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 It seems such an exciting experience to take a major step in pursuing your career dreams and enter the college. Cheers! You are a college student from now on! So what is there impatiently waiting for  you  round  the  corner?  Knowledge, skills,  reading,  writing, brainstorming, essays, midterms and finals plus lots of stressing about to figure out all the other aspects of your life. It’s been statistically proven, that most college students encounter stress and anxiety feelings due to all of the firsts that they have to go through. From the report of Anxiety and Depression Association of America the National Institute of Mental Health states that 75 percent of adults have had their first episode of anxiety before the age of 22. Courtney Knowles, the executive director of JED foundation claims that the students are the ones who are in the majority of this 75 percent, and it’s no wonder, since most of them have to struggle in the battle of student loans, part-time jobs, anticipation of higher grades, new places, relatives and, of course,  peers.  All of this  statistics  also  notes  that  student performance suffers greatly because of all this anxiety that the above mentioned trigger. So what can a student do? Their time and schedule are so tight, whereas treatment and solutions can be rather expensive or even difficult to attain. What if a tasty substance of natural origin could bring out relief? Or maybe it could help to cope with different kinds of anxiety disorders to make all of the fears disappear especially when physical and mental health is one of the most important factors for success? Surely, each of us can have some doubts of the effect those products can have on our emotional ordeals and on us as a whole.

 Nevertheless, it would be a loss of time and chance to stay ignorant of the produce called Cannabidiol that can help to deal with the anxiety you face daily. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a remedy extracted from cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive at all and thus has no ability to make you feel high if compared to the THC and/or marijuana. All of the magic happens due to the unique physiological (endocannabinoid) system that our bodies possess. The latter produce chemicals that are very similar to the cannabinoids found in marijuana.

The CB1, CB2 and serotonin receptors in our body system interact with CBD and transmit it to the brain resulting in the ease of fear and anxiety and also a better mood.Therefore, just like the food we eat every day, our organism takes Cannabidiol naturally. It is prone to treat CBD as from the same intergroup, since also possesses special receptors that are there to make the Cannabidiol reach where it should. Many of the users have given quite positive feedback and it is certainly a very important part to pay attention to, however, a number of scientific studies have been done so far.

  Several studies come to argument the efficiency of Cannabidiol on different kinds of anxiety. In a small-scale study conducted in 2010 in Brazil, the brain scans of the people with  social anxiety disorder (SAD) documented changes in the blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for the feelings of anxiety. Thanks to CBD, the participants not only felt better, but also their brains reacted to anxiety in an altered manner.A 2011 study tested Cannabidiol for reducing anxiety linked to public speaking by simulating public speeches after taking a dose of CBD. The participants not only reported to perform better, but  the effect was also apparent from their heart rate and blood pressure.In 2015  an analysis of previous studies came to the conclusion that CBD is a budding treatment for several kinds of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Another group of researchers took to explore a case of a child with a history of trauma. The results evidenced that cannabidiol reduced the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety-provoked sleep disorder. The child’s anxiety level lowered and it helped her sleep. From the recent survey on cannabidiol or CBD usage by Brightfield Group it turns out that eighty percent of the participants said that they found the produce to be “very or extremely effective.” Thus, now that we are more confident about the efficacy of Cannabidiol, it is high time to also consider more of its benefits.

CBD has been studied to have little or no side effects and cannot bring about addiction, as does not alter the cognition. Moreover, it doesn’t cause intoxication. Taking into account all the study results noted and the customer reports, it would be a great choice for you to take our  Feel Good Edibles that contain Cannabidiol. They are lab tested extracts containing highest quality ingredients. The best effect is guaranteed if you operate a dose of 300-600mg. Summing up,  we  rest  assured  that  college  can  have  a  crucial  role  for  your  future achievements, thus be and act wiser, do not let anxiety interfere your plans and be an obstacle on your way. Order the Feel Good Edibles  online anytime you wish, take them when necessary, stay strong and go to conquer all of your heights thanks to the skills and talents you cultivate.However, be aware that the views expressed in this blog post related to efficient dose are rather person specific, so, please, consider consulting with a physician before using CBD for more serious medical purposes.