It presentation. I also participated in ‘Seminar dan Perkhemahan

It is known globally that Mathematics is a flexible subject. Itcan be applied almost everywhere, from measuring the size of an organelle tocalculating the profit gained by a company over the year. What really piqued myinterest is that there are different ways to solve a math question yet we keepon discovering new formulae and methods to arrive to the correct answer.

It mademe question, how is that possible? And that is, to me, the beauty ofmathematics.While pursuing Mathematics, Physics and Biology during my A Levelyears, I started to realise that statistics is very important. It is used toquestion the result of an experiment such as the relation between twovariables, the presence of anomalies and more.

Statistics is also needed todeal with real-life problems. For instance, to predict the future and preparefor it, and to be aware of any changes. This is the reason I have become moreinterested in statistics. We make decisions based on the results shown by agraph, we predict the chance something will happen using probability and wecompare data using statistics.

To further my experience in doing statistics, I was a member ofthe Research Club at my secondary school. Along with the other members, we handout surveys to students and then compile the data for our presentation. I alsoparticipated in ‘Seminar dan Perkhemahan Eksplorasi Kendiri (SPEK)’ which is aprogram of seminars and self-exploration camping, where we camped out near theforest and did activities in a group. One of the activities we did is that eachgroup had to finish a race which takes place in the forest while beingblindfolded and all the members of the group had to cross the finish line inorder to win the race. This build up my teamwork and communication skills whichcan help me to be more comfortable interacting and working with others.

I was also involved in some volunteering works such as KitaniFoundation’s Charity Drive and ‘Projek Aur dan Tebing’ in which both aredonation drives. I helped in advertising the charity work to get as many peopleto donate to those in need. As for extracurricular activities, I enjoy swimmingand playing badminton for leisure. I was part of the Health and Fitness clubwhere I was the secretary of the club. I was in charge of taking attendance andorganize activities. It help me to improve my time management skill and increasemy capability to take care of responsibilities that are trusted to me.

Doing Mathematics is always fun for me. It can be disappointing ifI don’t get the correct answer but after trying a few times, getting the piecestogether and arriving to the correct answer makes me feel accomplished andsatisfied. This motivates me to push myself forward and learn more. I want topursue this subject even further and learn more about it in depth. By getting adegree of this course, I will be able to help to improve my country using myknowledge and skills.