IntroductionI machines out their that tend to power out

IntroductionI decided to select Scenario 2 and act as the senior sales advisor for Dyson.I picked my scenario based on the most realistic and beneficial deal i can provide for the customer as a sales advisor.

In scenario 2 my job as a sales advisor is made more simple and realistic as the national building management company are purely interested in finding the most convenient seller for just one product (vacuum). My job is made easier as I only have to give my sells pitch to the customer and convince them Dyson is the only supplier that can provide the best quality product over other competition. In contrast, my task in scenario 2 would be more difficult as i would be required to pitch many more reasons as to why the customer should dissolve their current agreement with One World.Also within the travel industry, there are not many differences in the services that airlines provide which would make it more difficult for me to produce a sale pitch.  Identifying your organization’s needsAs I understand the company wishes to buy 500 new floor cleaning machines (vacuums) .

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I would assume that the company wishes to buy from a supplier that provides vacuums of good quality that fulfill expectations. First of all the vacuum needs to be functional in order to accomplish cleaning tasks within the building. Of course, as a customer you would want a vacuum which does what it is intended to do which is clean with a suction feature. I also understand that you would want a vacuum that is convenient as It is important for the product to save time and be easy to use. Cleaning is not a task which should be hard to do and is not something that time should be wasted on.It is also important that the vacuums are reliable and durable which is a key requirement as quite frankly there are a lot of cheap machines out their that tend to power out from time to time and have very short lifetimes and warranty periods.

There are many examples of companies that sell poor quality vacuums such as the current company that you are partners with Hoover. Online there are countless reviews of Hoover Vacuums that begin to act faulty only a short period of time after initial purchase.It is clear that the company has an overwhelming need for good quality vacuums in bulk at a reasonable price.Dyson’s Target Market The main customers for this sector largely cover homes.

As Dyson generally offers household product consumers at home are the main target audience which can range from teenagers to middle age who simply want to maintain cleanliness in their personal environments with the latest technology. Dyson’s products alternatively serve commercial purposes from corporate to industries.Dyson targets its products at many building management companies in London, particularly central.

This is due to the fact that new buildings are created every day within London and many companies wish to buy a bulk of effective cleaning products such as yourself. Dyson not only offers cleaning products but also refurbishment technology services as well for cleaning facilities within building locations. These services can be found on the website under the ‘for business’ directory.

One of our recent customers which were the widely renowned ‘Rosewood Hotel’ had this to say about business services “The most important thing for us is to exceed guest expectations. This is why we chose to install the Dyson products at our hotel. We offer our guests a journey of experiences. With Dyson, it’s perfect because they are experiencing amazing British innovation.” (Lavender, 2017)Disadvantage of Dyson’s SolutionEven the product we are offering is of tremendous quality and the new age technology this century I must admit that there is a downside. The only disadvantages for Dyson vacuums that stands out is the price that may test your budget. The current Incumbent Hoover is most likely providing a cheaper option for your company in relation to the vacuums you currently have.

Hoover’s most expensive vacuum ‘Synthesis Bagless Pets Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner’.is valued at a low price of £89.99. I understand that the cheaper option may seem to be the most cost-effective option when seeking to buy 500 new vacuums as it won’t stretch the company’s budget meaning you can save cost expenses.As the Dyson provides products with the latest and advanced technology a downside is that the products are priced significantly higher than other competitors as are would be more suitable for consumers with more luxurious spending habits.The fact is that with our product you truly pay for the best product on the market. Unlike these other suppliers that offer low quality products at a lower price in an attempt to entice customers whilst the customer doesn’t realise that buying a cheaper product tends to mean the lifetime of the product isn’t as long  which leads to them buying 3 – 4 products in  ten year span rather just buying one product with Dyson over a ten year span.

 In the long run Dyson’s vacuums are cheaper in the long term in comparison to other suppliers whose product is only cheaper in the short-term. Measuring the success of Dyson’s SolutionMarketing Mix is about offering the right product at the right price, to the right place at the right time. The Marketing Mix below will specifically focus on the major 4Ps of the marketing mix as used by Dyson vacuums. Product (Vacuum Cleaner): Dyson vacuum cleaners stand out in the industry. Use of Root cyclone and ball technology for high maneuverability leads to high performance on all floor types.

A lifetime HEPA filter and bagless technology means no extra costs over the life of the machine. Their are further additional products offered with vacuum cleaners including allergy kit, groom tool, mattress tool etc.Dyson vacuum cleaners not only provide value addition in terms features but also provide customers with 5 years guarantee of parts and labor on vacuum cleaners.PriceDyson vacuum cleaners are highly priced in the range of £ 200 – £ 500. Due to the rare next-generation technology that the 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner features Dyson employ premium pricing strategy for this product alone. In order to support the premium price for this vacuum, Dyson offers a multitude of additional services such warranty and maintenance packages over a multitude of years.PlaceDyson machines can be purchased online on Dyson. For bulk orders you can contact Dyson through email or telephone to set up a deal.

Promotion:Besides having the maximum advertisement budget in the vacuum cleaner industry and using the traditional medium of Television as a medium, Dyson uses following promotional features to attract customers:Discount deals, online coupon codes, free shipping offers, These can be found on various sites online e.g: ‘’ Closing the Deal Assuming everything goes to plan a good deal will be both parties having a contractual agreement for Dyson to sell 500 vacuums (‘The 360 Eye Robot Cleaners’) to your company for a set price with a 5-year warranty on top. If you are satisfied with the products that Dyson have provided we would be more than happy to work together in the long term allowing us to introduce more products and services to you along the way. Furthermore assuming everything goes to plan I am sure we can look to offer a bulk discount as a sign of gratitude which I am sure would help you keep to budget constraints. Also with the company constantly finding new technology to create new and improved vacuums, I would like to make an additional agreement where your company can assist Dyson by trialling new product with you before releasing them to the public market at no cost of course.If parties however, are unable to reach an agreement, Dyson are prepared to offer some alternative offers that may hopefully help both parties close the deal.Dyson are prepared to sell 250 vacuums upfront with the option of your company to buy another 250 if satisfied.

The downside of this agreement on your companies part will be the exclusion of any potential bulk discount as the price of the vacuums would be at a fixed cost per unit.