator I have often found myself spending a lot of time teaching my learners the importance of making good career choices, especially in the context of constantly evolving and borderless world of international business and commerce. Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of learners improve their lives through coaching, providing 1:1 and group support; setting individual and team targets and making major decisions around the support I provide. I am particularly proud of the many young people that I worked with in post-war Bosnia Herzegovina, many of whom have gone on to build successful careers, become professionals in their fields and are now giving back to society.I currently hold a Level 5 qualification (DTLLS) and I would like the opportunity to enrol on the BSc (Hons) International Management (Top-up) and to build upon my substantial knowledge and work experience, combining it with a degree that will not only teach me concepts of general business and management, but also help me develop an understanding of international business practices.

I feel that the knowledge I gain from this course will open up new career opportunities in my own field and in addition give me access to opportunities in the broader world of international business. Further education is in a precarious situation nowadays.  I am finding myself changing jobs every few years.

I have always felt that my lack of a university education has held me back from accessing many high profile jobs. I want to change that. I am looking for a new direction in career and a fresh start that a degree will bring me. As a mature student, a professional and a parent, I am dedicated to improving my position in life, for myself and my family. I am ready for a big change and quite excited about moving from an academic education/private training background to a management one. I am under no illusion that I will have to adapt fast and work hard, but then again, throughout my teaching career I have always embraced change with enthusiasm, operated out of my comfort zone, absorbed new information fast and as a result built up an impressive range of academic and vocational teaching skills that I am proud of.

I am confident that I can apply this same level of success to this course too. I consider myself an ambitious, energetic and an encouraging individual, committed to motivating others and building up their confidence.  I am patient, approachable and always open to collaboration and exchange of ideas. I am a positive and cheerful influence which helps me develop strong rapport with people across cultures and ages.  I cherish working with people from all walks of life, different countries and cultures, and this course will only enhance and fine-tune my skills in cross-cultural liaison.I am a clear and effective speaker with strong writing, editing, and presentation skills. I am skilful in maintaining an organised and environmentally friendly administration by creating and maintaining reusable and adaptable resources.

I always prioritise tasks through daily and monthly planning. I am proficient in using all Microsoft applications and always looking for ways to integrate my excellent IT skills into my work.I am looking forward to discussing my experience at an interview and hopefully securing a place on this course as it will definitely build on my existing knowledge and open up more exciting opportunities in the 21st century workplace.

Thank you.