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 Introduction            For overall,entertainment industry is a group of sub-industries who are involving inprovide the entertainment.

Entertainment industry is normally used to construeabout allocate and product of mass media entertainment which is done by massmedia companies. Normally, we can describe the entertainment industry into anumerous field likes the field of film, the field of music, and the field oflive entertainment.  DefinitionMedia and entertainment (M&E) is the entertainmentthat involve in media which is also can define as one of the most commonentertainment that usually people will do when they are having their free time.Media and entertainment industry (M&E) consists of a different type offield. As example, the film entertainment which is include the televisionprogrammes, movies and videos, radio shows, video games and also thenewspapers, the music entertainment, the game entertainment and others. For theinformation, the M&E is also one of the most valuable entertainment toimprove the economy of a country. We can confirm based on the research from theInternational Trade Administration’s Industry & Analysis Unit (I)(2017). From the research we can find out that the market of the Mindustry in United Stated of Australia (U.

S.) in 2016 is already more than 712billion U.S. dollars (which is around RM 2800 billion). Besides that for theChina, its market is more than 190 billion U.S. dollar and for Japan is alreadymore than 157 billion U.S.

dollar in 2016 (which is around RM 700 billion andRM 600 billion for China and Japan). For this assignment, we are going todiscuss some of the class in the media and entertainment.              Cause1-TourismTravelling sometimes canbe tiring but besides the tiredness, travelling can bring you happiness becauseof the change in environment that can be relaxing to a person’s mental as wellas physical. Some people see travelling as a hobby where they make travellingregularly even in their busy schedule. Whenever there is a topic of travelling,tourism plays a vital part which is a factor of a country’s economy.

Tourism iswhere people travel long distance away from their normal daily life scenery ofwork, work, and work-for purpose such as vacation, business and many otherreasons. Tourism can be divided into three main categories that are outboundtourism, inbound tourism and domestic tourism. When people travel away fromtheir territory or country are called outbound tourism for example when wetravel from Malaysia to any other country such as China or British while peoplefrom all over the world visiting our country is called inbound tourism. Exampleof inbound tourism is people from countries such as France, Brazil and Spain visitingour country Malaysia. The third tourism category which is domestic tourism isthe activity of travelling within the country such as travelling from KualaLumpur to Malacca.

            Tourismis one of the largest growing sector that contribute to a country’s economicgrowth. The main aspect the contribute to the development of tourism is worldheritage sites which is a key attention in time of summer vacations andholidays. There are many places listed under world heritage spots. Examples ofsuch spots are Giza of Egypt, History City of Ayutthaya in Thailand and Straitsof Malacca in Malaysia to name few. World heritage sites are filled withnatures, cultures and arts of ancient people. Culture, heritage and the artsenrich and address the tourist destinations (Weiler and Hall,2017).

Accordingto Hollinshead(2017), the rapid developing section of the tourism industry iscultural heritage tourism. This is most probably due to today’s people interesttoward historical culture loving and adventure seeking expectations. Therefore,we can say tourism is a sector that will continue its growth in the future.

            Cause2- MusicMusic is an art thattravel through ages and passed down to many generation that last long untiltoday. Music does not need language understanding. It breaks the barrier ofdifference in the aspect of country, language and culture and gives its sweetfeast to our ears.

Music has the ability to heal and mend a broken soul. A goodexample that shows music does not need language understanding is where aworldwide famous pianist Yiruma is a Korean who composed a music called ‘Riverflows in you’ can be heard mostly everywhere. Not just that, Korean pop songsalso known as K-Pop songs are trending all over the world even though most ofthe people does not even understand the language. Live concerts are one way topromote the music industry that upgrade the country’s economy. Musicperformance that could be done by musicians single or as a band in varioussettings such as concert halls, arena and stadiums are called live concerts. Cause3- Video Games            According  to Chikhani (2015) The video game hike causedby Space Invaders saw a huge number of new companies and consoles pop up. In1983 in North American, too many gaming consoles, and too few interesting,engaging new games to play on them lead to video games crash that lead to hugelosses, and truckloads of unpopular, poor-quality titles buried in the desert just to get rid of them. Changeswas necessary for the gaming industry at that time.

