it bothmilitary and civilian use the full-sizehover bike will

it looks like something out of sciencefictionthis unusual quadcopter is in theinitial stages of testing before a humanpilot takes a seat on it the concept wasdeveloped by New Zealand inventor ChrisMalloy who wanted to build a small andcheap aircraft for cattle driving andland surveying his britain-based companyMalloy Aeronautics manufactured theprototype which the US technologicalcompany service engineering is testingfor possible military use this craftwere designed from the ground up forsomeone to get on and off this oneprovides the stability of having fourrotors so you’re not as sensitive tocenter of gravity issues but they’rethey’re not so separated that there’sproblems with getting on and off the thecraft during a demonstration theremotely controlled scale modelperformed beautifully carrying a dummypilot called Buster the US Army thinksit could someday carry soldiers flyinglow over rugged or dangerous terrain afull-size model is already being builtin Britain but testing by a human pilotwill depend on the craft safety andreliability we’re looking at severalways to improve that including theability to operate with one rotor outthat capability I think we’ll make surethat it’s reliable and and safe for bothmilitary and civilian use the full-sizehover bike will be powered by a gasolineengine turning an alternator to providepower for it’s for electric rotors therewill be two versions with one and twoseats they will fly up to 96 kilometersper hour with a range of up to 240kilometers but Kiev it says there are noheart dates set for testing thefull-size model talking with the US armycounterparts we’re looking at a three tofive year development effort so thatwould begood timeframe to expect additionalprogress on the hover bike for nowMalloy Aeronautics is selling abattery-powered scale model of its hoverbike for about 1000 to 1600 dollarsuseful for aerial photography or lightdeliveries gorge footage VOA newsWashingtonyouwe’re all familiar with the concept of atime machine what we have here is aspace machine instead of travellingbackwards forward in time we cantransport viewers from one space toanother in virtually no time at all so Ican now tell a story while at the sametime transporting people through spaceyouyou’re a trend-setting music lover youknow Tech and you won’t settle forsecond best quality matters that’s whywe made helix the world’s first wearablewith extractable Bluetooth earbudsyou believe in simplicity and that formfollows function helix earbuds offerunsurpassed sound quality embedded in adiscreet design you’re as bold as youare cosmopolitan helix matches any styleanywhere with convenient technology forthe modern world wirelessly listen tomusic and make calls on the go we allhave limits and boundaries and sometimesit’s difficult to be yourself with helixyou live by your own rulessimply connect helix to your smartphoneand experience being set free fromattachmentshelix is designed with you in mindwherever your movements take youexperience helix fashion and functionalways on handhey Kickstarter I’m J I’m Daniela fouryears ago we started goat Anna to solvethe no service problem we set out tomake it possible to use your phone evenwhen you don’t have cell reception orWi-Fi after a lot of hard work wedeveloped this device which is the firstand only way to use your smartphone tosend text messages and GPS locations toothers over long distances even when youdon’t have any service of any kind ouraward-winning product has been enjoyedby tens of thousands and used all overthe planet while adventuring outdoorstraveling abroad attending crowdedevents or even during an emergency overthe last year we’ve been working on anext-generation product it lays thefoundation for a kind of communicationsnetwork that has never existed beforeand now we’re finally ready to sharewhat we’ve been working on and inviteyou to be a part of it has this everhappened to you you’re traveling withfriends and vs. card and everyone has adifferent adventure plan for the daymean wants to climb a mountain takepictures David and I don’t want to finda river and enjoy the Sun and you youjust want to plateau Reinheitsgebot cuzyou don’t go to birches garden withouttrying the right height spot the problemis is my phone has no service andBridgette Scott and I still want to knowwhat my friends are doing that’s why inthis adventure we each brought a goat ina mesh once paired with your phoneGoten Emes generates its own radiosignal so you can send text and GPSlocations using a simple app no towersrouters or satellites required sent andreceivedI can send a direct message to David agroup chat to my friends or broadcast toany Goten in the area go tena has greatpoint-to-point communication range butwith this groundbreaking mesh networkingtechnology