INTRODUCTION being tasted not only by the Indian people

                                                          INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                                          The seed of Indian Writing in English wasspread during the influence of the British rule in India.

Now the seed hasbloomed into an every green tree, aromatic flowers and the fruits are ready foruse .The fruits are being tasted not only by the Indian people but they arealso being grained and digested by the foreigners .It happened only after theunchanging attention, pruning and feeding. Grover`s like R.K.Narayan, Raja Rao,Mulk Raj Anand and Harindranath Chattopadhyaya to name only a few, looked afterthe sympathy plant night and day. In the contemporary time, it is grown by anumber of writers who are getting honors and fame for all over the world.

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IndianEnglish Literature is an effort of showcasing the rare gems of Indian Writingin English. The genres of English Literature like poetry, drama, novel, proseand     non-fiction represents the life style of thenative people. The bulk of Indian English Literature    isformed in the name of novel.

The first Indian novel in English was Raj Mohan`s wife published in theCalcutta weekly in 1864 and it was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.   In the beginning of Indian English Literature begun the works of MichaelMadusudan Dutt followed by R.K.Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao and they arecalled the trilogy of Indian Writing in English Literature and they are contributedto Indian fiction in the 1930`s.

It is also joined with works of Indian Diaspora.Rao has revealed the story line of the book with the chief social issuesrepresented in the fiction. Indian Writing has turned out to be a new form ofIndian tradition and voice India spoke regularly.

These talented writers havewon national and international literary awards and also a Nobel price. Theearliest novels were written in Bengali as a Bengal was the first region tocome under the domineering rural influence of the British.     Rabindranath Tagore wrote in Bengali and hetranslated his work Gitanjali in1913into English and it gains the Nobel Prize for Literature. Other major writerswho have born Indian or Indian origin and derive much inspiration for Indianthemes are R.K.Narayan, Ahmad Ali, Aamir Ali, K.A.Abbas, K.

S.Venkataramani,Bhabini Bhattacharya, Arun joshi, Balchandra Rajan, G.V.Desani, Rama Mahta and VikramKapur. English language writers of Indian descent have been published in theWest at an astonishing rate. A special fiction issues of The New YorkerMagazine devoted much space to essays by Arundathi Roy, and Salman Rushdie .

Theearliest fictional efforts were story rather than novels properly appeared inJournals .The Post independent India fiction hire the momentum the novel hadreached during the Gandhian  Era. BhabiniBhattacharya is the social realist of this period and he is strongly influencedby Tagore and Gandhian fictional theory .Fiction in current era has becomeintrospective and individual quest for the meaning in people life has become amajor theme. In the same way talented writers are like Salman Rushdie andPost-Rushian novelist like Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Vikram Chandra, Upmanyacatterjee. Indian historical novels are written before Post –Independence afterPost Independence .These novels are dealt in situation of freedom struggle andrevolution.

   After1920 Indian English Literature was strongly influenced by the epoch makingpolitical social and ideological excite caused by the Gandhian Movement. Theinfluence of Gandhism is proved strongly on Venkataramani`s novel. The newIndian novel must be written in English the only language considered capable ofsnatching modern substantial realities like Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and left neednot apply .The construction of Indian novel in English joined with a companionpiece of modernity and the region one of the most notable gifts of Englisheducation to India is Prose, Poetry, fiction though India was probably the basehead of storytelling. The Indian English fictions from the beginning to 1930explain the glorious of India`s past, superiority of Indian civilization inrelation to Europe. Writing in English has started in working magical realism,bagginess, non –linear narrative. Vikram Seth is a writer who treats the purerEnglish and more realistic themes.    The critical studies of their work wereguided to find out how far they had been successful in giving expression to thereality around them.

The writers settled in foreign countries and the one whodivide their time between India and abroad have contributed much to this rapidlydeveloping sub-genre of English Literature. Their fictional works become moresignificant for developing expression to cross cultural encounter from adifferent perspective. The works of Bharati Mukherjee , Jhumpa Lahiri ,AnitaDesai, Kiran Deasi, Kavita Dasvani and V.S. Naipaul to name a few arrange aninside view of the problems faced by the people in their adopted homes in away  that questions the traditionalunderstanding of the concepts like house, native and alien.    Theconcluding two decades of the twentieth century witness rise out of a largenumber of Indian novelists like Deepa Mehta, Sashi Deshpande, Aravind Adiga,Chetan Bhagat, Anita Desai, Kiran Desai etc.

These Indian writers are able tomaintain their identity by showing strong hold on theme and style. R.K.Narayan`snovels represented his fictitious town of Malgudi .But Chetan Bhagat`s novelconveyed the easy going disturbance and various struggle for youth to lead a happy life in the society .ModernIndian novelist are much interested in the presentation of modern man`s opinionto the world .

