Introduction with integrating all the organizations data into a

Introduction – ERPframeworks are ending up more vital for nearly each firm to enhance theaggressiveness. As indicated by achievement of the usage of ERP framework. WithERP, Organizations can get an upper hand in the worldwide market quickly. Anumber of organizations are utilizing resources into ERP implementation. ManyERP ventures have brought lot of changes and profits to their organization withthe implementation of new systems.

Hence there is a need for new ERPsystem/upgraded ERP system software in every Organization for improved businessproductivity and it can be utilized according to the categorized budget.             Here in our scenario, GeorgeWashington School district has 30,000 students from elementary, middle and highschools. With the district expanding, there is a need of improving technologyacross the schools. The school has data stored in centrally and in variousdatabases, and there is an IT Administration team who provides maintenance andsupport to  all the departments. As thedistrict allocated funds, there is a need to connect all the systems to asingle server database system with the advanced technologies. We will bediscussing about the funds allocation provided by district in this paper.

Benefits of an ERP System:•ERP System helps significantly to reduce cost and saves times for theorganization’s business processes•With new ERP system, it provides an outline with the enterprise’s information(with pictures) which will integrate all the departments of enterprise,functions and higher levels of hierarchy into a complete new system which makesenterprise’s work easy.•ERP helps with integrating all the organizations data into a single database inwhich all the data relating to company’s business transactions will be entered,processed, monitored, recorded, reported. This will greatly reduce the time ofmanually entering the data and monitoring etc,. and helps integration ofdepartments and improve end production and customer satisfaction.

•Ability to oversee benefit related staff and related expenses using the assetadministration module of the framework. Before, the organization could dispensejust the beneficial assets cost to each organization movement. Presently byexploiting the asset administration (timesheets) module of the framework, theundertaking can deal with the cost of the administration staff. •A Proposed ERP system will help the organization to avoid paperwork, no damageto existing database, reduces time because we will be upgrading theorganizations current quality management system with supporting new IT system.

This will help with improved quality management and will provide all theinsights of the reports to the management.•Flexibility and production efficiency in the organization will have a greatimprovement by implementing ERP System. Project delivery times will be on time,productivity will be increased, with the precise delivery times, profits oforganization will be good and relationship with customers and customersatisfaction will be good.

•ERP System helps for better communication, transfer of data and also theimportant information of the whole organization. With this, employees will behaving instant access to documents, reports, real-time data according to theirassigned duties.  Fully Customized viewof the reports and information will be available according to each userposition.

•With the ERP System, organization can increase their sales and they can alsoincrease their efficiency in productivity.Implementation Schedule and FundAllocation for George Washington School District:As the district has been awarded $100,000 byBill and Melinda Gates Foundation for improving technology within the districtschools, I will allocate the funds as planned below:            Discoveringand Planning      –           $3000            Design                                     –           $25,000            Development                          –           $30,000            Testing                                                –           $20,000            Deployment                            –           $8000            Training                                  –           $8000            OngoingSupport                    –           $8000 Discoveringand Planning – Thefirst stage begins with a new project team. Existing issues with the school’scurrent technologies, databases are identified by this project team and therewill be initial meeting and the discussions with the documentation developed bythe team with the issues and proposed solution. The main part of this stage iscreating an effective project plan which will help as an outline through restof the project implementation process.Design–Inthis stage, the project team have to come with a design to implement the newERP system for the George Washington School District to create a singledatabase. Here, various configurations for new systems, defining roles andprocedures, documenting is done. A perfect design needs to be created here forSchool.

It should also have how the enterprise system should look like and howit can be used in the School.Development– Inthe development stage, the main reason is for preparing the proposed system togo live. This incorporates exercises, for example, finishing any essentialcustomizations, creating client trainings, and bringing in information. WithERP usage, similar to any custom programming improvement ventures – “Tostart with, Solve the issue. At that point, compose the code.”Testing– Thisstage will be the final stage before the system going live intoproduction.

