Introduction period between September and December 2017. The first

Introduction Thefollowing report contains the experience during a 15 week of a part-timeinternship at India Home Inc.

It is also describing deep information about theorganization and the responsibilities I perform in fifteen weeks. This documentalso reflects challenges, contribution, compaction, achievements and experiencelearn throughout the period between September and December 2017.  Thefirst part of the report explains the general information about theorganization, followed by the role I played in organization and how myappearance at the organization helps to meet desire results. IndiaHome a Center for Senior Care Indiahome is a non-profit organization based in Jamaica Queens, started in 2007 tohelp South Asian seniors regardless of religion, socioeconomic status, orcountry of origin.

The mission of India Home is to “improve quality oflife of South Asian seniors through convenient social services.” India Homehelps immigrant south Asian seniors by providing ESL classes, citizenshippreparation, social services, health education, and spiritual services in aculturally sensitive environment. At India home seniors find community throughdiverse range of program and activities, from, expert-led community education healthand wellness program, congregate meal program, case management, recreationalactivity, advocacy program, and awareness campaigns. Seniors at India home alsoexpress their culture and festival by singing, dancing and art.

Beingpart of India Home as an intern, my main role was community outreach, needassessment data collection, data input and data cleanup. I also got chance tobe a part of case management and focus group team to help South Asian seniors. Thisinternship provides with opportunity to gain valuable work experience andknowledge through improvement and innovation at India Home.

  Istarted my internship by   Fromthe moment, I started my internship at India Home, I learned a lot. Thisposition has showed me how to conduct myself in corporate setting and someimportant skills I need to adopt at corporate America. The internship programat India Home encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become moreresponsible.