Approximately atthe same time , consoles started getting bad press, home computers like theCommodore Vic-20, the Commodore 64 and the Apple II started to grow inpopularity. These new home computer systems were in prices to be bought anaverage American, selling price starts from around $300 in the early 1980s(around $860 in today’s money), and were advertised as the “sensible” optionfor the whole family.These homecomputers had much more better performing processors than the previousgeneration of consoles that opened a new way to a new level of gaming, with more complexity and less linear games. They alsooffered the technology needed for gamers to create their own games with BASICcode. Even Bill Gates designed a game, called Donkey (similar to Subway surferslike games that involved dodging donkeys on a highway while driving a car).

Interestingly, the game was brought back from the dead as an iOS app back in 2012.Even when thegame was distinguished at the time as “ungainly and dumbfound” by rivals atApple, Gates included the game to motivate users to create their own games andprograms using the integrated BASIC code program.Magazines such asComputer and Video Games and Gaming World provided BASIC source code for games and utility programs,which could be typed into early PCs.

Games, programs and readers’ codesubmissions were accepted and shared.In addition to givingopportunity, the stage for more people to create their own game using code,early computers also created the path for multiplayer gaming,a key milestone for the evolution of the gaming industry.In early 1980’s, computerssuch as the Macintosh, and other consoles for an example Atari ST, allowedusers to inter-connect their devices with other players. In 1987,MidiMaze was released on the Atari ST and included afunction where maximum 16 consoles could be joined by connecting one computer’sMIDI-OUT port to the next computer’s MIDI-IN port. While many usersreported that more than four players at a time slowed the game dramatically andmade it unstable, this was the first step toward the idea of a death match,which exploded in popularity with the release of Doom in 1993 and is one of themost popular types of games today.Multiplayer gaming over networks really took off with the release ofPathway to Darkness in 1993, and the “LAN Party” was born.

LAN gaming grewmore popular with the release of Marathon on the Macintosh in 1994 andespecially after first-person multiplayer shooter Quake hit stores in 1996. Bythis point, the release of Windows 95 and affordable Ethernet cards broughtnetworking to the Windows PC, further expanding the popularity of multiplayerLAN games.The real revolution in gaming came when LAN networks, and the Internet, spreadthe multiplayer gaming.

Multiplayer gaming took the gaming industry to a higher level because it allowed fans withoutdistance barrier to compete and interact among themselves through computers,which improved the social aspect of gaming. This keystep set the stage for the large-scale interactive gaming thatmodern gamers currently enjoy. On April 30, 1993, CERN put the World Wide Websoftware in the public domain, but it would be years before the Internet waspowerful enough to accommodate gaming as we knowit today,online gaming.Cause4- Film Entertainment        The filmentertainment is one of the segment of the media entertainment.  Although like this, the film entertainmentindustry also carries an important place in the process of upgrading thecountry’s economy. The cause for the film entertainment industry is importantin bringing up the economy of country is it is one of the easiest entertainmentfor people to enjoy about it compare to others. Yes, it is very easily toaccess. We just need a television and switch on it to watch, that is allbecause watching a TV show is already a film entertainment.

Based on thearticle, ‘NIELSEN ESTIMATES 118.4 MILLION TV HOMES IN THE FOR THE 2016-17 TVSEASON’ wrote by someone in 2016, there are 118.4 million television can befound out in the U.S.

This means almost each family owns at least onetelevision. Besides that, the radio and newspaper is also very easier to getonly, we do not need to go for the specific place to find it. Therefore, thelarge amount of the consumer for this entertainment is already be a goodcondition to improve the economy.             Besidesthat, another cause for the film entertainment industry is bring up the economyof country is the price to require it is lower compare to others. Likes thenewspaper, it is about RM 1.20 and normally everyone got the enough money tobuy it to read.

