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It is hard to envision the cutting edge world without PCs, data innovation, and the Internet, as they have effectively assumed a unique position in the life of every individual. Nowadays social media become are extremely mainstream.

In social media we make records and visit our pages no less than a few times each week. Thanks to social media, it became possible to communicate with relatives and friends who are far away from us. It is exceptionally helpful, you will concur. All things considered, notwithstanding every one of the upsides of this development, researchers are progressively worried about the impact of social media to individuals. Presently I want to comprehend what positive or negative aspects has social media. First and foremost, I want to tell the statistics. To date, 96% of the number of inhabitants in our planet they have access to social media.

The biggest social media is Facebook- about 1.5 billion.Researchers have computed that the minimum time for a client to remain in an social media is 3 hours, while he visits his record no less than twice every day.If we turn to the benefits of social networks, you may notice this:• First, social media furnish a chance to speak with colleagues at work, relatives and companions living in various urban communities and nations. • Secondly, social media can be utilized as a device for self-advancement. Here you can watch instructive movies, tune in to great music, read fascinating books.

 • Thirdly, social media is a stage for business advancement. Here you can promote your online store, a sound recording studio or a rock school. If we turn to the disadvantages of social networks, you can see this:• We spend a lot of time to watch pointless videos and pictures in social media .

Such distraction can antagonistically influence on our wellbeing,I want to say that a lot of data frequently tires and loads the our nervous system. • Moreover,when we use social media to communicate with each other a lot,we forgot how to communicate in real world without any “emojis” or slangs.Unfortunately thanks to this we do not follow the rules of grammar and punctuation,and often use scanty vocabulary.• Another disservice is the DEPENDENCE of social media. Web dependence is a mental issue that can cause different complexes, for instance, an inferiority complex. In the end I want to say that Internet communication should complement life, and not be the basis of all our activities! Social networks can bring many benefits.

But the abuse of public networks can lead to dependence, loss of attention, waste of time. Social networks are both good and bad. We need to take only good things from social media!