Introduction Purpose, And Ownership Of Two Contrasting Business is

IntroductionThe business environment is the composite of a business’s surroundingsand factors, that affect an organization’s decisions, its purposes, and itsgoals. These factors are economic. All the stakeholder influence in operating abusiness. Therefore, a business-friendly environment is tried to create byevery organization which will lead the organization to meet its mission andvision.

The whole business environment is sorted into three types. a) Micro, b) Macro and c) Market. Internal forcesthat directly affect the business such as- shareholders, employees, customers,suppliers, and competitors; are the components of micro-environments.Uncontrollable external factors build up macro-environment such as- culture,society, politics, geography, and demography.

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Components of the industry inwhich a business is operated comprise the market environment.So, in nowadayscompanies around the globe want to make such environment that assists theentity to sustain and accelerate further. However,in this assignment, I will work with thebusiness environment of two contrasting companies.            Businesses P1 DescribingThe Business, Purpose, And Ownership OfTwo Contrasting Businessis an economic entity where products and services are exchanged with a view toearning a profit. Investment andcustomers are required in this financial activity to sustain in the market.

Several types of business organizations are seen in the market: 1.      Publicorganization 2.      Privateorganization 3.      Soleproprietorship 4.      Profitorganization 5.      Non-profitorganization HereI will choose two organizations. These are beverage company Coca-cola ande-commerce company Alibaba.

Coca-cola is the world’s largest beverage company,based in the USA. It is one of the most valuablebrands which provides the world with over 1.9 billion servings in more than 200countries each day. However, Coca-cola is a publicly owned profit organizationand ultimately it is an environment-friendly, a sustainable company, lead bydiversity and innovation. The purposes of the Coca-cola are: ·        To refresh the world.·        To inspire moments of optimism andhappiness.

·        To create value and make a difference. Whereas Alibaba is the largest e-commercecompany in the world, with more than $500.78 billion USD market capitalization.

It is a marketplace, a search engine, and a bank all in one. The company isbased in China and serving mostly the micro-business community with all of itsoperational activity. Although it is a publicly owned profit organization, itprovides services to the various interest groups, unlike the Coca-cola company. Thepurposes of the Alibaba group are: ·       To enable smallenterprises to leverage innovation and technology ·       To assist SMEs,to grow and compete more effectively ·       To make it easydoing business anywhereP2 Describing thedifferent stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting companies A stakeholder is an individual, group ororganization which influence or is influenced by the company in any way.

In the business world, there are several types of stakeholdersof the Coca-cola and the Alibaba group. The stakeholders are: 1.     Shareholders: Shareholders are the owners of the Coca-cola aswell as Alibaba group which gave the power tomake a direct impact on the overall activities of these companies.

Althoughtop executives of Alibaba own 9% of the shares, they hold over half of thedominance in the decision-making of thecompany. 2.     Employees: Employees standsecond on Alibaba’s priority list after the customers.

They operate the companyby implementing the plans which its higher authority have set up earlier. Thesame thing can also be said for Coca-cola. 3.

     Customers: ‘Beverages for life’ is the slogan of Coca-cola inNorth America, which is helping them to achieve their purpose of refreshing the world and consequently making momentsenjoyable with happiness. While ‘Global trade starts here is the motto of Alibaba, more than 450 million customers help to achievethe purpose by trading through around the globe.

4.     Investors: Investors donate and raise fund when it isnecessary to meet mission objectives of Coca-cola and Alibaba. Individuals, organizations and even the governmentsof different countries came forward to fund the Alibaba group and the Coca-colacompany. 5.     Government: Governments of the homecountry and abroad shape the businessactivities of the Alibaba group and the Coca-cola company and regulate theirpractice of doing business locally and at the same time globally.

    ConclusionThe business environment around the globe isprofoundly changing day by day at a quick pace. Where innovation andinformation technology is leading the development in every aspect of the modern business world, the decision makers must come forward and copewith the change in environment and business. The importance of adapting to the new business environment to sustain and survive for the business leaders cannot be described in few words.

All the stakeholders are continuously trying to make animpact in business. And the businesses like Coca-cola and Alibaba aremonitoring the changes and protecting themselves from being bankrupted byresearch and application of their monitored information. Their interest along with other stakeholders are achievedthrough vigilance and strategies applied in the various critical conditions ofCoca-cola and Alibaba, such as- revenue reduction, marketing failure, updated governmentpolicies, uncontrollable growth and so on.

 Therefore, business organizations like Alibabaand Coca-cola need to create target oriented and business-friendly internalenvironment as well as a compatible strategy to tackle external environmental hazard.