Besides the newspaper, some of the segment of thisentertainment is free. A very good examples are the TV shows or televisionprogramme that show on the television. We just need to switch on and watch forit only but still need a condition which is we should own a television first.In addition, we also got the youtubewhich is a new generation for the film entertainment industry. The benefit ofthe youtube is it also free to useand we can manage our time to watch the videos in the website. Therefore, thesetype of products attracted a lot of people to involve and by the way increasethe economy of country.   Besides that, anothercause is it makes the number of tourist visited for a country increase. As anexample, there are many people went to Korea or Japan for a trip because theeffect from the Korean movies and also the Japan anime.

That is because thereare many people who are attracted by the scene like the snow, sakura in theJapan and some more inside the movie and wanted to go there to experience aboutit. Therefore, with the increment of the tourist visited, the economy will bebetter because they will increase the rate of consume for the country whichwill be a good improvement for the economy. Cause 5-Sports industry              Intoday’s current world situation,sports also surface as an importatnt componentfor the development of a country.People often fail to see that when a communityproactively participate in sports, it improves the health andproductivity,seld-discipline,structure leadership skills,reduce medicalexpenses by reducing health risk, and improve social cohesion. According to BanKi Moon,former United Nation Secretary General (2011),sport has become a worldlanguage that breaks all the barriers and it is a capable tool for country’sdevelopment.

It is indeed true that sports has become world language and thereare many examples in our real-life that proves it right.For example,Karate is asport in the Olympics which is the ultimate dream stage for all athletes butthe origin of karate is from Japan. In eleventh Five Year Plan, government ofIndia allocated INR 46,460 million for country’s sports development, thus wecan conclude this due to the growing contribution of sports industry to theeconomy of a country.         Effect 1-TourismAs for the effect parttowards the economy, tourism industry bring about many benefits in economicaspect for countries involved. Economic development is an important factor thatkeeps a country to advertise their tourist destinations so that it will beexplored by not just regional citizens but world citizens. Tourism increase theincome of a country in many ways and what are they? Where there is a touristattraction spot, it will be definitely crowded by hundreds and thousands oftourist and haywire situation if not organised well. In that case, people inresponsible need more workforce. Example of jobs that need to give attractionto re hotels, transportations, souvenir sales and restaurants.

In the time ofvacation seasons, such services will make a fortune depends on its popularityand fame. For an instance, in 1995 approximately 11.3 million jobs worldwideare from hotel accommodation sector.If a country is havingpoor infrastructure even though there are many tourist spots to be visited, itis difficult to advertise and make it popular to attract worldwide tourist tovisit that country compared to developed countries rich with betterinfrastructure.

The basic facilities that a tourist usually expect are cleanwater, good food, constant transportations, mobile phone network and sheltersuch as homestays and hotels. Holidays are the epic promotion period to promotetourism that will benefit airline companies as well. In that time of period,airline companies will make price reduction on the tickets and even start tosell tickets ahead of time as early as ten months before the holiday to come.This is an example of a good transport facility a country can provide fortourist to have smooth travelling experience. These basic facilities are goodenough for a tourist who is going to spend one to two weeks of his holidays.

Therefore, it is clear to see that infrastructure investments are important toboost the tourism as well as to enhance the quality of resident’s daily life.    Effect 2- Music            Musicconcerts are a trend of all time to make money but it is just that nowadays weare doing in large scale too to worldwide extend. Naturally the purpose ofholding a concert is due to popularity and the fan club request and to increaseincome of performers, event organisers and also indirectly for the country.More famous the performers, larger the scale of event therefore higher theincome through that concert. Example of such events are Wold Tours performed byvarious artist at variety of countries. In such concerts, the ticket price canbe different according to the range between spectator and performers.

