Introduction for requirement engineering process and try to find

Introduction to thetopic:                   Quality improvement inrequirement engineering process of hospital management system is the topicallotted us as a final term project. In this project we are supposed to studythe techniques used for developing the Shalimar hospital management system. Wewill specifically do the quality analysis for requirement engineering processand try to find out the defects or imperfection. After this we are supposed tofind out which method will be useful to improve the quality of the product byimproving quality in R.E process.Introduction to theOrganization:                   Shalimar hospital wasdeveloped in 1978 by the name of businessmen hospital. Later the name waschanged to Shalimar hospital after historic Shalimar garden.

This initiativewas taken by Chaudhry Nazr Mohammad, Mr. Naseem Saigol, Mr. Mumtaz A Sheikh andSyed Babar Ali. Basic purpose of building this hospital was to help the poor orlow income patients living in North Lahore. In the start hospital justcontained six basic facilities.

Now it is providing 17 different major clinicalservices. Shalimar Hospital is the source of free and subsidized medicaltreatment to hundreds of patients of Northern Lahore and beyond. The systematicprocedures allow maximum number of patients to benefit from the services of thehospital, outpatient facilities and the 24-hours emergency facility. Below isthe list of facilities provided in hospital.·        Accident and emergency·        Anesthesiology·        Audiology·        Cardiology·        Dentistry·        Gynecology and Obstetrics·        Internal medicine ·        Laparoscopic Surgery·        Nephrology·        Ophthalmology·        Orthopedic·        Otolaryngology ·        Pathology·        Pediatric·        Physiotherapy ·        Radiology ·        Urology                   Shalimar hospital has justmade itself an umbrella organization. It contains Shalimar Nursing College(SNC) and Shalimar Medical & Dental College (SMDC) as affiliateddepartments which helps the hospital to grow better.  Problem in theOrganization:        There are many problems faced by thehospital which are described below.

– Appointments Problems:                     Physical appointmenttaking procedure just creates a mess in the lobby of hospital and also for thepatients.1.      Patients have to go to the hospital physicallyto take appointment 2.      It which wastes time and energy. 3.      Also in manual system many hospital employs canmisuse the appointment by giving it on priority bases.- Unavailable medicalhistory:                     There is no medicalhistory available of the patients. 1.

       Thereis no detail about when last time the patient came for checkup.2.       Whatmedication was given to the patient3.       Whatrecommendation was made by the doctor for future4.       Whichdoctor attended the patient.- Attendance system outdated:                    The attendance system is outdated. In present attendance system userjust enters its I.

D and password. The basic disadvantage of this system is thatanyone with the password and I.D can mark the attendance of other whetherhe/she is present in the hospital or not.- No patientdifferentiation:                     There are two kind of patients that areadmitted in the hospital 1.

       ThoseWho pays their treatment fee by their own2.       ThoseWho pays their treatment fee by the welfareWhile making record their recordthere is no option to classify these patients. The verification of the secondtype of patients is done manually. This process can be misused- Blood bank record:                   Blood record is maintained manually. While searching for a specific bloodgroup it takes a lot of time to find the results. We have to go sequentially inthe record to find out results.- Integration of departments:                     Every department is making its own records of things.

While gatheringthe record of all departments it takes a lot of time. There is a huge missingof date also.  Relevance of our topic to Problems:               Requirement engineering is abasic and initial stage of the software project development. If anything goes wrongin this section, there would be a major chance of software failure. If we didnot identify a single stakeholder it would result in loss of many importantrequirements.

Many surveys results have shown us 30 to 40 percent softwareprojects failed due to negligence in requirement engineering process.              The problem identified during theanalysis clearly shown us that they were result of the negligence in R.Eprocess. ·        Basic problem identification is a part offinding the root causes in problem statement procedure.·        Interviewing stakeholders was not performedproperly.·        Identification of stakeholders is not doneproperly.In short the techniques used forrequirement engineering process were not implemented properly or wrongtechniques were used.

Our topic will improvise those techniques and assure thequality of the software.Relevance of SQA in Problem solution:             Software Quality Assurance is aprocess in which we assure the quality of the software product by monitoringthe software engineering process and methods used for development. We ensurethe implementation of the standards in products and processes.

It is a plannedand systematic approach for the evaluation of software products, process andprocedures.          We will apply IEEE 1233:1998 forimprovising the requirement engineering process. It specifies the requiredprocess that should be implemented for Requirement engineering process. It givesguidelines for applying the requirements and requirements-related processes. Inthe existing system the traditional way for gathering the requirement was used