  We need to also check if allthe requirements of the project are aligned with the planning. Testing of thenew system will be done here and changes are also fine tuned constantly.Deploymentand Training – TheProject and also implantation team in this stage will look after all the testresults and see the situations and take a final verdict to whether make the newsystem go live into production or not. All the data of the schools will beloaded here within and will be validated. TheProject team will start training the employees within the organization and makethem to use the new system and adapt to it.OngoingSupport –  Afterthe New ERP software will be live in production, the necessity of the projectteam will change and as the time passes they need to take the feedback from theusers and make changes to the School System’s Configuration.

Nowthat we have got Board’s approval for implementation of Enterprise ResourcePlanning, now we will have to create a structural and implementation proposalwith detail steps.  The wayimplementation strategy will be implemented will ensure that we are preparedfor new ERP implementation, we will have to maintain focus on the main scope ofthe project and make sure that all the staff are given adequate training and beprepared.Thereare different Strategies for implementing new ERP. Some of them are –Big – Bang Strategy – Inthis Strategy, organizations outline and define rules for ERP Implementation.In this Strategy, all the ERP systems of all modules will be installed acrossthe whole organization at once. This Process of approach insisted to get downthe cost if it is done through careful execution of processes. This Strategywill lead to higher rate of failure for ERP Implementation.

In this process,the business functions performed across the whole organization will betransferred over a period of a day or a week. Now-a-days organizations are notusing this approach because it consumes many resources to support for thego-live into production of ERP System. Phase Transition Strategy –Inthis Phased Transition Approach, the modules will be implemented accordinglyone at a time in a particular order as defined in the project outline. Moduleswhich are autonomous of ERP Systems will be installed in each department, andthe integration of all the other modules will be done at the later stage of theproject. Many organizations adopt for this method of ERP ImplementationStrategy. This implementation strategy will help to reduce risk duringinstallation, customizing and operating ERP will be easy. This step by stepprocess of ERP implementation will help with the success of the project. Process line Transition Strategy – Inthis Strategy, the implementation will be breaking into various processes orproduct lines.

With this strategy, the first process line of product will gofirst in transiting the old system to new ERP system. After this is done, thesecond product line will be moved to new system. This step by step process ofproduct line implementation increases the overall success of project. The latersteps will be complicated and challenging.

Recommendation – Fornew Implementation ERP Strategy for George Washington School district, I wouldgo with Parallel Adoption ERP Strategy. This process may be less popular, butthis will be very useful. In this method, the old school system and new SchoolERP system will be running at the same time, the users will learn to adopt tothe new ERP system while they will be still working with the old system. Whenall the requirements is made, the new system is switched. The advantages withthis system are –         This Strategy is less risky.-         Users will be able to adopt to new systemsimultaneously when working with old system-         This strategy is faster and reliable thanPhased Roll out.2.

Reasons for Purchasing and Implementing ERPSystem –Implementingnew ERP system for George Washington School district has many advantages. Thereasons for purchasing and implanting new ERP system are –-         The new ERP system helps the schooladministration to integrate all the data accessible through many devices suchas laptops, smartphones etc., This helps in improving the school’s integrationprocess which will be helpful for staff and students.-         With new ERP system for school,administrators will be able to handle the data efficiently and they canorganize the data accurately which indirectly helps the management with moneyand decision taking.-         Another reason is students and staff willbe able to communicate even if the schools are closed due to any reasons, sothe new ERP software for school will help for effective communication.-          Onthe other side administration will be able to share the information with thisnew school ERP software, so the staff, administrators, students can access itfrom any where and at any time.-         ERP software for School will help to fillout the data easily without paper because the software allows directly to enterdata and this data will be store on central database of school district whichincreases data protection, data recovery. –         ERP software helps students to adopt tonew learning environment where all the learning modules will be availablethrough online, which prevents them to carry books and make their work easier.

This helps in reducing cost and also will help for a better environment aroundus.-         Various Departments of school can easilyshare the information through the schools official new ERP software. This helpsfor one department accessing other departments information easily only with avalid user ID login.-         Performance of the School will be improvedafter successfully integrating into a new learning environment. This helps insaving a lot of time and makes work easier.