The modern man is situated by different problems. It is toodifficult for modern man to live in such rules and regulations.    To aconsiderable prolong a large number of contemporary novelists are concernedwith the questions of alienation, restlessness, disillusionment and griefcaused by conflicts. All this novelists are deeply occupied with modern man`sstruggle for survival in this world.

Almost all the contemporary novelists arepreoccupied with the thought of identity. In the last ten years the novels likeJhumpa Lahiri`s The Name sake, SalmanRushdie`s The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Aravind Adiga`s The White Tiger, Chetan Bhagat`s Five Point Someone, The3Mistakes of My Life, Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition areable to project the various facts of life in India in the contemporaryglobalization era and rapid development.   Indian English novelists in the twentiethcentury are more involved in the presentation of life beyond conflict, clashand confusion in culture, loss of believe in morality, depression and confusionof the modern generation .On the other hand some writers represented the day today issue of the Indian culture which reflected the personal life of Indiancitizen .Among them human survive in relation with globalization, commercialismand universalism are some of the most important themes presented by the modernIndian English Novelist.

Chetan Bhagat acquired a position of a novelist afterthe novelists of Ashok Kumar Banker, Kiran Desai. He is a popular Indian authorwho penned down novels that reach the market with great success. . Along withR.

K.Narayan, Raja Rao, Mulk Raj Anand, Chetan can be tributes with establishingan essential forms and thesis of Modern Indian Literature written in English.      ChetanBhagat was born on 22nd April 1974 on a Punjabi family in New Delhi.His father was an Army officer and his mother was a government employee in thefield of agricultural department. Chetan has one younger brother and his nameis Ketan Bhagat. Ketan Bhagat is also a novelist .

Chetan had completed hisschooling at The Army Public School, Dhaula Khan in New Delhi. He had completedhis under graduate in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute ofTechnology by New Delhi in the year 1995 .

In1997 he continued his post graduatedegree in the field of management from the Indian Institution of Management atAhmedabad. . Then he attended an interview in the field of Investment BankingCompany and that company name is Goldman Sachas and he finally got the jobafter 27Internal interviews. Then he was appointed as an investment banker onGoldman Sachas one another branch in Hong Kong.      ChetanBhagat`s family includes his twin sons, Ishaan and Shyam and his wife .His wifeAnusha is a Tamilian and they are got married in the year1999.After their marriagethey are shifted into Hongkong for his career .

Later few year, his family `sfuture was economically secure he left his job as an investment banker and heshifted to Mumbai. Chetan Bhagat`s spend 11years there before feeling about hisown interest for writing novels and columns. Instead of choosing writing hestarted buying and selling useful things and stocks. Then he left hisprosperous career of one overseas investment banker in 2009shifting back inMumbai and he sacrifices his whole lifetime towards a writer. Each books ofChetan Bhagat wrote about simple and comfortable language for the reader inEnglish.

Most of his mentioned characters are chosen from his real lifeexperience.      Chetan is also a good columnist in writingcolumns for many leading newspapers like Hindustan Times, The Times of India.In August 30,2009 he draw a column on the topic ‘Don`t fix history look at thefuture ‘in The Times of India. In September11, 2009 The Times of Indianewspaper he draw a column on the title ‘India`s Democratic Prince’.      According to Chetan Bhagat novels areentertained tools for the youngsters and he expresses his view and opinionabout politics and the society.

National issues and ruling parties problems areappeared in through his columns .Chetan columns are straightly expresses theissues of the country and many times his columns are created a loud discussionin the parliament. He is        not onlya columnist but also a good motivation speaker. He had given many motivationalspeeches at many Colleges, Companies, Organizations, IIT and Medical entrancecoaching classes, Government Organizations and non-governmental Organizationslike Airtel, Dell, Armed Forces and Medical college, he toured the flightnearly 200 times a year across India.

He also writes just against an editorialpage for leading newspapers on Hindi and English which include Dainik Bhaskar (inHindi), The Guardian (in British) and The Times of India (in English).  He is the first writer to understand theminds of the youth because his novels are based on the lifestyle of youth andtheir problems and he writes about youth day–to –day activities and their wish.      Friend ship is an essential one in now daylife style .In the youth circle friendship played an important role. Anythingcan do for the help of the friend that is mind of the today youth. The parallelidea is reflected in the fictions of Chetan Bhagat where the characters gainwith friends as well as lose with them. In his first fiction The Five Point Someone revealed the sameconcept of friendship.

