Introduction: the buying behaviour of the competitive environment

Introduction:Iconduct the research to investigate the integrated marketing communicationimpact on consumer behaviour based on telecommunication sector in Pakistan.

Integratedmarketing communication involves coordinating the various promotional elementsand other marketing activates that communicate with customers. Consumerbehaviour is a field of study, which witnesses great attention from marketers.People buy things to satisfy various needs every day and make purchasedecisions which affect not only themselves, but also their families,environment and most importantly, businesses which they buy the goods from.Therefore, it is essential to understand the way people buy and reasons forsuch purchases (Blythe, 2013).Inthe past traditional media is used to promote the goods and services of anorganization like (TV, Radio, newspaper and banner etc.).

which has minoreffect on consumer behaviour the new are ofglobalization improvement in science, economy society, education andimproved technology gives a path to communicate with target customereffectively and efficiently.InPakistan integrated marketing communication has become a strategic element toreach the customers and potential customers so that influence the buyingbehaviour of the competitive environment the, growth anddevelopment of the organizations require the accurate information of thecustomers so that to recognize the need, wants and desires of customers.  integratedmarketing communication promote the products and services of the organizationwith complete messages that are ultimate intend to affect the consumerbehaviour.

for preparing an integrated marketing communication programme theorganization must consider the 6M’s (the market, the mission, the message, the media,the money and measurement).Integratedmarketing communication to use creative consistency in integrated ads thedifferent tools by repeating the headlines, key phrases and images in eachcommunication, you ensure that prospects and customers receive consistentmessages each time they see one of the elements of the campaign.Creative consistency helpsreinforce the basic campaign themes by increasing the number of times prospectssee or hear the same message. Creative consistency in your integrated campaignscan also save you money. By using the same images and adapting the same copyfor different media, you can reduce copy-writing, design and photography costs.

An integrated campaign helpsyou provide customers with information in the format they prefer. Consumers andbusiness customers can specify if they want to receive product information viaemail, direct mail, text message or telephone. Integration ensures they receivethe same information in all communications. You can also meet the needs ofcustomers who search the Internet for product information by integrating yourwebsite design and content with other communications. ·        To follow Integratedmarketing communication an organization can achieve its communication objective.·        Integrated marketingcommunication positive impact on consumer behaviour·        Space·        Space  Literature review: Marketingcommunications is a subset of the overall subject area known as marketing.

Marketing has a marketing mix that is made of price, place, promotion, product(known as the four P’s), that includes people, processes and physical evidence,when marketing services (known as the seven P’s). Integrated marketingcommunications see the elements of the communications mix ‘integrated’ into acoherent wholeThefirst formal conceptualization of integrated marketing communication (IMC) wasintroduced in North-western University in 1989. According to Schultz andKitchen Schultz et al, 1993, this definition was used in a survey conducted in1991 by North-western University in cooperation with the American Association ofAdvertising Agencies (4As) and the Association of National Advertisers in theUnited States.

The conceptual definition of IMC used in this research was: IMCis a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the addedvalue of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety ofcommunications disciplines (for example, general advertising, direct response,sales promotion, and public relations) and combines these disciplines toprovide clarity, consistency, and maximum communications impact The concept ofIMC first entered the scene as a requirement of marketing communication,through the text Integrated marketing communication: Pulling it together andmaking it work Schultz et al, 2004. Schultz and Schultz defined IMC as “astrategic business process used to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate, coordinated,measurable, persuasive brand communication programs over time with customers,prospects and other targeted external and internal audiences”. IntegratedMarketing Communications (IMC) is a continuously evolving concept that has beentransformed from a “one voice” approach, based on coordination and consistency,to a more strategic, consumer-centred approach (Kliatchko, 2005).Nowadays,IMC is considered as a consumer oriented process enhanced by technologyadvancementsthat seeks to create and maintain a strong brand equity through coordinationand synergies of different marketing communication tools and channels (Šeri? etal.

, 2014).Integratedmarketing communication consists on marketing mix elements and promotional mixtools.Promotionaltools are following.Advertisement:Advertising is a broad way of marketing your company, andyou’re appealing to far more people than likely want or need your company’sofferings. To attract many customer and prospects advertisement messagefocus on problem solving and providing benefits. Sales Promotion:Salepromotion can also be promoted through discount coupons, loyalty clubs,membership coupons, incentives, lucrative schemes, attractive packages forloyal customers, specially designed deals and so on to attract the customer forshort period of time. Direct Marketing:Direct marketing enables organizations to communicatedirectly with the customers.