In somecases of limited tickets, the ticket price will be more expensive compared to theusual tickets. Nevertheless, music lovers and fan club members willing toattend the concerts regardless of the ticket prices. When the demand is high,the number of concerts to be held will also increase. This is an importantfactor that upgrade the country’s income. Besides, fans or spectators attendingthe event usually will not go in bare handed. Event organisers preparemerchandises that support the concert for example flash lights, t-shirts andother accessories with the performers signature logo on it to cheer up theenvironment. These merchandises get sold through these concerts could beexpensive at times and what else is it is a limited edition products.Indirectly, this also generate more income for a country.

 Effect 3- VideoGamesThe entertainmentsoftware industry creates jobs and generates revenue for communities across thenation. Video Gamesin the 21st Century: The 2014 Report, an economic impact study conducted byEconomists Incorporated and released by ESA in 2014, quantifies the U.S.

videogame industry’s contributions to the American economy, including from 2009 to2012, the U.S. video game industry increased in size by more than 9 percent –four times the growth rate of the U.S. economy during the same period. In 2012,the entertainment software industry added over $6.

2 billion to U.S. GrossDomestic Product. The computer and video game industry directly and indirectlyemploys more than 146,000 people. The average salary for direct employees is$94,747, resulting in total national compensation of $4 billion. Directemployment for the industry grew at an annual rate more than 13 times thegrowth of the overall U.S.

labour market (9 percent vs. 0.72 percent) between2009 and 2012. Top 5 States in theIndustry (by number of industry employees) is California,Texas, Washington, New York and Massachusetts. Effect4- Film Entertainment                Theeffect for the film entertainment industry in raising up the economy is thenumber of career opportunities will increase. Since we know that nowadaysalmost all the people are involved in the film entertainment, that means therehave a big amount of consumers who need to service and provide many income, thereforethey are many people work for the film entertainment industry and in otherside, it also helps in decreased the rate of unemployment which is also aid inimprove the economy. Based on the article, ‘Jobs & The Economy’, there areabove 2 million of person from the worldwide who are involved in the film andtelevision industry.              Moreover,the film entertainment industry also increase reputation of a country.

Likesthe dramas we talked before, they acted like a free promotion for the cultureof country, it will let more people know about their country and learn moreabout their culture. As the examples, people will know the India by watchingthe movies from Bollywood and get to know the U.S. when hear about theHollywood. It is like a brand of a product, when more people hear about it, itwill become famous. Therefore, when the country is been promoted, the countrywill become famous and attract other people come to visit or invest thecountry.  Effect 5- Sports industryHolding a massive sports event canindirectly improve infrastructure, increase employment, secure inflow offoreign capital and also create potential players and athletes.Among thebenefits of sports industry in upgrading a country’s economy, sports sales makehuge fortune.

Just like ‘Gucci’, ‘Armani’, and ‘Louis Vuiton’ for fashionbrands, sports do have brands specially for them.’Adidas’, ‘Nike’ and ‘Puma’are some of the world famous sports brands that sports athletes use for betterperformance.Such brands has its special place in the sports industry.Therefore, when there is an athlete use products of certain brand his or herfans will also use the products of that certain products. For an instance, whenDatuk Lee Cheong Wei uses Yonex brand, his fans and also other badmintonplayers tend to follow him, thus, this will increase import of Yonex brandproducts to our country and sales will ne increased too. Not just that, Yonexis using Datuk Lee Cheong Wei as a advertiser for their company.

In thiscase,Yonex company will pay our country loyalty for advertising and increasingsales in subtle way.Media also plays an importantrole when it comes to sports events.While many people are not afford to watchthe sports events at the event holding places,mass media are responsible tobring the sports to the house through live telecasting.When there is a bigtournaments such as FIFA World Cup or Grand Prix are happening, there will bespecial television channels will be broadcasting these events that have to bebought by viewers.

Therefore, with mutual understanding the economy of acountry is getting upgraded through sports with the aid of mass media.   As a conclusion,entertainment is not just entertainment it was in the past where people getpleasure and enjoyment in their leisure time. It is more than that now  where it contributes a  lot to the economy in the aspect of filmindustry, music industry, gaming industry and tourism industry. Therefore,government should keep allocated more budgets to entertainment industry so thatit can develop  more and contribute moreto the country.