It field of Mechanical Engineering in your University. I

 It comes as no surprise that Mr Jayant Satpute haschosen to pursue his Master’s in the field of Mechanical Engineering in yourUniversity. I have known jayant for three years and his penchant for excellenceis what I am aware of. He is thorough in his work and puts in his best efforts toachieve and complete the undertaken project within the desired time-frame.Thatis the reason I am extremely happy to expatiate his potentials.

 Iwas his project guide for the final year project of “Phenomenological study ofPMEDM”. The project documented methodologies for power mixed electricaldischarge machining.  The procedurebefore documentation was a tedious one, where one had to experiment withvariety of processes to come to a conclusion. But I am proud to say that theycompleted the project fruitfully. I clearly saw the relentless efforts the teamand Jayant went through. In his third year also the team, led by Jayant, cameup with an unique idea of a ball-jointed umbrella, made from a complete scratch,which proved to be boon for roadside fruit vendors and others who had to sit inthe shining sun for their sell, this got recognition from the entire college. Furthermore,in the course of the project, I realized that Jayant possessed a good understandingin the course. He would approach me to discuss the feasibility of his innovativeideas and after gaining the assurance would confidently venture into itsexecution.

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Jayant possesses good research acumen and showed all signs of  becoming an efficient research scholar duringthe course of the project. I would also  recommend him for research assistantship wherehe will prove to be an indispensable aid making valuable contribution towardsresearch. Jayantis a good team leader. He coordinates well with others and has the ability toexplain his ideas and also the ability to listen to others.

His analytical wayof thinking is I feel what makes him a potential Master’s candidate. I believethat Jayant’s strong hold on the subjects of  thermodynamics and heat-mass transfer will holdhim wel.I and Jayant had a talk  indetail about his plans to pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentrationin IC Engine and Manufacturing and I believe he has the required knowledge andskill set to excel in this course. Also his well-rounded personality as aresult of the variety of his experiences as the cultural and sportsrepresentative of the college will make him an asset to your organization. Hewill do well in this course and will blend well into the new environment.

Hence, I strongly recommend him for admission into your university. Jayant willcertainly be an asset to your institution.