IOT result, managing such devices and monitoring them is

IOT DeviceManagementWith the rapidly increasing number of IOT devices deployedin the public especially in the context of a smart city, it is also becoming anincreasing security concern, given how more and more sensitive and personaliseddata is being transmitted to and from servers.

As a result, managing suchdevices and monitoring them is becoming even more important than ever before. Theconcept of IOT Device Management covers a few important aspects apart fromsecurity which would be covered in the following paragraphs below.Due to the nature of the changing landscape of the industry,it is crucially important that IOT devices can be configured post-installation,to appropriately adapt to the current use case that a certain device might beused. For example, if a temperature sensor is being used in Singapore, configurationsuch as choosing the default units should be possible.

Additionally, it is also crucial that devices with sensitive data can be wiped remotelyor be returned to factory default settings. This is to ensure that if a devicemight be lost or even compromised, the data won’t be. it is also crucial tohave backup and restore functionalities so that if a configuration would tofail, restoring a previous backup would be much easier than reconfiguring fromscratch.While IOT Devices usually work as intended and for extendedperiods of time, it is also important that technicians and IOT developers implementdiagnostics and monitoring features into the devices remotely. This is toensure that any potential problems could be diagnosed early even before itbecomes an issue that would affect the service or the data collection processin a significant manner.

For example, if there is a memory leak from a rogue ormisbehaving program, developers could monitor increased memory usage from thatprogram remotely, diagnosing an issue before the memory leak seriously affectsperformance in a significant manner.As mentioned previously, Security is an important aspect in IOTDevice Management. Devices in the network of IOT devices needs to authenticateand verified un-compromised by external parties in both software and hardware.

Developers needs to ensure that sensitive data is only transmitted if neededand through secure channels.