IntroductionMartin The reason why they all fought was because

IntroductionMartin luther king ,  James  Bevel  also  Al Raby  were  in  the  chicago  freedom  movement .  Martin  Luther king was the leader  the  chicago  freedom  movement   and  was fighting   for  justice  in  January  7,  in  1966  in  Chicago,Illinois . Chicago  freedom  movement organization   was  important  because in  1968  the  fair  housing act was passed by Congress as a final result of both in the 1966  Chicago open housing Movement and as a disgusting moment when martin luther king got killed .  The reason why they all  fought was because they wanted to end racial segregation  , also this occured in Chicago.

Everybody in the organization accomplished the large crowd of the supporters and also gathered a march to protest against white people actions.Conflict Martin luther king courage people to do  a lot of things but have some trouble doing a lot. He  had a lot of problems with white people because they didn’t really like the way he tried to fight off  through the segregation separation or justice. The reason why martin luther king were also having problems was because in his own words he thought that Chicago was one of the worst racial segregation place to ever be. The Heart of the storyMartin Luther King Jr and James Bevel also Al Raby was in the chicago freedom movement.

 Martin Luther King Jr  led the chicago freedom movement  and fought for justice the chicago freedom movement occured  January 7, 1966 Chicago Illinois   The chicago freedom movement was important because it remind a lot of people how martin luther king tried his best just to help us our race.  How does this topic relate to the theme: The Chicago Freedom Movement was the  civil rights campaign in the North of the United States, it didn’t last that long because of king’s death. The actions that took place in the chicago freedom movement were protesting against the book of justice.Short term  impact : The thing that changed immediately were Martin Luther king became successful by leading the Chicago freedom movement. The Chicago movement  accomplished  a huge rally, marches, and demands to the City of Chicago. On 7 January 1966, Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced plans for the Chicago Freedom Movement, a campaign that marked the expansion of their civil rights activities from the South to northern cities. This effect a lot of white people because they thought it wasn’t right for chicago to be a non segregation state.ConclusionHistory should remember this organization because they fought for their society.

They  also fought for justice. Martin luther king is  very important because he’s the one that fought for racial segregation. Chicago freedom movement is still  influencing people today. The  reason  why this is  because there’s some many people that believed in them. I  pick  this  topic  because  it  was really     interesting. Martin luther king was an great person and did  a lot of great thing to help people out. I also pick this topic because i love to talk about how people fought to make their society lives better.