is possible to double ortriple your range by hopping throughother go tender mesh units in the areayou don’t even need to know the otherusers or do anything it’s automatic andprivately so I’m able to receive amessage for Ming who’s on top of amountain because our friends and othergo 10ms users act as relay pointsbetween us imagine using this out ofmusic festival or on the slopes thepossibilities are endless unliketraditional communication networksGoten amesh actually gets stronger themore users join itwe call this people power connectivityone more to go pleasewe’re excited to launch goat NMS becauseit’s the first mesh network of its kind100% off-grid mobile long-range andconsumer ready this kind of technologyhas never existed outside of themilitaryand even then they’ve been big heavysystems that cost tens of thousands ofdollarsgoat Animesh however is tiny andaffordable Goten amesh is our firstproduct available internationally andhaving completed industrial design andadvanced prototyping earlier this yearwe’re now busy testing and setting upmanufacturing and distribution so peopleall over the world can use ourtechnology to stay connected to eachother during fun off-grid adventures aswell as unplanned emergency situationsit’s worth noting that goat Ennistechnology is already fielded andtrusted by public safety organizationsduring mission-critical operations whichmeans that you can count on it – in ourheadquarters in Brooklyn New York we’veassembled a small but scrappy team thatincludes some of the most talentedengineers in the world we’re allmotivated by the mission of empoweringpeople to create their own connectivityeven when traditional communicationnetworks are unavailable unreliable orunaffordable we’ve built faux tena meshbecause we believe in a future wherecommunication isn’t just delivered bytop-down infrastructure but also madepossible from the bottom up by peoplelike you we want you to be the first toexperience the future of people-poweredconnectivity it starts with enablingessential communication when you don’thave service but it can be somethingmuch bigger we’ve built revolutionarytechnology into goat NMS but in order tochange the game we need you Kickstarterwe invite you to become a mesh founderwith us so please support this campaignuntil everyone you know about goat NMSwhen you need the best in key and assetmanagement look no further than keepersystems since 1992 keeper systems hasbeen committed to providing variousindustries with the best solutions inkey and asset management and assetcontrol if you ask our customers twothings and said what makes keeper youknow the best company to deal with oneour system is the easiest to use outthere – it’s the easiest company to dealwith in terms of purchasing becausewe’re not convoluting the process bygiving them a contracts or hidden feesor any of these annual of charges thatother companies do keeper systems isproud to present the elite series of keymanagement systems for the next fewminutes we will discuss the mainfeatures of this revolutionary method ofkey and asset management as well aspresent a comprehensive demonstration ofthe monarch system the elite seriesoffers an array of groundbreakingfeatures that are unique to keepersystems above all these systems areavailable in many sizes to fit yourexact needs system capacities range from40 keys to up to 280 keys per cabinetand as you grow Keeper systems growswith you each system has a plug-and-playdesign and allows you to quickly andeasily expand your system to more than2,000 keys in addition our systems canbe easily mounted on a wall orconfigured as a free-standing unit ourrevolutionary system is designed to fitthe needs of any industry requiring thehighest level of accountability andsecurity such as law enforcementautomotive government and many more inaddition to key management keeperssturdy fobs can be fitted with a widearray of keys and assets among manyunique features standard in all of oursystems we include for increasedaccountability comprehensive reportingand analytics including automated emailand text message alerts for enhancedsecurity a built-in digital cameracaptures a photo of each transactionto maximize accountability multiplekeeper systems can be networkedthroughout your organization for addedconvenience storage and reporting keeperalso offers a number of add-on featuressuch as DMS integration label printingMobile inventory scanning keyreservations lock blocking mileagetracking key mapping and much more theflagship of keeper systems electronickey management is the monarch it isunmatched in its accountabilityanalytics security and asset controllet’s take a few moments to explore thispowerful key management system logginginto the system is simple a user caneither use the on-screen keypadbiometric authentication or a proximityswipe card to