INTRODUCTION and password. Authorization will be given to different

            INTRODUCTIONHow would the future school look like and what innovationwill change the way teaching is done today?The trend is clear, there is a fast change in everything wedo going from local to global. We can see it in traveling, job opportunity aswell as school and learnings. It´s all about mobility and access.Nowadays people or student requires instant access toinformation and have high demands on real time information as well asflexibility. In a few years maybe school and learning will look different. Thetraditional school with physical classrooms may still be there but new mobileand wireless alternatives will come faster and faster.

Students will be able togo to class from different parts of the world and they can take the classwherever they are at any time.How would a mobile and wireless class work? A proposal of howit could look like will be shown by answering following questions: ·       How would lectures be given?·       How would questions be asked andanswered?·       How would assignments be given andcollected?·       How would group projects beperformed?·       How would exams be administered?·       How would students separate workand nonwork time?·       Would this type of class be betteror worse than a traditional class?        PREREQUISITESTo start with, allstudents must have a smart phone and/or an iPad. In this case iPad isclassified as mobile. Infrastructure is very important. Thru national serviceproviders or regional service providers, student would need a fast and robust high-speedinternet connection. They need to have access to a broadband thru either Wi-Fithat connects them to a local area network and/or a cellular wireless WANsystem to secure access to 3 or 4G and can stream.

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Both these two systems arerequired so student can participate wherever they are at any time. No one is requiredto be at a specific time or place. Teachers and student can be anywhere theywant.A Privat Cloud versionwill be used. Authentication is given by user ID and password.

Authorizationwill be given to different levels of needs. For example, teacher and studentwill be given different authorization to be able to secure sensitiveinformation such as personal information, access to assignments, projects andexams.For security and ethics therewill be information security policies, firewalls and antivirus software established.Additionally, bring your own device policy and ethical computer use policy willbe established. The later one focus more on behaviors.

A mobile applicationmanagement software will be downloaded to the student´s smartphone for softwaredistribution, license and maintenance. With this sensitive data can beprotected.Assignments, groupprojects and exams needs to be designed in a way so it fits the mobilestructure of the class. LECTURESLectures will be held liveat a specific given time thru webinars. This can be done for example thru skypefor business or another similar webinar system.

Lectures, presentations and/orother sources or documentations will be put online and available thru thecloud. Literatures for the courses will be downloaded directly to your device.QUESTIONSQuestions can be asked atthe live webinars. At the same time, there will be an additional one hoursession for questions only, thru skype or other similar system. On top of thisthere will be a WhatsApp group for the class where student can ask questionsand get reply by either other students or the teacher. If a question requiresexplanations in more detail the teacher can place more documentations or avideo on the cloud.

 ASSIGNMENTSTasks and assignmentswill be given by the teacher and will be announced online. Students can work onit whenever they have time and when ready it will be uploaded to the cloudbefore deadline. The assignment can be presented as a video, audio or with anyother office program that is suitable for the task. Teacher get access to theupload and can grade and give comments to the work. GROUP PROJECTSSame thing here as forAssignments, Teacher will announce projects and deadline, assign groups andpublish this in the cloud. The assigned group will plan thru WhatsApp or Skypewhat needs to be done and when. They can use Skype for business to be able toshare documents and get together for work.

When group project is done one teammember will upload it as a Video, audio or other relevant presentation formatto the cloud. Teacher will get instant access and grade it. EXAMSThe exams should be given during a pre-decided period of time. Thestudent should have opportunity to take the exam whenever he or she wants toduring this period.

The student should identify him or herself with some kindof ID ( passport or similar). Voiceprint could also be possible asverification. The process should be monitored thru Proctor U or similar.

Thisshould possible since all Smart Phones and iPads have cameras. As oneadditional line of defense, exams should be encrypted.Exams can be administered thru multiple choice questions where thestudent just click one or several alternatives as respond to a question.

Itcould also be managed thru verbal answers. Meaning that the student answersverbally on a given question. WORK AND NONWORKTIMEWhen it comes to work life balance it will be somewhat difficult wherethe boarders are close to each other. On one hand, the thing with mobile onlinelearning is that it should be flexible and available when it fits theindividual. On other hand that will make it harder to maintain a healthy worklife balance.

Reasonable would be to divide this into two sections. One for teacherwhere this needs to be regulated in a stricter way, boundaries needs to bedecided when it is work and when it is non-work (because this is their profession).I think that this is possible when there will be decided time for lectures,question sessions and gradings.

For students, it should not be any regulationson when to work and not to work. This is the thing, that the student should beable to study and do his or her work when it fits in time and place. Itrequires a lot of self-discipline from the student to make this in a work lifebalanced way.

 CONCLUSION,BETTER OR WORSEA mobile online class or a traditional class? What is best? That dependson the individual and the circumstances around him or her. It depends ondifferent factors such as self-discipline, place of living, social aspects,work during study, technology skills etc. etc.For many potential students, the mobile online class will be perfect asthey can live where they are and at same time study. All this when maybe havinga job and family. It would not be easy to require that person to quit the joband move away from family and friends because the education is taking placesomewhere else in the world in a traditional way.

For some people, thetraditional way is maybe exactly what they need. To have more “physical”contact with peers and fixed time for classes and exams. Some student may nothave the self-discipline that is required.What is best is basically not possible to say. Both ways work and itdepends on the individual.