Italy, 2005, around 36% of national cement was consumed

Italy, a European country with the area of 301,338 km2 and 60 million populations. Annual GDP is 1.859 US$ in 2016 (World Bank data, 2016).

Per capita cement consumption is 787kg (The global cement report, 2005)The Italian cement industry consists of multinational companies (Italcementi, Colacem, Cementir, Buzzi, Holcim) and other smaller and medium enterprises that are functioning of both national and local levels. In 2016, there were 62 plants in the Italian cement industry operating full cycle (33 plants) and grinding (29 plants) (AITEC, 2017). Italian cement factories are widely scattered around the country, therefore, it allows for the consumers to easily access to the final product. Figure 1.4 cement plant distribution 2012 (Source: The global cement report)In terms of production capacity, the top four companies account for over 60% of national production and the top 11 for more than 80% (Supino et al. 2016).

According to the global cement report 2005, around 36% of national cement was consumed for the house building industry also 33% for civil engineering purposes and remaining 31% is used for commercial and industrial activities. (Supino et al. 2016) emphasize the important outlook about the Italian cement industry over the last decades.

They highlight a severe crisis in the Italian cement industry, because of adverse macroeconomic context and strong domestic dif?culties recorded in the civil engineering sector, the main market for cement outputs.Italian cement exporting market is not strong, but exporting capacity frequently increasing. According to the AITEC annual report Italian cement exporting market achieved 2.6 million tones it was the 5.

5% of national production and it was growing up 8.7% with compared to previous year. Spain is the main and first export market of Italy.

Albania and Malta which are, other key destinations of the Italian export market. Spain imported 67.7% of Italy’s export flow.However Italy is the fifth exporter in Europe.