The characters like Hari, Ryan and Alok stay togetherand live a life with fun and gossip .Similarly the problem faced by his secondnovel  among the six characters in One Night @Call Center is formed outonce they join hands and became a group. In TheThree mistakes of my life the major characters like Govind, Ishaan and Omistart business and obtain together in their work and together they face a bigflap.      In 2004, Chetan got the Society`s YoungAchievers Award and the publishers acknowledge award in the year 2005. Alongwith R.K.Narayan, Raja Rao, Mulk Raj Anand, Chetan can be tributes withestablishing an essential forms and thesis of Modern Indian Literature writtenin English.

 He is the author of Nine topselling novels:1)Five Point Someone-WhatNot to do at IIT!(2004);2) One Night @Call Center(2005;3)Three Mistakes of MyLife(2008); 4)Two States :The Story My Marriage(2009 );5)Revolution 2020:Love, Corruption,Ambition(2011);6)Half Friend (2014); One Indian Girl and he is the authorof two non-fiction title: What YoungIndia Wants and Making India Awesome.      Chetanwas lived in aboard for many years but he likes the travelling of his owncountry because he is enjoyed a lot in his tour and is reflected in his novel, everynovel is based on any one of the famous like The Three Mistakes of My Life novel is based on the whole city ofAhmedabad, Two States: The Story of MyMarriage” is covered around Chennai, Revolution2020 novel is totally  based on the spiritual city of Varanasi .ChetanBhagat revealed his personal life as Ahmedabad is a special one and the placeis like his heart because he spent his college days with his wife Anusha atAhmedabad and they are walk together with holding hands and they are eatenTheplas, Paobhajis and Gujarati Thalis.        FivePoint Someone is a novel about three boys Hari, Ryan, and Alok who join IITDelhi and struggle to handle with the disgraceful deep workload of theInstitute. The novel begins with a specification this is not a book to educateyou how to get into IIT or even how to live in college. One Night @ the Call Center is the novel turns around a group ofsix call centers employees working in connections call center in the Delhi suburbof Gurgaon in Harayana .It is filled with a lot of drama with unpleasant thingshappenings to all leading characters.

The story takes a dramatic and decisiveturn when they get a phone call from God.       The fourth novel of Chetan Bhagat`s 2 States: The Story My Marriage aredealt with the most regular topic marriage ceremony .The story my marriage isreflected to have been inspired by his own life. This is the first novel ofChetan after quitting his job as an investment banker. Revolution2020 Love, Corruption, Ambition is the fifth novel  by Chetan .It deals with the corruptionespecially in the name of Politics and the youngsters problem to get a highmark in  AIEEE exams and how the poorpeople are spent their life time earnings in the coaching class to secure theirchildren future life with prosperity and wealthy.

      HalfIndian Girl novel is published on October1, 2014. In this fiction he speaksabout the condition of the school and its infrastructure without proper classroom or rest room and the novel is based on the life of the rural Bihar, Patna,New Delhi, New York .One Indian Girl isthe last fiction of Chetan Bhagat but in future he may be launched anothernovel. In this novel depicts the story of Radika Mehta. She is worked as theDistressed Debt Group of Goldman Sachas an investment company in HongKong. Radikais a spinster and the story is how she struggled to break her relationship withher two ex-boyfriends.      Most of his novels are adapted into filmsand it is directed by famous Bollywood directors. The movie adaptations are,the 2009 film, ‘3 Idiots’ was directed and written by Raj kumar Hirani and itis based on Chetan Bhagat `s first novel FivePoint Someone-What Not to do at IIT! Starred on the famous Bollywood filmstars like Aamir Khan as Hari, R.

Madavan as Ryan and Sharman Joshi as Alok arebased on the title roles along with Kareena Kapoor as Neha,     Boman Irani and Omi Vaidhaya and the film isproduced by Vidu Vinod Chopra and this film is criticized the Asian Educationalsystem. The Hindi film ‘Hello’ is based on Chetan Bhagat One [email protected] Call Centerand the film is directed by Atul Agnihotri and he is one of the producers ofthis film and this ‘Hello’ film reached the box office  US$2.6 million  (165 million as per Indian currency).      ‘Kai po che’ is based on Chetan Bhagat`s The 3 Mistakes of My life. ‘Kai po cheis a Gujatari phrase and it means ‘I have cut’. The novel is set in Ahmedabadand the story portrays around three buddies like the protagonist Govind as RajkumarRao, Ish as Sushant Singh, Omi as Amit Sadh and Vidya as Amrita Puri and filmalso revealed around the 2oo1 Gujarati earth quake and Godhra train burning.Chetan Bhagat is one of the screen players of this film ‘Kai po che’ and it isproduced by UTV Pictures.

  2Ststes filmis based on Chetan`s 2States: The storyMy Marriage. The novel is set in Punjabi heritage family and ChennaiBrahmin family .In this film Ananya mother role is played by the famous Tamilactress Revathy and this movie is based on Chetan and his wife Anusha`s reallife.Hehas written six fictions and two non-fictions and almost in every work he hasconfined his deep concern about the youth today i.e the problems and despairs,hopes and aspirations of youth. Most of the main characters in his novels arenamed after Lord Krishna such as Shyam, Krishan, Hari, Govind and Madhav.