log into the systemremoving and replacing a key to thesystem is just as easy once a user haslogged in checking out a key is assimple as entering in an asset ID andselecting checkout key the door willunlock and an LED will illuminate toindicate the location of the key thesystem automatically logs the user outwhen the key is removed and the door isclosed to return a key to the systempress check-in key LEDs will illuminateavailable unlocked spaces with a simplepress and twist of the fob the key isreturned the system learns the newlocation of the key and records the dateand time of the return managing thesystem is a breeze from adding users andkeys to running customized reports thesystem can be fully managed with just afew clicks the monarch offers theability to create various reports foryour review customizable reports can beviewed on screen in real time or emailedat scheduled times to fit your needalways know who took what key why theytook the key and when the keeper systemselite series of key management thefinest systems and the best customercare and service on the market todaykeeper systems key management simplifiedimagination is a beautiful thing it’sthe source of our big ideas and it makesus want to bring them to lifeintroducing cell robot a modular robotbuilt to inspire the month it uses thecells as components that allow you tobuild and expand your robot to manyforms the cells are powered by a heart alithium-ion battery that provides powerto the cell as soon as it’s connectedgiving life to your robot choose fromthe many dozens of pre-designed robotsfrom the shape library follow thehelpful tutorials to walk you throughconstruction easily combine cellstogether through a twist and lock motionthen control your cell robot from theapp additional accessories allow you toexpand your ideas further by addingwheels amount and even a cameraand you don’t just need to stick to theinstructions in custom mode you canbuild anything you can imagine programmovements for each individual cell usingcustom mode in the app then watch it gowhat you make is up to you cell robot isan extension of your imagination aplatform for combining building withcreativity share your imaginedinventions and inspire your friends whatwill you build cell robot this is a cellunit it can rotate at different speedsin different directions you can rotateto a specific position or rotatecontinuouslyit’s very simple but when you combinemanagers together form differentconfigurations it can be handled onrobust in onehi MJ the start is our watch to makerobots then seamlessly into our dailylife we are trying to create a friendlyaccess for everyone to get their handson robots without coding mechanics orelectronics experienced people caneasily starts to build and control theceremony it’s definitely more than a toythe sling is real power cell robot is myown personal robot system setting updifferent configurations it just feelslike there are so many different usersit can be a security monitor to help mewatch my house when I’m out it can be arobotic friend and I guess I can evenentertain my pet it helps me to takecare of my dog when I’m traveling thereare so many different interesting ways Ican integrate the robot into my dailylife the community in the app prettycool – and share will have made myselfand also be inspired by the brilliantideas I have a ton of different toys butthe cell robot is my absolute favoritethere are all the 50 different sheetsandstand up so robot the cell robot is agreat hands-free helper hi alright youwant to go to the store with me todaysometimes it’s hard to find somethingthat’s fun for everyone in my family wehave different ages interests but thecell robot works for everyonebuilding something solving problems orhelping us with our day-to-day tasksplus we actually have so much fun andthat’s what you lose don’t worry yourBecker’s we need your helpthey have already finished the designand profile of Sarah but we need yoursupport to start production and we onlyseem like you call all the backers towrite a story or service with uswhat if you could turn back time andrelive the best memories of your lifelike see your daughter’s first stepsagain watch your son’s first baseballhit again or simply experience the bestfamily vacation you’ve ever had againmeet teleport an entirely new way tocapture and relive the best memories ofyour life through the power of virtualreality technology to capture thosespecial moments simply plug the teleportcamera in your phone and start shootinginstantly it’s that easyteleport camera has two lenses that workthe same way our eyes see the world itcaptures everything you see in 3d torelive those memories you’ve capturedsimply put the teleport headset on youfeel as though you’re actually there andexperience those unforgettable livingmemories againso clearly that the