It time. 2- Avoid distractions There can be many

It is totally normal to makemistakes.

But, if you commit the same mistake twice then it’s not mistakeanymore. If you perform the same actions day after day, do not expect that youwill get other results and something will change in your life for the better byitself. That will not happen…Therefore, when you see that for along time already there are no changes for the better, and then it is necessaryto change something.If we make the same mistake againmay be unintentionally, then we feel bad about it, or we start think that it isnot your cup of tree and we lose self confidence. Small mistake in a longjourney is uncountable. Making mistakes is totally a natural process, isimportant to learn it from the mistake and try not to repeat it again. How to avoid making the samemistakes again? 1-    Find out the reasonSearch for the reason why you are committingthe same mistake over and over again.

Maybe you are overeating because you areemotional or you are skipping gym because of work pressure. Find out the reason;try to find a solution to the problem. If you commit the same mistakes againthen it becomes your habit, and it’s not easy to leave any habit.

So, it’sbetter to search for the reason and correct it on the first time.2-    Avoid distractionsThere can be many reasons that can distractyou intentionally or unintentionally.  Avoidgetting distracted by anything. Sometimes your friends are eating the junk foodand you can’t control yourself and start eating.

You think that you will domore cardio today to nullify this but think in this way, you have to work evenmore than usual to burn the extra calories. 3-    Change the direction, habitIf your decision or habit lead you to committhe same mistake again then its better to change the way of thinking or tochange the habit. It can be result of your bad habit, replace your bad habitwith a good one.4-    Take help from othersIt’s good to have mentors and coaches who canhelp you to take decisions. Seek help from the people who are experienced andknows more than you.  If you are growing,you don’t make the same mistake twice, so in order to grow communicate with thepeople who can help.

5-    Write down your mistakesWrite down the mistakes you make and write itdown with all the details and what were the situations when you took thatdecision.  Next time if you face the samesituation then read it and make sure that you are not following the same path.