  Chetan Bhagat is known for his open mind ofreality n the current Indian society. All of his works speak about youthstruggle and social issues which destroy the improvement of the individual andthe society .The social reality is exposed in the novels of Chetan Bhagat. In The 3 Mistakes of My Life depicts with various contemporary social andpolitical problems like common riots of Godra train burning, religion, politics,love, friendship, unfaithfulness and cricket etc.

are the problems conversedagain and again in the novel. From the Mahabharatha to the 21stcentury people are applied for religion. Politics plays a prominent role indiscrimination in India. The 3 Mistakes of my Life was published in May 2008and had an initial print of 420,000. The beginning of The 3 Mistakes of My lifeis simply unbelievable.

The introduction attract everyone in the straightwaywhere the end of the few words are unforgettable.        Bhagat presents an emotional description ofthe Godra train burning revolts in which the communal injustice Bittoo mama, aHindu political party campaigner, lost his only son Dhiraj on the Godra trainburning incident. The novel also describes how religion creates obstruction andhow social values differ from religion to religion. The novel also deals withthe problem of forbearance and confusion that the authors trusts young Indianfeel about religious values. It is focused the insecurity fusion of religion,cricket, politics, economics, business and love that is the hall mark ofcurrent Indian society. The theme entails the nervousness, defenselessness, ofthe growing Indian middle class including questions about living line ofbusiness, insufficiency, family quarrel and the Indian youth society in whichthey live.

The characters of The 3Mistakes of My Life are eager, young and zealous and have the some moral,social and religious problems as many of the young Indian face today.      The beginning is very dramatic as well asit has an intelligence and realism. Govind Patel portrays the realistic pictureof his future and every day activities. He opened a sports shop with his twobuddies Ishaan and Omi. Bittoo mama helped them to open a shop because Bittoomama was the responsible person of Swamibhakti temple shop. Bittoo was Omi`smaternal uncle.

The tale of this novel arises between the years 2000 to 2005dealing with the real life incidents.         Being a member of Hindutva Bittoo mama hascome to call them for the preaching session of Parekh-ji. The story is based in2000to 2002 in Gujarat when Gujarat people met an earthquake and it ruins theirday to day life and their ambition also. Then they are faced the communal riotsbetween Hindu and Muslim. The whole story and the incidents are happened in thecity of Ahmedabad. The novel is chased the story of three buddies and theirgreat effort to complete their ambition, target and zeal. The three protagonistof the novel are growing business and the plot turns around their ups and downsof their business profit.

The novel opens with the author get a suicide mailfrom a person named Govind Patel in Ahmedabad. Chetan becomes shocked and   he wants to recover the boy. He also comesto meet him at Ahmedabad to identify the cause behind his suicide attempt. Theremaining story is narrated by Govind. Govi, Ish and Omi are childhood friendsthey are first met in the Nana Park cricket match. Govind is born from a poorfamily with only a mother who attempts to secure their living by running asmall homemade snack shop.

He supports his mother financially in the way ofproviding tuitions to students in math. Ish is not good in studies His aim isto be a cricket player in Indian team. His father scolds him because he ranaway from National Defense Academy NDA.      Chetan is one of the famous contemporarynovelists who have got a very significant place in the hearts of the youthtoday. He is an effective and active writer who maintains a note of very minutethings taking place in the surroundings.

It is a book with nice elements ofreal incidents and fiction perfectly made for a yummy dish. The innermost themeof his novel is central to his dream of an open and advance thinking India. Thebook reveal around Bhagat`s considerations and modernism on how to recover theIndian Economy through social reforms. Ish, Omi, Ali and his father all arereal life characters. Vidya is a diplomatic and fearless girl in thecontemporary Indian society. The 3Mistakes of My Life talks about the practical sufferings of life. Thrill,Politics, religion, love and passion definitely the green eye of disgust arethe passions traced in the novel.

      At the center of his writing is a humanistphilosophy that elements the social, political, economical and psychologicaltheory. It`s a great gift to improve the country`s literary tradition. Thisnovel has most important theme about friendship in the times of 2002  communal riots in Gujarat an era related towhat is exposed in Mahesh Dattani`s play FinalSolutions(1993). The study of Chetan`s novels sustained a morror which wecan turely discovered the weakest tale of immortality in the youth of newgeneration of Indian society. Human values are most positively different frommoral values.

Moral values look upon substances of right and wrong, humanvalues are tricky things often confused with morals. They alter from person toperson, from day to day and hour to hour into whatsoever presently match. Inthis novel all the three friends contain a male bonding.