Introduction: enjoy physical and mental health, but there are

Introduction: There is no doubt that sport is the best thing that human beings can do to enjoy physical and mental health, but there are different benefits that sports give to their body of different types, each sport has its own benefits that may not exist in other types of sport.Thesis:Sport is a physical activity, which is important behaviors, and health, and is divided into several types according to various classifications, some of which is an individual, group, and overcoming the concept of sport as a hobby, or healthy behavior, and taking it as serious as the professional sports stars that exist in every sport , such as football and basketball, Swimmers and others, leading thousands of people to see them compete and have an awesome time and fun experience. There are many reason why exercising is a need for everyone, but they separate into 4 main types. Argument 1 Physic reasons: Disease prevention: sport contributes to the body’s protection from many dangerous diseases, including high blood pressure, which causes heart attacks, strokes, as well as the prevention of diabetes, cancer and diseases related to aging such as muscle weakness , osteoporosis, and other diseases, because they help to help the body detoxify, by stimulating the work of the body’s organs, such as increasing the ability of the lungs to absorb air and stimulate the heart muscle.  Greater strength: sports contribute to build muscles and ligaments, as well as bones, so that the body is strengthened and can perform many of the activities that require daily physical strength and make the body more flexible and, therefore, reduces injuries muscular. Improves the appearance of the body: the sport reduces the layer of fat that covers the muscles, which shows the body the appearance of flaccid and obese, and divides and sculpts it, and protects it from weight gain. Improve the health of the skin: with exercise, the heart pumps more blood and thus the skin gets more food and oxygen, which helps to treat problems such as infections caused by acne and contributes to the regeneration of skin cells, and thus eliminates stains and resistance  Signs of aging Improvement of mental health: sport contributes to stress and stress, and therefore is an ideal solution for people with depression, due to brain secretion of related chemicals with the feeling of happiness.

Helping to sleep better: because the sport requires physical effort, the body needs to rest, so it can sleep soundly, and also reduces the stress that causes insomnia.  Argument 2 Psychical Reasons:  Use of free time, and the formation of social relationships: There are many team sports that contribute to the formation of good social relationships, such as football, basketball, and therefore exploits human useful time activity, and have a good time with others, away from the wrong behaviors. The importance of sport in human life. Promoting the positive aspects of sport from the exercise as well as its negative aspects, it has been proven that many studies the role of exercise in improving the mental health of the human being and promote the positive spirit has, since man During your sport practice produces certain hormones do for comfort and happiness.  Argument 3 Social reasons: Sport is a way to build constructive social relationships with people and improve the meanings of affection and intimacy among them, many of the sports that are practiced together, such as football, basketball, etc.

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, and these sports require an encounter human with others in the team and therefore human being builds social relationships with them, and this reinforces the positive side in the human. Argument 4  Mental Reasons: Strengthens his personality and gives him confidence. Inflate the sports spirit of the competition among the competitors, many of the sporting encounter where human with a discount of their team and makes sure each team of them to nail the title and win the competition and this sows the spirit of the challenge among the players and raise their morale and sharpens continuously towards the goal and perceive the desired victory. Finally, sports play an important role in promoting relationships between countries and cultures. When a team from a particular country meets with a team from another country, they know each other and establish relationships. This is undoubtedly a positive aspect of the sport.

 Sport activates the mind and increases intelligence of all kinds, especially social intelligence, mental intelligence and motor. Increases the activity and strength of memory, increases brain activity positively.Sports improve the strength of observation and intuitive speed.Sports improve the ability of remembering.Reduces mental distraction significantly.

 Interest in sports increases the academic performance of students, and away from them the boredom of the dry school programs, and increases the growth of social and mental students, so they try to interest schools in sports activities during school. Not only that, but there are many large companies in developed countries as Japan requests from its employees to perform a joint sports activity before and during work, to increase the capacity and productivity of employees and break the routine that can get boring. In conclusion there a ton of reasons why you should be exercising constantly and that tells us who benefic is to always stay active, exercising not only improves our health of makes.