–         The new School ERP software helps for easyaccess of information related to school. Students can access their text booksfrom online because there will be an online library where all the books will beintegrated. Staff will be able to provide students new research material easilywith the links and videos.-         Now-a-days students are addicted to usinga lot of smartphones and laptops. So, changing to a new ERP system will helpmore participation from students because they like to spend time online readingbooks and gain knowledge.Hence,successful ERP implementation for Schools will improve the institution’s fame,save money, save time and also improve their quality of education. Studentswill be able to succeed in their education with these easy accessing tools.ERP Software Vendor Selection Process– Nowthat we have finalized for implementing new ERP Strategy for George WashingtonSchool District, now the next process is selecting appropriate vendor forimplementing the new ERP Technology.

There are many factors which needs to beconsidered when choosing right ERP vendor. Implementing a new ERP system isalways time consuming, more money, so we will have make a right choice byconsidering the factors needed for School. So, we will have to consider/checklistthe following when selecting vendor:Vendor’s Reputation and Situation inMarket – Wewill have to consider the following factors to finalize if the vendor is goodfor business.v  Changesthe Organization went through in recent years.v  Consideringthe Vendor’s latest offerings with the product and also knowing what are theirplans of implementing new products in future.v  No.

of Years the Vendor Company has been sustaining in the market and how well theyunderstand the scope and goal and implementing it.v  Asour School is big, we will have to know if the vendor has any previousexperience in providing better ERP solutions to large organization similar toour Schools.What Technologies the Vendor isoffering for ERP Solutions?v  Ifthe ERP Solution offered by the Vendor will meet our School needs in improvingthe technology and database.v  Ifthe Solution can meet our technical needs of the School Organization.v  Ifthe Vendor can provide support in multiple sites as we have 200 schools and ifthey can run with multiple operations.

v  Ifthe Solution is easy, is it good to adapt to the growing technologies andusers?System Functionalities and ease ofUse – v  Describingthe Challenges our Organization faces and considering if the vendor can solvethe ongoing challenges and issues.v  Evaluatingwith Vendor which ERP Technology would better suit for the role of SchoolOrganization.v  Askingvendors for a demonstration of the technology to be implemented and consideringhow the platform is easy to user or not, and if the platform can solve thedatabase issues within School District.v  AskingVendors if they can provide with documents and help in future if we encounterany problems.

Training and Support by the Vendor – Wewill have to consider following factors whether if the Vendor can providenecessary Support and Training v  Consideringif the vendor can provide a successful ERP Implementation.v  Processprovided by the Vendor in order to transition to the new system without anytrouble.v  Askingif the vendor can provide the training to the teachers of School during andpost after the implementation process.v  Ifthere are any bugs after the implementation, ask if they can provide the sourcecode and what is their practice in fixing the bugs and releasing new patch withbug free.

Steps Required for SuccessfulImplementation – 1.Outline Clearly the requirements beforestarting the Project Implementation – Therequirements should be clearly proposed and outlined to the IT Staff people whoare responsible for implementing the project. Organizations when failed tofocus on system requirements and processes will find ERP implementation processtough and takes more time and more money.

The scope of the project should beoutlined, well defined to make sure that the project implementation doesn’tfail.2.Considering Our Options – Weneed to evaluate our options when implementing the ERP Strategy.

When theproject is mishandled, and poor management will have devasting efforts causingcritical problems when implementing process. This may lead to choosing thewrong merchant, data transfer can be delayed or mishandled. So, we need toprepare our self properly and carefully, evaluate all the options, considerinputs from users what they need and evaluate all the plans before implementingthe ERP Process.

3.Documenting User Guidelines – WhenImplementing new ERP system, there should be a proper rules/guideline definedwhen following the procedures. It should be essential for users to understandand how to interact with the new system, improvising data workflow, providingusers with necessary guidelines which are needed to be moved to a new workingenvironment with new features.