same emotions youfelt in the past are felt againmemory is one of the most beautifulcreations in life it’s one of those thinstrings that hold you and the people youlove together through the good and thebad times save your best memoriestreasure them and relive themyouwe have evolved alongside the honeybeein a symbiotic relationship we care forthem they pollinate our crops and ofcourse make lots of delicious honey butgetting the golden nectar has alwaysbeen quite a task I just thought it wascrazy they’d have to crack the hive openfor the hive apart stress out all thebees and spend all day in the shed justto get your honey and I thought hmmthere must be a better way so my dad andI got to work and we’ve done it now youcan simply turn a tap and pure freshmoney flows right out of your minddelicious ready for you to eat oh it’samazing it’s amazing it’s honey on tapfor those that don’t know harvestingyour honey used to be a real labor oflove you had to protect yourself fromstings fire up a smoker to sedate thebees crack the hive open lift heavyboxes pull out the frames try not tosquash bees brush them off the combs oruse a leaf blower transport the framesto a processing shed cut the wax cappingoff filter the honey and clean up allthe mess then the frames have to getback to the hives again now you don’tneed to do any of that turner tap sitback and watch the honey pour out it’spure unprocessed untouched delicioushoney directly from the hive no mess nofuss no expensive equipment and muchmore friendly for the bees this is thefirst time in the world this has beenpossible there is nothing else like itit really is a revolutionwe can see into the hive we can see whenthe honey’s ready and we can take itaway in such a gentle way what awonderful thing the flow frames aredesigned with clear end so you caneasily check the huggers healthy in thecolonies strong you can watch all thegirls handing nectar into honey and seewhen it’s ready and isolate individualcombs allowing you to taste all thedifferent flavours of the seasons youcan just have us one frame and get threekilograms of honey or harvest more thantwenty kilograms per box but you knowtap it off so easily means that whenthere is a good honey flow you can keepup with the bees and harvest a lot morehoney so how does it work the flow foamconsists of already partly formedhoneycomb cells the bees complete thecomb with their wax and fill the cellswith honey capping it off ready forharvest when you turn the handle ourpatented split cell technology createschannels inside the comb allowing thehoney to flow down and out of the hivewhile the bees are undisturbed on thecomb surface turn the tap again whichresets the comb into the originalposition and allows the besa to the waxback and fill it with honey again forthe commercial beekeeper the framesbuilt to accommodate a pneumatic systemwhich means you can flick a switch andharvest your whole a pre at once we’vebeen testing prototypes with beekeepersfrom around the world I spent hourstaking honey out of highs this system isjust blows my mind I say I was veryexcited too when it actually workedI actually put the tubes in and watchthe honey come out I was sitting theregoing what I was completely amazed andsurprised atmount of honey that came out it was easyto use and there was very littledisturbance to the whole hi it’s thisover simplistic idea of how I’ve beenworking yet here you’ve actuallyaccomplished that that’s my bottlethat’s amazing flow makes harvestinghoney easier for the beekeeper and it’seasier on the bees but don’t worry wehaven’t taken all the fun away the broodbox stays the same and needs the samecare it always has you still get to useyour smoker and bee suit and do all thenormal things to keep your bees healthylike inspecting the brood nest fordisease mites beetles and so onpreventionyou still need to pull your home apartto do this and you still get stung byyour beds if you are new to beekeepingyou will need some help from experiencedbeekeepers to get started these are suchincredible little creatures and the mostexperienced of beekeepers realize thereis always more to learn after a decadeof development and three years oftesting the current design we are now inproduction with top manufacturers inAustralia and the US our Flo hives andframes are now available for pre-orderon our website honey Flo calm to makeFlo affordable for everyone we’vedesigned it so you can simply add a fewflow frames to your existing home or youcan go for a complete flow hive kit soyou can experience the joys ofharvesting honey watching and caring foryour bees sweet bees is such a crucialpart of our world without them wecouldn’t sustain the human population aswe know it and without the beekeepers wewouldn’t have enough bees join us andbecome part of this evolution inbeekeepingdon’t guys thanks big honey