Various tools for direct marketing are emails,text messages, catalogues, brochures, promotional letters and so on. Throughdirect marketing, messages reach customers directly. Personal Selling:Personalselling is also one of the most effective tools for integrated  face to facecommunication and transaction between the buyer and seller.

Personal sellingtakes place when marketer or sales representative sells products or services toclients. Public Relation:Public relation activities help promote a brandthrough press releases, news, events, public appearances etc. The role ofpublic relations officer is to present the organization in the best light. Sponsorships:Sponsorships combine advertising and salespromotions with public relations.

Sponsorships increase awareness of acompany or product, build loyalty with a specific target audience, helpdifferentiate a product from its competitors, provide merchandising opportunities,demonstrate commitment to a community or ethnic group.Social Media Marketing:The concept of social media marketingbasically refers to the process of promoting business or websites throughsocial media channels. It is a powerful marketing medium that is defining theway people are communicating.

It is one of the significantly low-costpromotional methods that provide businesses large numbers of links and hugeamount of traffic. Internet Marketing:Internet marketing also referred to as i-marketing,web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products orservices over the Internet. Mobile Marketing:Mobile Marketing involves communicating with the consumer viacellular (or mobile) device, either to send a simple marketing message, tointroduce them to a new audience participation-based campaign or to allow themto visit a mobile website.Marketing mix arefollowings. Product:communicates through its colour, shape, size,package, label, brand nameetc. Colours can communicate prosperity, fashion etc. There are coloursassociatedwith festivals and tragedies (marriage, childbirth, death etc.).

Climate, age, religionaffects the choice of colours. A marketermust provide right colour combinations on the package to make it moreattractive and affective. Price: Is an important element of MarketingCommunication. It plays a communicativerole in integrated marketing communication.

Price communicates about the quality of the product. Generally, it is believed thathigher priced goods are of better quality. It gives greater surety to thebuyers.

The buyers buy a higher-priced product keeping in mind the amount ofmoney he can afford on the item. Some people use price as a symbol of prestigeand buy higher-priced goods. It is a status symbol. Place: Places plays an important role in MarketingCommunication. From which storehave you bought the goods? It is from HarrodsMacy’s or Nordstrom etc. or Wall Mart? People like to shop from nice places,suitable locations etc.

They like to shop in places which have a big choice andstores which sell good quality products.Promotion: A very important tool of communication as hasalready been pointed outthat it consists of 4 components, namelyadvertising, sales promotion, personal selling andpublicity.Consumer behaviour.Consumer behaviour can be defined as decisionmaking process and physical activities involved in acquiring, evaluating, usingand disposing goods and services. (Matin khan)Another define the consumer behaviour is thestudy of how people makes decisions about what they buy, wants, need , or actin regards to a product ,service or company.Itis not just the buying of goods/services that receives attention in consumerbehaviour but, the process starts much before the goods have been acquired orbought.

A process of buying starts in the minds of the consumer, which leads tothe finding of alternatives between products that can be acquired with theirrelative advantages and disadvantages. This leads to internal and externalresearch. Then follows a process of decision-making for purchase and using thegoods, and then the post-purchase behaviour which is also very important,because it gives a clue to the marketers whether his product has been a successor not. Consumer behaviour is influenced by the psychological factors, environmentinfluences, culture and sub-culture, social groups and personality and self-conceptof the customer or consumer.

theintegrated marketing communication tools used to influence the consumerbehaviour.  organization apply the IMC toknow how the potential customer will respond to the new product and services.understand the consumer behaviour through IMC it also give clue to organizationthe about the psychological association each person respond to marketingmessage based on their perception and attitude, when creating the marketingcampaign it appeal the target audience. some persons have different personalityand self- concept to design marketing communication to keep in mind age, genderand other personal issues.

the social group also significant impact on purchasedecision, organization use groups knowledge to design marketing communicationso that attract the potential customers.InPakistan telecommunication sectors consists on JAZZ and WARID, TELENORr ,ZONGand  UFONE  According the Pakistan telecommunicationauthority(PTA) Mobilink continues to lead the market with 35.7 millionsubscribers ,followed by Telenor 29.3 million, UFONE 23.1 million and ZONG with15.6 million and WARID telecom with 14.

3 million.In2008 Pakistan was the third fastest growing telecommunications market.Pakistantelecommunication infrastructure is improving dramatically with foreign anddomestic investment in fixed-line and mobile networks fibre system are beingconstructed throughout the country to aid networks growth. According toavailable statistics revenue of telecom sector stood at RS454.4 billion in fullfinancial year of 2015-2016.the revenue will be settled at RS469.8 billion orRS15.4 billion higher than previous year.