Documents should be created and maintained with detaileduser procedures, before and while ERP Implementation.4– Single Step Implementation –Thisstep of implementation needs all the users to move to a new working system allat once. This process will be ideal for small business with less operations becausethey have less number of users, and ERP Implementation will be easy to handleall the process so we our focus can be more towards scope of project andparameters of the implementation.

5-Phased Rollout Strategy Phasedrollout refers to changing to a new ERP system will be done in phases. Therewill be users chosen and made into certain batches. This batches will berequired to work with new system so they can understand the key features.Because of this, we can take feedback from users and ask them if there are anyissues, so we can take feedback from them and improvise. Rather than a singlestep process, this phased rollout strategy takes more time but this will beuseful for business who change the process often.

6– Simultaneous AdoptionThisprocess had both new working environment i.e new ERP and systems which will beoperated parallelly. This strategy will be useful for business who have issueswith training for their staff, so this strategy will help users to adopt to newsystem.7– Choosing Effective Project Lead AProject Leader should be chosen for handling project. The lead should be awareof the new implementation efforts, scope of the project.

If the lead is fromthe vendor, then it will be a asses for the business implementing new ERP. Aright project lead should be chosen with experience in implementing newsoftware, aware of all end-user requirements and work towards it. Project Leadwill be helpful in many ways for right implementation of the ERP system.8– Allocating Time and ProvidingResources for Training Learningor adopting to a new working operating system will take necessary time andefforts by the users. So there should be adequate training sessions provided bythe management to the staff so they are habituated with the ERP system and theyneed to have all the learning modules and resources when migrating to newSystem.Avoiding Potential Roadblocks –Oncewe finalize for implementing a new ERP System, there can be several barrierswhich restrict the implementation.

So, we will have to cross the barriers for asmooth flow of the project. Some of the barriers are listed below and how toavoid them –   Before Implementation –Ø  Therecan be a trouble if we don’t choose the correct ERP Vendor. This may later leadto delay in project and changing the outlines. So, ERP Vendor must be chosenappropriately who suits for the business solutions.Ø  Thereshould be Sponsorships provided to the Organization regularly during theimplementation process, else the project can be delayed. Ø  Lackof Proper Planning will lead to a lot of troubles. So, it is very essential forhaving an adequate project management.

The Team chosen for the project shouldaccomplish of members who are familiar with the Organization’s operation, likeif there are any team members who were already been there previously when changingthe ERP Systems. Project Guidelines and Priorities have to be set correctly andensuring the team has full support by the Organization.Ø  DataLoss can be a problem because while implementing new ERP System, if there isany error, the data becomes corrupted, so we will have to make sure that weback up all the data of the organization.Ø  NoProper Defined Timeline and Budget –  Wewill have to outline a proper schedule and budget allocation for ERPImplementation which is very crucial. Rushing through the project will arise manyproblems, So, setting a proper timeline and allocating proper budget can avoid errorsand delay.

During Implementation – Ø  Lack of Training –Proper Training must be Provided to the employees because if they don’tunderstand the scope and the new system, then that will be a waste of time. So,providing them with proper training material can yield good results.Ø  Allthe Resources required should be provided aptly within defined time frame.Ø  MakingSure the data is in clean format for transiting to the new System.Post Implementation – Ø  Organizationneeds to find new employees within the time frame who are capable of workingwith new ERP System. If there is a delay, then it can lead to failure of ERPSystem because of lack of employees.Ø  TheNew ERP System should be handled over to the team who are already trained andwell knowledgeable. Ø  Makingsure the old applications or tools are not being used by any team members whichcan lead to confusion.

We will have to ensure all the applications aretransitioned into new ERP module.Conclusion –Aswe have listed all the possible scenarios, implementation schedule, troublesand how to avoid them, we know that implementing a new ERP system is not aneasy task. There are many blocks on the road to a successful ERPimplementation. We will have to follow with the perfectly designed Planning,Scheduling, allocating funds and implementing it in a right way to lead tosuccess.